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  1. So sad to hear this. Way back in the day my father, Mike and a bunch of other guys started a fishing club. I cut my teeth fishing Ginna at night in the middle of the winter, thanksgiving trips to the Genny, and ESLO/LOC week long trips down at the Oak and Niagara. Last time I saw him was at my Dads funeral. Another LO pioneer gone. Rip Capt Mike.
  2. Thinking about Electric planer board reels. Pros/cons, suggestions? Never had or used them. Big Jon’s look most popular. Also hoping to complete my full ugly stick spread. Just need a few more brown rods, cores and coppers and I will be fully converted.
  3. Hachimo. You are not too far off. I had 3 Bucks chasing each other around my cars in the driveway today. Put some doe scent in my garage and that might have worked.
  4. Lots of chasing activity out of my front window today! Lol. Doe in the street. Sorry don't know how to rotate.
  5. Inside bite was slow this morning. 63 degree water all the way to bottom down to 40ft. Couple browns in 15ft was all on black/silver yozuri. Started motoring out for some offshore steelhead but port water pump went and had to limp back in on one engine. Thought I could make it until Spring before changing. Seasons a wrap for me. Good luck to everybody still fishing.
  6. I’m at Southpoint too. Will be out tomorrow. I’ll let you know how I make out
  7. Don’t rule out mature salmon just yet either. I occasionally catch them along with browns and occasional steelhead using spring tactics through October. 2 years ago I caught a mature king on a stick trolling by the Ibay piers on Oct 30th. As long as there is some stain in the water you you can have good days shoreline trolling Mid Sept, through the winter and in to the Spring, weather permitting.
  8. Ran all spoons. NKs and M Stingers. Frogs were best. 2 color Leadcore was good and rigger down 12ft with 25ft leads. Wasn’t great fishing and died by 9am, unlike last weekend when we had cold water and I lit them up in there.
  9. We took a few yesterday in 15-20 fow out of Ibay. The water temp was 63 top to bottom but the browns were there.
  10. Sutters pump out wasn’t working this afternoon so I went over to Shumway. While I was there, I did a couple passes down the river between end of piers and bridge. 1 for 2 on a nk 28 frog, 10 down, back 20. Couple other boats working same area. Saw both hook up at least once. River was 65 degrees which should be good for river and river mouth action. Not much of a report but I thought I’d share.
  11. Cold water came in and so did the fish! Fished East in 20-25 fow and had steady action on Jumbo browns and mature salmon. Carbon 14 and glow frog spoons were mvp today. Highlight of the day was at noon when I was trolling in and last rod down 8ft in 10 ft of water doubles over and starts screaming. Assumed I had bottom for first 10 min and proceeded to pull boards and break down other rods and left the rod in holder. Figured I’d see if I could turn around and try and undue my snag. Put boat in reverse to see if I could get my snag loose. Had thumb on reel to try and break line and then I see a fish break water and then realized it was a fish. Put boat in neutral and fought fish for another few min on side of boat. No official weight but was 29-30lbs on my scale. Was all by myself where I was but heard a good slug of fish came in to river too. Most boats probably stayed there. Good fishing should last another week or two. Get em while you can!
  12. Gotta report the bad with the good. Been out 3 times since Thursday in the 400+ NE of IBay. Been a tough bite and got worse each day out despite good conditions. Not marking much in bait or fish and the mature bite had been hard to come by. Figured I’d post to save some folks time and gas. Good luck everybody.
  13. Fished 9-1:30 today. Set up in 450 fow slightly east and immediately took a mature down 80 on a carbon 14. That was it for matures. Trolled past 600 fow and picked away at 1 and 2 yr olds. Lost two that seemed big but they came unbuttoned quick. Scattered bait and fish with temps 80-100 ft down. MVPs were carbon 14 on riggers, coho special flasher with meat on wire dipsey, and UV 2 face spin doc with stud fly on wire dipsey. Good luck this weekend.
  14. With the colder water moving up you likely will not have to go out that far as J.D. mentioned. We usually set in 350-400 fow this time of year and point N. Would save you a few miles on your trip. Normally don’t need to go out quite that far to find migrating matures in August. good luck and be safe.
  15. Good catch Unreel. You are correct. That was 3 beers and 3 hrs of sleep typing.
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