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  1. Consistent SW wind generally doesn't change conditions much. I always use temperature as a reference especially in the spring down at Niagara. If you had good luck fishing 51 surface temp and the next time you go out and can only find 46 you probably are not in the right spot. Your basically trying to find where the warmer Niagara water went or Genny, Oswego, ect if your fishing east. With a SW wind at Niagara you should not have to run to the bar to find fish. I know its a wide area but if you are searching I would start from Wilson heading NW from 100 FOW to 300 FOW. If the fish aren't in that area than something changed drastically and it may be a tough day. East wind will push fish all the way back to the bar or way offshore. In periods when we've had a lot of west wind fishing could be good all the way down past Olcott. Good luck and let us know if things changed.
  2. My Amberjack has power assist as well. I just installed the EV200 with the Octopus drive installed in the stern. Used it for a week and it worked well but I'm a little concerned when I use it when I use it with the port engine only. The port has no power and is a bit(# to steer when the starboard is not on. I'm afraid I might burn the Octopus out. I've been told to only use it with the port in calm seas with the autopilot because of that. Thinking about having a new steering cable installed in the boat to see if that will help. Boat seems a little difficult to steer in general but I'm not sure if this is just the nature of power assist as this is my first twin and I have nothing to reference. Would be interested to hear others thoughts before I spend the $$ to replace all my steering cables.
  3. Didn't get to that area until later in the morning and did 6 coho. Went the other way and only plucked a brown. Started heading east first thing in the morn and didn't like what we say so turned toward the genny. Always a crap shoot I guess. Mostly firetigers for me. Nice job
  4. Does anybody know if they are enforcing no wake on irondequoit bay?
  5. So what they found is normal then for Spring samples?
  6. Gill-T You mentioned that stomach content was low, i.e. some Mysis, spiney water flea. Isn’t that a flag or am I interpreting this wrong? In the past alewives fitness was never much of an issue as I recall? My reservations are as I think of the conversations about what happened in Michigan and especially Huron, the predator population was high keeping alewives in check but at the end of the day there still wasn’t enough productivity in the lower part of the web to keep the alewives population healthy. If we are seeing poor plumpness that is not good. Stocking more salmon could be a short term fix but this will all come to a head eventually if the lake keeps getting cleaner. Also are there similar reports of bait abundance out of other ports? I would expect if bait was going to be high anywhere it would be in the west end. If it was still high as you head north and/or east that is probably a better indication of the overall health. I got to think with still having a large breeding population of bait combined with a warm winter/spring and high water that things are setting up nice to have a good hatch. So if I interpreted the plumpness factor incorrect we should be in good shape. I honestly don’t see the productivity of the lake getting much worse (or better I should say) with the new administration i.e phosphorus load, waste and sewage management, ect My 2 cents
  7. Would muddy waters now kill Chinooks that were hatched in the Fall? Seems most years the rivers and streams will blow out at some point throughout the winter/spring. Is it a factor of them getting stranded when the waters recede? Also, I could be wrong but I thought the muddy near shore waters would help hide the young direct and pen stocked salmon from predators and actually be a benefit for survival?
  8. Glad I docked my boat at South Point on Iron Bay this year. NOT!! Probably take me 45min just to get to the lake now!!
  9. Good for fishing and good for the health of the fishery overall IMO. For shallow fishing when the water is stained you can often find green water somewhere but when the water is clear in low water conditions it is usually clear everywhere. As crappy as it sounds the phosphorous load from the extra run off and sewage is good for the bottom of the food chain. Plus the high water allows better access to shallow water spawning grounds. This combined with a warm winter/spring might make for some good bait hatches!
  10. LOL. I bought a 290 Amberjack last year. I'm starting to find out the cost of the boat is the least of my expenses!!!
  11. Changing Mono I usually change every year but last year I didn't use my spring rods at all. I kept the spooled reels in my basement or in the cabin of the boat. Would prefer not to change line on 10 reels if it is not needed but would like some opinions? I use Trilene big game BTW. Thanks in advance.
  12. I did it about 10 years ago on a Charter called Start Me Up. My experience was good, but not great. We did a 1 hr run to an offshore buoy early in the morning to get there before other boats arrived. Split the charter with two other couples and we each caught a mahi before the sharks and other boats arrived. We were told that these buoys are put out by the fisheries dept and act as mini ecosystems to attract bait and game fish. With such as vast area and deep water this helps fisherman find fish. Problem is that if you had first crack at the buoy you did good but once the sharks and other boats moved in on the action the game fish scatter. As soon as we had a shark bite the tail off a mahi that was it. We left and then trolled for 6 more hours with nothing. Was interesting but not one of the better charters I’ve been on. My father did it a year later and had about the same experience.
  13. Hi Defiance, I'm also looking to install an autopilot on my 2001 290 Amberjack. Did you end up going with the EV200 with the octopus? I'm in the process of installing and there is some concern that the octopus is too large to fit under the dash. Anybody have experience with installing the EV200 and Octopus on a 290 Amberjack?
  14. Fishhook, Thank you for your honesty and being a standup guy. To keep you in the loop, I offered your friend the opportunity to have a mechanic actually come assess the situation in person instead of diagnosing it over the phone. Instead he went with the worst case scenario quoted by the mechanic over the phone ($2000-$3000) and tried negotiating with me on that. Having worked with this mechanic, I know his policy is to set the proper expectations over the phone on what total damages could potentially be and then when he actually sees the job it is significantly less. Had a mechanic actually looked at the boat I would have been much more willing to work with him on a fair price. Again, I’m not doing this for the money, only to make sure my father is not getting taken advantage of. As I have said, you are correct in that I told my mechanic there could potentially be a leak. I had him look in to it and he could not find the issue and chalked it up to an external source. It was not until I did the sea trial with you that we actually found the source and verified there was indeed a leak. I do appreciate you being “upfront and honest†and pointing out this discrepancy with what I said and what my mechanic recalled. Originally I thought that you were trying to slam me for not selling the boat to your buddy, but I see now that clearly is not the case. Leaking a gallon or so over the course of 8 hours was what was estimated to me directly from your buddy so you may also want to do some fact checking with him on the extent of the leak. I just want to make sure everything I’ve said is proper by your standards. Thanks again for digging in to this matter.
  15. Sammy Dog, that wasn't directed towards you. You make great points, thanks.