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  1. State of the Lake meetings

    Any preliminary data yet on the 2017 alewife hatch. I believe they do some trawling in the fall but not sure.
  2. Great. Thanks. I'm in Irondequoit BTW
  3. Looking add some more to my set but I believe these two models have been discontinued. If anybody has any I'd be interested. Cannon Downrigger Rod Model BLC862M 8.6 Medium Line wt 10-17lbs Master Downrigger Rod Graphite C Model GC88PTG Length 8 1/2 ft Line 8-20
  4. Zebra Mussel Cooling Issue

    Curious to know how often you should replace bellows?
  5. 2018 Stocking levels

    Any news at all on this years YOY Alewife? When do they start trawling to look for the most recent hatch?
  6. Irondequoit Bay 5mph

    Perfect. thanks
  7. Irondequoit Bay 5mph

    Irondequoit Bay 5mph Anybody know if it is still 5mph throughout the whole bay or now just within 500ft of shore? Thought I saw that it changed recently.
  8. Bottom Growth and Boat Performance

    Thanks. 300 or 400 seem about right for a boat that has been sitting for a month over the summer?
  9. My boat has been docked since July 4th waiting for some repairs. I took it out for the first time last weekend and the max rpm I was getting was 4000 to 4100 rpm. Previously I was getting 4400 to 4500. Not sure if this reduced performance is because of the work I had done ( new computer) or the bottom growth causing more drag? I have been told that bottom growth would cause reduced top speed but should not effect top rpm. My mechanic says otherwise. Looking for some input on this as I just spent some serious $$$ on repairs. Thanks in advance
  10. Big boys comin'

    Interesting you mention this. As i compare the Great Ontario Derby this year to the LOC the salmon are all between 28lb and 35lbs compared to a max of 27lbs for the LOC. Wonder if it is just a matter of more participants in the Ontario Derby or that the big boys truly do go North. Lots of 30+ in the Ontario Derby which is encouraging. I haven't heard of any certified 30+ on the south shore at all this year yet.
  11. Lake Ontario Fisheries History Lesson

    Hopefully this year’s hatch is good as well to start taking some pressure off last year’s good hatch. Anybody have a preliminary info on that or is it too early?
  12. Autopliot and radar insaller

    Mark Brozowitz from Captain Broz Marine Electronics hands down. I think he is one of the only certified Raymarine guys around. A fisherman and charter captain too so he knows how to rig great lakes fishing boats properly. Phone and e-mail on website: www.CaptainBrozMarineElectonics.com
  13. I plan on fishing in my newly rigged boat, Sweet Caroline. It's a 29 Amberjack at southpoint marina. One of the few fishing boats there. Not looking forward to the ride to and from the lake but excited to fish my first tourney with her. To gain some time at the end of the day will their be any slips at Shumway to park the boat for a couple hours during weigh in?
  14. Most important topic

    Consistent SW wind generally doesn't change conditions much. I always use temperature as a reference especially in the spring down at Niagara. If you had good luck fishing 51 surface temp and the next time you go out and can only find 46 you probably are not in the right spot. Your basically trying to find where the warmer Niagara water went or Genny, Oswego, ect if your fishing east. With a SW wind at Niagara you should not have to run to the bar to find fish. I know its a wide area but if you are searching I would start from Wilson heading NW from 100 FOW to 300 FOW. If the fish aren't in that area than something changed drastically and it may be a tough day. East wind will push fish all the way back to the bar or way offshore. In periods when we've had a lot of west wind fishing could be good all the way down past Olcott. Good luck and let us know if things changed.