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  1. A-Lure-A

    Another 20% CUT in Chinook Stocking for 2019

    I believe that Kings are the only salmonids that can successfully naturally reproduce in LO to any great extent due to the warm trib temps in the summer. Young kings migrate out in May and June before trib temps become too high. Much of the salmon river can get in the low 70s in the Summer which is lethal for young salmonids. Even Irondequoit Creek here in Roch gets good runs of kings every year and they haven’t been stocked in that creek in over 20 years. Getting a handle on natural reproduction is a good idea IMO to effectively manage the fishery.
  2. A-Lure-A

    Another 20% CUT in Chinook Stocking for 2019

    Genetic selection is a good point, but that would mean that the DEC would consistently be choosing smaller fish over larger fish. I believe they just take from fish as they come down the line. Doesn’t explain higher catch rates either, unless we all are becoming that much better of fisherman year after year:) Again, never mind what has happened with natural reproduction, bait trawls, the weather, etc over the past 5 years, the long term trends are very indicative of a growing predator to prey ratio.
  3. A-Lure-A

    Another 20% CUT in Chinook Stocking for 2019

    Forget the science if you want. Higher catch rates and declining size equals less forage. I don’t know any other way to interpret that. Not over 1 year, or 2 years, or even 5 years. This has been a trend for at least 15 years. Yes, Lake Ontario is more productive than other Great Lakes, but there still needs to be a balance. If I’m reading the DEC report correct the biggest alewife hatch in 2016 that we talk about is not so big anymore. Most likely because they have been decimated by heavy predation. Hoping for a warm winter to pull of another great bait hatch is not a great strategy to manage a fishery. There were many mornings this season when we caught upwards of 20 salmon. If I caught 20% less or even 50% less that still is a catch of 10-15 salmon in a morning...and the chance of the fish being larger. All is well in my book.
  4. A-Lure-A

    2018 Fall LOC

    Couldn’t you just adjust the following years stocking based on the spring trawls? Would always be a year behind but it is better than stocking the same number year after year regardless of conditions.
  5. A-Lure-A

    2018 Fall LOC

    Couldn’t you just adjust the following years stocking based on the spring trawls? Would always be a year behind but it is better than stocking the same number year after year regardless of conditions.
  6. A-Lure-A

    2018 Fall LOC

    Makes sense Gambler. Time will tell, but the trend of declining salmon size and increasing catch rates has been in the making for a long time now going back to the early 2000s. As somebody pointed out look at the history of the LOC leaderboards and the DEC published catch rates in the past 15 years. Not sure how sustainable the salmon numbers we have now are without something giving. I haven’t heard any news about the latest bait trawls but it seems like this many salmon would be putting a lot of pressure on any bait that is out there. I know it’s a different lake (LO being more productive,etc) but I can’t help thinking of Lake Michigan that had similar catch rates and sizes a few years ago. They ended up having to cut stocking in half. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining or being a naysayer, I’m just being cautious. I’ve seen enough great fisheries crash and burn to know that things can change quickly for the worse to the point of no return. I love this fishery as much as anybody and have a 2 and a 4 year that I hope will too.
  7. A-Lure-A

    2018 Fall LOC

    Clearly the predator/prey ratio seems to be a little skewed this year. Bait is getting absolutely pounded with this many salmon in the lake right now. Every bait school I’ve marked has had 2-3 fish on it. Although these high catch rates are nice, they are so high it is a little concerning. I have caught well over 100 salmon this year with only one or two being over 20lbs. Record high catch rates with record low salmon weight is a strong sign of a predator/prey imbalance. High catch rates, smaller fish, people complain. Big fish, lower catch, people complain. DEC has a tough job for sure.
  8. Interesting. I thought browns pretty much stayed within a few miles of where they were stocked too. I’ve seen stream browns stay in the same hole spring through fall. Could be they just look for good structure and bait. Probably just wandered down the shoreline chasing bait. Doubt they are like salmon and steelhead that cris-cross the entire lake all summer but who knows.
  9. A-Lure-A

    Powder mill park hatchery flooded out.

    Spoke with Ron at the hatchery. Only lost about 200 browns. Not that bad
  10. Good stuff. There was a fishing show I remember watching not too long ago were they were jigging up coho in Lake Michigan. Should google it and see what you find. I remember they used a lot of black jigs.
  11. Thanks. Will you take $300?
  12. Jeff. Is this still available?
  13. I’m in if this includes Rochester waters. Being the lack of gas, docks , etc at Sandy again this year I think it would be a good idea to open it up like last year.....just saying:)
  14. I have a 2001 with same engines. 305s troll nice with one engine on. No need for bags. Converts easily from fishing to pleasure boat. Back bench seat is easily removed and stored. I removed live bait well as there is no need for it in LO and took up a lot of deck space. Anybody that gets boat and has questions on rigging for LO feel free to reach out.
  15. A-Lure-A

    Salmon Size This Year

    Fished all week out of Rochester and probably boated 50 plus salmon. Biggest was only 17.5lbs though. Is there just a ton of 2yr olds this year or is the size way down? Other then size how do you determine if a salmon is a 2 or 3 yr old? Normally catching this many salmon would yield at least a few 18plus lbs even in May.