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  1. Should still be plenty of browns in the 10-20ft range. Water still cold
  2. Chris I used the Bert’s mount for tracks to attach to rod holders so they work with tracks
  3. Yes, they are available. I don’t believe the base fits Bert s tracks as is. There is a pedestal you can buy that fits the tracks and attach the rod holders to that if that is what you mean. That’s how I had them set up on my boat with tracks. Hope that helps
  4. Has there been any preliminary data released on the bait trawls this year? Good/bad, too early to tell?
  5. $250. Cash only. Rochester area. PM if interested
  6. Pretty much any port will have good fishing opportunity that time of year. I’ll put a plug in for Rochester. Some of them best brown trout, lake trout, and salmon fishing all within a few miles of the Genny. But seriously, everything is biting at the end of July out of any port.
  7. I’ve also fished on this boat. One of the best fishing platforms for Great Lakes trolling that I’ve been on. Meticulously cared for and no expense spared. Wish you the best Dan.
  8. I was in Naples NY and yes Sutton Spoons is still there. I bought a couple spoons. Six bucks each I think and a Sutton Spoon T-shirt for $5. They still wrap their spoons in tissue paper. Probably never use them but I couldn’t resist.
  9. Been a while since I trib fished so I may be a little out of touch. I trib fished hardcore for 20 plus years though. My personal opinion is that after mid-Nov the majority of trib fisherman are C&R. I believe the attraction to the trib fishery is to catch quantity with some trophy potential. I think more fisherman will come back if they can catch 10 plus fish in a day and maybe keep one as opposed to only catching 5 or less and keeping 3. The majority of people aren’t traveling from other states and spending money to come and catch fish for dinner, especially in the tribs. I guarantee that if somebody comes up and scores 10 fish in a morning with some trophy’s mixed in they are 10 times more likely to come back then if they came up and only caught 2 or 3. Once a fish enters the trib it is very likely to being caught over and over again, therefore any reg that promotes C&R in the tribs makes sense. I remember catching the same brown trout in various holes in the western tribs for two months straight. If I’m catching the same fish multiple times in a season I can only image how many times others have as well. They fought just the same each time and if I wasn’t in the know I would have thought that was the first time the fish was caught. Even if the fish dies at the end of the season (which the jury is out that they actually do) that fish was enjoyed many times by multiple individuals. Once that fish is caught and kept it is enjoyed once and by one person. Sure there will be those that abuse the fishery. No regulation is going to stop that so arguing about it is in vain anyway. Side note. I’m a huge proponent of our brown trout fishery as I think they bring a good benefit to the fishery as a whole. They are a good filler in the trib fishery when steelhead can be sporadic at times. They C&R very well. They are good for the open lake fisherman in that they are accesible year round to the small boat owners and are good for charters to target when younger fisherman are involved or when the salmon bite is off. They also have a balanced diet so they aren’t as susceptible to the boom and bust of any given bait population. They pretty much provide a year round fishery as well. My two cents
  10. Been a while since I’ve changed my dipsey rods. Any recommendations on the glue to use to attach the twili tip on my new dipsey rods? Would super glue work? Thanks for everyone’s help with all my questions.
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