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  1. I’m in if this includes Rochester waters. Being the lack of gas, docks , etc at Sandy again this year I think it would be a good idea to open it up like last year.....just saying:)
  2. I have a 2001 with same engines. 305s troll nice with one engine on. No need for bags. Converts easily from fishing to pleasure boat. Back bench seat is easily removed and stored. I removed live bait well as there is no need for it in LO and took up a lot of deck space. Anybody that gets boat and has questions on rigging for LO feel free to reach out.
  3. A-Lure-A

    Salmon Size This Year

    Fished all week out of Rochester and probably boated 50 plus salmon. Biggest was only 17.5lbs though. Is there just a ton of 2yr olds this year or is the size way down? Other then size how do you determine if a salmon is a 2 or 3 yr old? Normally catching this many salmon would yield at least a few 18plus lbs even in May.
  4. A-Lure-A

    Lake Ontario Bait fish trawls

    Any preliminary feedback on this?
  5. A-Lure-A


    Hopefully not indicative of the possible survival of last years YOY alewfie
  6. Anybody ever check the stomach contents of these winter browns? Curious as to what they are eating this time of year. Some look pretty hefty.
  7. A-Lure-A

    State of the Lake meetings

    Any preliminary data yet on the 2017 alewife hatch. I believe they do some trawling in the fall but not sure.
  8. Great. Thanks. I'm in Irondequoit BTW
  9. Looking add some more to my set but I believe these two models have been discontinued. If anybody has any I'd be interested. Cannon Downrigger Rod Model BLC862M 8.6 Medium Line wt 10-17lbs Master Downrigger Rod Graphite C Model GC88PTG Length 8 1/2 ft Line 8-20
  10. A-Lure-A

    Zebra Mussel Cooling Issue

    Curious to know how often you should replace bellows?
  11. A-Lure-A

    2018 Stocking levels

    Any news at all on this years YOY Alewife? When do they start trawling to look for the most recent hatch?
  12. A-Lure-A

    Irondequoit Bay 5mph

    Perfect. thanks
  13. A-Lure-A

    Irondequoit Bay 5mph

    Irondequoit Bay 5mph Anybody know if it is still 5mph throughout the whole bay or now just within 500ft of shore? Thought I saw that it changed recently.
  14. A-Lure-A

    Bottom Growth and Boat Performance

    Thanks. 300 or 400 seem about right for a boat that has been sitting for a month over the summer?