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  1. Thought we were gonna smoke em this morning. Had 3 in the box in the first half hour before it totally died on us. All the fish came just east of port over 200ish. All spoon bite for us. 2 steelies on a UV wonderbread on a rigger and a 10 color with a salmon viagra. King took a laser spook off a rigger.
  2. Finger Lakes Tackle blue bank breaker was tops followed by a mag stinger glow ghost. I'd have to double check my logbook, but I do believe those two spoons took fish almost every trip.
  3. Just popped 2 cohos, one on a 100 dipsey and the other on a rigger at 60. Both on FF
  4. Do all the stocked kings have clipped adipose fins? Are all kings with adipose fins wild? I wish I knew this before, I would would have paid attention to the fins. I will now for sure!
  5. Nick did the temps come up at all during the day? Best of luck this week! I live vicariously thru your live reports while I'm stuck at work.
  6. We ended up 2-4. We worked 100-140 all afternoon. As the sun got lower saw a lot of bait and quite a few big hooks. Slow fishing, but a gorgeous sunset!
  7. We just got set up in 110 foot, just west of port. Popped a little king and a brown down 100 on a ff.
  8. We saw the same thing, it looked like fish soup! Totally maddening seeing them rise off the bottom only to drop back down.
  9. I wasnt quick enough to get a picture, but we had a brown bat land on the planer board mast this morning for a second. I thought that was pretty neat!
  10. We fished 170-190. That blue bank breaker has been by far and away our best spoon all summer.
  11. It was shaping up to be an awesome day till we saw the storm coming and decided to play it safe. We went 3-5 on kings. Lost 2 good kings on dipseys. 200 wire with a chrome 2 face spinny/bloody death and 240 wire with a 42 spinny/42 took fish. Rigger @ 75 with a mupped finger lakes tackle blue bank breaker went twice too. Cant wait to get back out in the am!
  12. I had some fleas this am out of sodus. Maybe an inch or 2 at worst.
  13. We had a slow morning. 3 small kings, and a steelie. Kings on a 65' rigger on a blue bank breaker, steelie on a 10 color took a mag glow stinger. We marked lots of bait and streakers but just couldn't get em going.
  14. We went 3-4 this am. Just west of port in 160-190. 19 lb king, 10 lb laker and a skippy king.
  15. Your best bet is to get them from ticketexchange. There is a tab on the website under tickets. Season ticket holders get first crack at single game tickets. They went really fast this year.
  16. For what its worth, last weekend we had a steelie take an Orange crush on a free slider on a 25 foot rigger. I could easily see the spoon, the slider leader was maybe 6 foot.
  17. Mostly price, and I've never seen them in stores locally.
  18. I am tired of my manuals and am looking to get a pair of electrics. I've narrowed it to either cannon mag 5s, or big jon sportsmans. Just looking for opinions on them.
  19. Sampson is open, I launched there Sunday morning. As for the fishing I managed one pike.
  20. Unions springs is wickedly low as well, be tough to put in there. Why is the water SO low this year??
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