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  1. Boy...You sure know your lake....I happened to troll this morning out of Sandy Creek this morning....Boats were all in like 40FOW.... Started there. Saw some bait and a few small hooks...Didn't trigger anything so trolled out to 150FOW....Screens were pretty barren....Boats still trolling in so we went back to 60-70FOW....Picked up a couple skippers and an 8# brown...All came about 60 down on riggers....Then got a screamer on the dipsey set at 160, but it came undone....Then on a NK spook had a screamer on the rigger rod that was down 60...Fight on....Had to chase a bit because I thought he was going to spool me.....The other rigger starts pumping and my fishing buddy Bruce grabs the rod....There's a hot ass steelhead dancing across the surface...Well, to make a long story short...We were lucky to land both fish....Mine was a 28pound King and his was an 11 pound steelhead.....This all took place around 11:30AM...Go figure? Anyway, it made for our day..... Picker Pines
  2. Awesome....Everybody was in on the action....I love the Man of Steel....Is that a steelhead he has? Looks like a nice trip out on the lake....Peace
  3. Brian...Congrats...I'm anxious to get back on the water...Hopefully, I can get back out there on Thursday.... You the MAN!
  4. Very Nice brown! I bet he didn't come in easy on that light tackle...Thanks for sharing...
  5. Nice effort...It must have been gorgeous out there today....I'm hoping to get back out there on Wednesday... Picker Pines
  6. Well, I finally got my boat, "Gumpy II" out to troll Lake Ontario. Took my neighbor Bruce and put in around 7AM at Sandy Creek launch and headed to 100FOW. Lots of bait pods and some decent hooks near the bottom.... Had a release off the ball that was 90 foot down in 100FOW on a NBK yellow chartreuse... Turned out to be a laker... Decided to get into 200-250FOW...Surface temp dropped rather quickly from 54 degrees to 49 degrees in that area.... Marked an occasional fish and then BAM! Another release on the 90 ball with the NBK...Bruce grabbed the rod and this time the fish was screaming...Turned out to be a 18 lb King.... What a way to start the trolling season.... Stayed in those waters and picked up two small Kings on a purple fly off a pearl and white spin doctor and ended the day with a nice eating size steelhead that hit a dolphin prism NK that was on a cheater leader on the ball that was set at 60.... Outboard got a bit finicky so decided to call it quits around 10:30AM...What a gorgeous day.... Pops
  7. Thanks for the report....Now I got to get my boat out there! Pops aka Picker Pines aka Steve's Dad
  8. I am looking for someone to tune up or repair my Force 9.9HP outboard. I had trouble starting it and I don't know a lick about outboards. Is there a reliable marina that anyone knows of near Greece NY? Any help would be greatly appreciated....Thanks....Paul
  9. No. I didn't weigh it or measure its length... The guys with me concluded that it was easily at least a 6 pounder... only took two pics and got that bad boy back into the water....
  10. March 8 on Conesus Lake caught a monster bass on a tip-up armed with live pike bait. Thought I would share my catch....
  11. Fished in front of Braddocks Bay Sunday night from around 5PM till 8PM....Fished 90 to 130 FOW....Lots of marks hugging the bottom, probably lakers....An occasional hook around 60 down....Only caught one small King that was carrying a lamprey on him...The king hit a free sliding cheater on a line that was 90 down....the lure was a glow ladderback spook....saved us from a skunk....just couldn't trigger a bite.......Picker Pines
  12. Could be the cormorants....I was up to Clayton, NY this past weekend and I couldn't believe the number of cormorants that invaded the waterways on a daily basis...One uninhabitable island was filled with them when we went by it....I did luck out on a nice largemouth off the docks Saturday night....Pines
  13. Well, finally got back on the water again...Took my neighbor from down the street. Put in at Braddocks marina and headed for 100 FOW....About 8 boats were trolling that 100 to 150 FOW...Marked lots of bait and some bottom hooks, but couldn't trigger anything so I decided to keep going north...Got out to 220 FOW and the screens were blank...No wonder we were the only boat way out there...Did notice a few tiny marks around 90 ft. down so I sent the dipsey with the Mountain Dew spinny and green/silver fly out to 290 setting. Not five minutes later we finally get a fish on that set up...It's a small King, really small King, but at least the skunk is out of the boat....Reset and get out to 245FOW and that same set up starts screaming....I hand the rod to my friend Bruce and he has a nice battle on his hands...I cleared rods and then we slowly and methodically got this bad boy into the net....I'm guessing it was at least 30 pounds...What a really nice way to cap a sun filled morning on the Big O...I did manage to get my token skipper as we were pulling lines...My riggers never fired once...It's amazing what one big fish will do to erase all the time on the water when there are no hits....Good Luck to all this weekend....thanks to those fellas who sent me some fishing info to start my morning.....Hook'em Picker Pines
  14. I am thinking of going out of Braddocks tomorrow in search of trout and salmon...Is anyone willing to share some reports or down temperatures? Thanks...Pines
  15. That's a very nice King! Congrats...My son Steve and I also fished out of Braddocks this morning about the same time and same depth...we didn't do any major Kings, but got a mixed bag of fish...Did two skipper Kings, another one about 4-5#, a 5-6 pound laker, two nice steelhead, and capped the morning with a nice fat brown, about 14#....Best lure for us was a Proking Orange and silver colored hologram....Nice morning to be out on the lake...Didn't mark many fish or bait pods.....POPS
  16. Was dying to get out fishing after reading all the great reports. Couldn't find a fishing partner so I ventured out from the Genny launch by myself in the fog at around 7:00AM. Set up in 75FOW. Had two riggers, one set at 60 and the other at 70. One had a 42nd spoon NK and the other a hologram dolphin NK. I put cheaters on both lines. One was a reddish orange NK and the other a yellow NBK....When I was satisfied with my speed and set up I started setting out a dipsey rod with purple hologram and pearl spinny along with a green mirage fly. As I was letting the dipsey out the rigger next to it pops up with a giggling action and I grabbed it and felt a nice heftiness to it...At first I thought I may have hooked the dipsey, but soon had a nice battle with a decent brown that had hit the cheater NK...Reset the rigger, and sent the dipsey back out again...I'm texting my son and the dipsey rod fires...Decked a laker and I started thinking that hey this is the day....I was in 90FOW....Started circling between 80 and 90FOW and did not have another release...the screens were pretty blank...Only passed two bait pods.....Called it a day around 10:30AM....Fog was still very thick when I made it back to the Genny... Hook'em POPS aka Picker pines
  17. Had the pleasure of fishing with Captain Jerry Tyler on "The Flat Top." Put in at the Sandy Creek launch around 6:45AM and followed the info that this site so readily provides...Thanks to all you Sandy Creek posters! Started to set up in about 85 FOW using riggers, dipsies, and one flat line on a planer...Didn't take long for Jerry to get a laker on his rigger that was down 42...I tried to identify the spoon, but it was rather old and hard to tell....trolled towards the northwest and picked up some more lakers, two steelies, and a small King...Best action for us was in 85-120FOW...Drifted north towards 150 fow, but the screen was barren...Hottest lure of the day was a pearly spin doctor with a mirage fly on a dipsy with a 2.5 setting and out 224ft...The steelies came on a firecracker and a proking spoon, both on free sliders...There was plenty of bait in the water we were fishing....After 11AM we couldn't get a hit....Enjoyed the water and sun for another hour and called it a day....I had a painting tour of duty with my son-in-law, or otherwise I would have posted this info last night....Good Luck........POPS AKA BUCKA
  18. Super Brown! Congratulations... We too caught some nice browns in very shallow water, 8 to 10 feet, on Saturday and Sunday near the Sandy Creek shoreline....Our best lures were blue and silver stingers...There was plenty of bait in there, and you could see the sawbellies jumping in the boat's wake. We also caught a nice steelhead...Picker Pines
  19. I was using bass minnows on treble hooks.
  20. Just thought I would share with you some pictures of the Northern Pike I caught around 1 PM this past Monday on Braddocks Bay. Set up by 9AM and had only one flag and that was at 11AM. Looked to be a perch bite since there was only about 3 foot of line taken and the minnow looked like something had tried to swallow it head first. At noon in the drizzle and rain I decided to give it another hour and I'm sure glad I did....A little after 1PM as I was deciding to call it a day I get a flag and then a steady spinner turn on the tip up...A slight nudge in the direction of the line sunk into a fish...It was quite a trying battle, but I was finally able to squeeze this big boy through the hole with my hook removal grippers...Made my day and probably my lifetime.....peace and let's pray for more ice! Hook'em POPS aka PINES
  21. Yeah...The ice fishing on Braddocks over the weekend was real slow.... I had one flag on Friday and then yesterday in the sleet, drizzle, and rain I had only one flag from 9AM till 1PM and that was probably a perch flag if that...The minnow looked like something had tried to take its head in and decided it was too big...About ready to call it a day when I noticed a flag at a little after 1 PM...a steady turn of the tip up spinner let me know that it was no perch...I won't say how long it took me to land this northern, but it took quite awhile and I was by myself... I had to force him through the 7-inch hole...I used my hook gripper to get a hold of his lower lip and haul him through...Biggest pike I have ever caught...An ice angler had a tape and scale...His numbers were 41 inches and 15 pounds...This northern was really a brute... I guess you never know... Hook 'em POPS aka PINES
  22. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: Paul Firlit/GUMPY II ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): Saturday August 25 Time on Water: 6:45-9:30AM Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: Surface Temp: Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 2 Total Boated: 2 Species Breakdown: KINGS Hot Lure: MOON something or other Trolling Speed: Down Speed: Boat Depth: 115 Lure Depth: 80-90 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Finally got out with my son Steve this morning....Put in at the Genny and went northwest towards Braddocks...In 115 FOW had a screamer on the green spinner fly with green/chrome spin doctor...Turned out to be a 28# female King....reloaded and did another King on the same setup...This time a 26# male King. Dipsie was on a 2 setting at 240 feet on the reel....Ran into outboard problems so we high tailed it in to the launch.... Good Luck to all you fisherman POPS aka Picker Pines aka Bucka
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