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  1. I am just wondering about the wind we have had some nasty wind this year more than any year I can remeber
  2. this is so something that would happen to me
  3. very nice happy to hear someone is out there
  4. yeah we will have to hook up and go for them some time I really want to hit the fingerlake hard this year with my small boat. I have always wanted to go after the walleye
  5. yeah I wanted that motor bad for my boat they are sweet
  6. I went today after hitting honeoyo my god there are some many pigs in there where are those fish during the season? also why is it only that lake where the walleye run like that?
  7. jeremy I was at ras outboard right on 104 he had a brand new Etec 90 hp for I think 6700
  8. where is this inlet I would love to go and take a look at this?
  9. she will do better than the 16' that am going to have to fish from
  10. I am looking for some inline boards I know this is probably something someone would have laying around just thought I would ask before I bought new. drop me a line if anyone does have some. thanx
  11. what do they use these for and where have you seen them?
  12. Fully equipped 1987 26 ft Penn Yan Competitor inboard fishing boat 10 ft beam also comes with 1993 E-Z loader trailer. Presently being used for charter fishing on Lake Ontario....Good running condition....all reasonable offers considered. 454 Merc Cruiser/inboard, Fully enclosed canvas, Stereo system, 4 Cannon high speed Mag 10 down riggers, Sea Ski Planner boards, 2 vhf programable vhf radios, LCX-104C Lowrance Fish-depth-gps-mapping-speed-indicator Lowrance Nav II, Surface speed, Auto helm, Private marine head, On demand wash down pump, 16 rod holders, Many extras...boat has been in a covered slip since new...Aug.2007 inspection survey available. Reason for selling...Time to Retire! I dont know this person just seen this boat on syracuse craigslist and thought it was a great deal and it would make someone very happy good luck and there are some pics of the boat
  13. nice........ I did hear they are good to eat sorry about the big 0 on the eyes I am sure you will make up for it in the summer
  14. I have a 06 dodge magnum and it has the v6 I got 31mpg going to texas last year and get 24 city it has a 3500 towning and I pull my 16' fisher like it its not even there. I also towed a 19' sea ray two years ago and had no problem I only went about 10 miles each way but I did it all season. I also love all the room it has.
  15. nice looking fish I know up in the river they get them often
  16. I am going to try for them this year they have to be around
  17. I went on 2 trips to I-BAY and went out and bought one could not do that walk another time
  18. I dont know I hear in front of bradocks watoma sholls I see alot of lights out there when I would drive down there never tried it
  19. went on fri and sat fri was soooo windy but still got a few keppers and some small ones on the east side sat went back out much nicer got about 12 keeprs and some small one. most the keepers came on tip downs with niagras I also got a cat fish abot 28" and a walleye about 12" we were only out for a few hours in the am.
  20. hell I eat fish from lake ontario all year a little brown trout with my walleye never hurt although maybe that is why I have 6 digits on each hand lol
  21. we ll bring that pontoon and we can just eat walleye all night long as soon as we eat our limit we will just catch another I hear there are lots in the river and if we stay right on the banks it will be like an all you can eat all night long
  22. we should just get the biggest pontoon boat we can find and do like in the ocean boats were they pack as many people as they can on it that will get some of the nasty walleye out of that river and just to make sure we are as unsafe and unsportsman like as we can be we will drink as much as we can. we can just toss the empty cans and trash right in the river it will sink I am sure.
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