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  1. nice you going to be out there this weekend?
  2. hell toss in some bread and mayo and you have one fine fish sandwitch just incase you dont catch any fish
  3. scott I will give you 600 for the whole boat how about it I will give you some time to think about it
  4. one time we were fishing bradock and I had to pull my buddy through a hole out in the channel he was chest deep
  5. I looked at that posting many times just too much boat for me I would have to hire a crew to run it
  6. thats why I dont like to go down there on weekends
  7. good one ray ..........lunker if youhave been here very long you had to have knowen that was comin
  8. wow sorry every one did not see buck shot beat be to the question in the report thred I must be in the same "ZONE" as rod lol
  9. any good sites that anyone knows of for buying a boat I must have searched all the sites everyday for the past month and nothing has caught my eye or if it did it turned out to be a P.O.S
  10. arnt we all in the winter lol
  11. I may have an idea what about a spot on the site for nothing more than posting pics of boats and what they have on them. kind of a bragging board about your rig? I also thought this would helps us all identify one another out on the lake. I dont know how hard it would be to do because I know nothing about websites but I thought it would be a cool idea.
  12. do you still have the 26' boat and if so please get back to me asap. thanx
  13. it is I am sorry for not getting back to every one my pops went in the hospital for his heart I will answer the pms as they came in
  14. it does thats how I get all the "brown trout" in lakes where they have never been seen before
  15. it is a 1991 26' hard top with a 454 single and that is really all I know right now just never been on one and wanted to know how well they were built and if they were a good choice for salmon. do they take wll to rough seas? and how would a boat like this troll down?
  16. thanx that will help I am buying one but I am also buying the whole boat so money will be tight and I found a 2005 9.9 merc dirt cheap so it looks like it will have to do for now
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