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  1. wow very nice how do the bass tast
  2. what the hell I am going to bring a sail boat I thouhg that would be best to sneak up on them there big eyed fish I hear they scare real easy when there in the river like that
  3. make that at least 45 me and the fleet from sandy creek are going to be there thanks for the info and maybe 69 and 40 could get a clue use this site correct instead of just getting tips or are they "sellers"
  4. I hate to say it but that is what this board is about helping other out where, when,how to fish. I say thanks for the info
  5. brian I might not be as smart as some of the guys on here but I think thats only one pic
  6. hey jax I thought hemlock was a limit of 14'?
  7. well if you ever need any help drilling hole j/k nice fish I wish I had a buddy like that
  8. go deep right off the rod and gun club 18-22 fow there is a sand dun across from the rod and gun club you want to be off that dont bother with tip ups if your going for perch just jig. right on the bottom and jig real easy and watch your line you will not feel them hit you will only see it in your line. and oh yeah when I say on the bottom like maybe 2" off is good if no hits there go about a foot off bottom also try diff colors we used about 20 dif jigs this past weekend you have to work for the big ones but they are there. good luck
  9. we went sat from 8-2 and ended up with 37 keepers all nice big ones today we went out and were there 7-1 and got 58 keepers and they were the biggest bucket of perch I ever caught size wise there was two of us. we had about 12 over 13 in and two over 14. sat there seem to be about 5 small ones to one keeper today it was 3-4 keepers to one throw back we did not get any real small ones today. all throw backs were just under 8" all fish came on waxes would not touch monnows spike or mousies. all diff colors when ones stoped for about 5 min we switched and also they all came jigging we were off the rod and gun club.
  10. damn this state whats next salmon and trout fingerlings oh no thats right we will pay for that when we pay for our nice new stamps
  11. very nice rod gotta love to see the little ones fight the fish.
  12. yeah I have bunch of pics of it he just sent me. not a bad boat but look at the on the same pag a few post down it is a little less
  13. yeah if I get a boat in time we will be doing the pro ams this year also
  14. nice you have any plans to come to the big pond yet this year
  15. is that the old one that got crashed up?
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