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  1. ok this may be a dumb question but does UV mean they glow in the dark or does it mean they glow under black light?
  2. is that private? or pay by the year or by the hunt?
  3. we got the redhead gear goose shells and full bodys could not beat the price or looks they have flocked heads I think we paid 79 for a dozen of the shells and 59 for 6 full bodys that was last year on sale
  4. my dad breeds american britts loves them he said he would never have any other pointer I have a german shorthair and I feel the same about her. but like RR said what ever way you go get them out and run after a day of mine not running she is crazy. hey RR where did you get that britt from? and where do you hunt the birds I would love to have a day like that.
  5. at the end of the season I noticed I had some water in my lowes unit it is an alpha one I have seen alot of them rebuilt on ebay for around 300-400. is it worth taking some where and having it redone or should I just buy one already rebuilt? any idea what something like this might cost to have the seals redone? even a ball park figure would be good.
  6. back to the top 175 for both these are brand new or I will trade for a nice ice shanty.
  7. I got a new scentblocker dreamseason bow suit my wife is the best
  8. ok the best spring pattern I have found is the Puerto Rican by bomber this is always in the water and always takes hits I can not find it any place and I am down to just a few left.
  9. go to iceshanty.com after 5 post you will have full viewing of all the lakes and there are reports and conditions good luck =
  10. bob all I can say is amazing. that was the best chowder I have ever had and I mean that. I seen this post when it first started and wanted to try it I never got around to it then when I seen the writeup in GLA I had to try even the wife loved it. thanks again
  11. a good buddy that can see red would help
  12. yes I do I will take some pics tomorrow do you have a cell # I can text some pics to?
  13. I have two big jon short arm riggers I bought last fall and used them one time 225 obo for both.
  14. ok I have a GSP and would love to hunt some birds with her is this open state land you guy are talking about? I live in rochester and just started hunting her last year I got out about 5 or so times with her and she only found one dead bird all season I would love to go a place that there are birds and some good land I will be more than willing to drive a little ways for a good pheasant hunt please let me know where this is and if it is open to everyone with a reply or a pm thanx.
  15. FREEMAN77

    I Bay Report

    scott that has been the xrap I have gone to every time I have gone to the bay and had great luck with it slow and shallow seems to be the key for me. I have not been out this year but I would still like to try and make a trip down there.
  16. I need to have a gimble bearing redone on the boat any idea what kind of a price I am looking at? also I need the lower unit rebuilt. not looking for an exact price just a ball park figure.
  17. rob if what you posted is going to come true we should have a smooth morning good luck to all and we will see you at first light
  18. after moving 2 years ago and selling my lake O boat I am back I am going to look at a boat tomorrow night its a 1985 24' thompson twin 190 mercs in it new trim tabs and a new windless ancor system 2 canon digi trolls and a new floor and good canvas. trailer needs new brakes but the boat looked great if the motors run as good as the boat looks I will be puting a deposit down on it and picking it up after the wedding in 2 weeks .
  19. I have a 1990 17' fisher SC my father bought the boat new in '90 it has a 48hp evinrude that runs good. it has a rod locker and a big livewell and 3 new seats I am looking to get a bigger boat so this one has to go. the boat is 100% water ready it has 2 new trailer tires and new led lights on the trailer also. the only wood the boat has in it is the three doors on the bow fishing platform the transom and floor are all aluminum it is also a welded hull so there are no loose leaky rivets the hull has no dents or scratches on the bottom. she could use some new carpet as you can see in the pics but other than that its a great boat. the riggers and board to not go with it. 3,200 obo
  20. ok all I have left is the releases and the e-chip flashers the flashers are all like new one of each color has been used but even they are in good condition.
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