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  1. thanx for the come back fellas,can i get these at any of the local shops or better off getting them out of cabelas??? also do u guys put the swivel straight to your main line or run a floral leader to your spoons. iam running 20 lb mono should this be ok??/ not to familiar with the flasher , dodger set up on divers or riggers lenght of lead,,,,,,, or behind the ball.
  2. wondering the best swivels to buy for salmon fishing size, make style. any different for trolling spoons or for flasher dodgers.... also what size spoons should i start with ANY FEEDBACK GREATLY APPRECIATED..
  3. do u fishout of thegenny alot??ifish in the spring and the fall but might go up sunday. not that i want your secret but 12 for 14 and a monster steelie doesn,t sound like a bad day.. my question is mag spoons now or what size??/ don,t have any wire rods yet but riggers and divers slides and reg ones. my temp probe fell off so i won,t have that till next week. maybe u gcould give ma a starting point and i could hack away with a little luck maybe go 1for1 i,d be happy with that. i run 20 pound mono, ok in the fall i guess don,t do to bad for me i guess 7 for 11 was the best day. would like to fish all summer and hear that drag sreaming.. looking into a couple more reels to rig up wire sound like the way to go..any help, advice, tips or maybe 1 secret!!!!!!!!!!!! thanx and tight lines
  4. new to this site i have been fishing lake erei for the past 16 years and now trying the transition to the big O. I don,t do to bad in the spring for the browns and the kings in the fall. would like to hear my drag screamig all summerthough. mostly i fish out of the genny ocasionally fish the oak.. ihave a 22 ft starcraft decked out with all the goodies boat name thumper. hope toget a little better with the help of all of u guys!!!!!
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