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  1. Good luck. Look forward to the report.
  2. Nice. I hope it stays that way for the fall. Any luck on the water?
  3. Anyone know if there are any overnight slips available in Oswego? Plan on going up for a few days and staying on the boat. With Wrights closed down we are looking for a place to slip. Thanks
  4. Thanks for all the replies and pm's. I have some phone calls to make and will be deciding soon. Again thanks everybody..Much appreciated...
  5. Looking to take a charter out of Oswego in late June or July with a captain willing to share his knowledge and answer questions. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  6. Does anyone know if there are any Marina's in Oswego that have dry dock's..Thanks
  7. Looks like I have some other methods to try also.. Thanks for the info..
  8. I would like to try these for lakers.. Can anyone suggest what size/color would be a good starting point? Thanks
  9. +1 Byerlyfab..Have several..They are sturdy and well priced..They will custom fabricate to your specs also..
  10. Agree with wrongrod.. Only thing i would add is to make sure set scew protruds slightly above base of spool for good contact. I have seen some that are recessed in the spool.
  11. If your running a 4 riggers with Flasher/Fly on 2 and spoons on the other 2. What is the pefered method Flashers above the spoons or below? I tend to run them above but curious as to how the more experienced guys run them.. Thanks
  12. Fished Oswego Yesterday 1 Coho 70' down over 115'.first thing in the morning. Didn't mark alot of bait, dead screen most of the day.. Fished 60' to 200'
  13. Thanks.. Couldnt find them for under 50 guess my web searching skill were lacking.. did fid one reasonable.. Thanks
  14. Sorry for the delay in getting back to everyone...Unit sold pending funds.. Will update if deal fall through.. Thanks for all the offers..
  15. Anyone have a planner board mast pulley laying around that they want to get rid of at a reasonable price. Thanks
  16. Complete with Transducer, Probe and Head unit. Only thing missing is mounting bracket. Unit worked fine when removed.. Make a reasonable offer.. Thanks
  17. Sorry Guys Found other posts relating to this topic.. Didn't mean to beat a dead horse....
  18. Wondering if anyone is using the Lowrance elite 5m gold chartplotter with Navionics gold card, 103-001 Pro's... Con's? Any likes or dislikes? Thanks for any info...
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