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  1. Just be sure you're running the latest update. Even if you just did purchase don't assume they are up to date. You can get the latest software update here: http://www.lowrance.com/en-US/Software-Updates/hook-software-20/
  2. It's a 500 watt same has a HDS. Processor is naturally slower and the GPS is also a little slower but overall it's a excellent unit and there is some nice sale on those units.
  3. GoFree can be used by several people onboard at the same time so I assume the autopilot control is disabled to make sure someone not at the helm taking control of the boat. Safety. If you turn on the autopilot via Wifi then the connection drops out, you realise you're heading straight for another boat/rock/swimmer and you're at the wrong end of the boat.
  4. I just read you're post a 2nd time and if you want to do this with a Gen-2 you need the gofree box to get wifi.
  5. The Elite Ti is a step ahead and it's the best buy for the money at this time. You can use the map that comes with it or get the Ti that comes with the Navionics+ in a bundle; that way you're card is a lot cheaper. With Garmin you're stuck with the Garmin mapping. With the new upgrade on the Ti and the HDS Gen-3 you can do live mapping on you're screen if you got a Navionics card in it. I would never go back with a unit w/o a touchscreen! So easy to use. You can link you're smartphone or tablet to you're Ti and being able to look at the screen. The "old" Elite Chirp use a antenna that refresh 1 time per second when the Ti use a antenna that refresh 10 times a second. If you buy it with the Totalscan transducer you are getting: 2D(conventionnal), CHIRP, downscan and structure scan
  6. Not surprise about CS with Navionics. 99.9% of the time they always provide a solution; sometimes it's not a question of a day or 2 but they always come-up with a solution. Thanks for the feed-back
  7. Witch transducer are you using? How deep is you're fishng? What are you'are actual settings?
  8. You can try a hard reset maybe? Before doing so you need to save you're waypoints if you want to keep them To do a reset: 1. Turn unit off. 2. Press & hold the PAGES key. 3. Press & release the PWR key. 4. Release all buttons when the HDS logo appears.
  9. Never heard about slowliness on a HDS. Do you have a lot of waypoints, tracks or routes? Is it a Gen-1, Gen-2 or Gen-3?
  10. Slowliness of the gps on the Hook is something well known and easy to correct by updating the software. Here a link that explain how to do:
  11. @Stillwater, you are absolutly right. There is a important update specifically on mapping: http://www.lowrance.com/en-US/Software-Updates/hook-software-20/
  12. Sent a email to Navionics; you're suppose to get the exact same thing
  13. To see the wreck you need to download the Community Edit and if you want to compare take a look here on the webapp https:[email protected]&key=sezoGj{ykM
  14. Wanted

    If it's shippe with Fedex or UPS they will be a charge for brokage fees ( aRound 50-75$) but if they use USPS there is a minimal charge around $5.00 More then likely you wont pay any taxes if it sent in 2 separates invoices.
  15. Wanted

    There is also: https://www.pocomarine.com/shop/scotty-2116-60-high-performance-electric-downrigger-wdual-rod/