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  1. Thats why I mentionne: check the alignment Enjoy, now
  2. You need to check the alignement and you need to push in very hard 100% of the time it’s because the plug is not fully in.
  3. If we look at the Navico products: Lowrance HDS, Ti, Ti2 those can read the Platinum on the Simrad it’s all the EVO and GO series
  4. Take a look here and once the blue botton on the bottom left of the page is active click on it and you will get the 1ft contour: https://webapp.navionics.com/?lang=en#[email protected]&key=ablhGtttyM
  5. It's not because of the card it's because you made a wrong choice with your 7X; this model is only a GPS it can't read a card
  6. Impossible unless you bought a Navionics Platinum and you are running a unit that can't read a Platinum. Every units can read a Navionics +
  7. If you think the screen is to small just link it on your 10" tablet I'm surprise that I didn't get any interest specially with the Navionics card
  8. No, even if you reset with a hard reset it doesn't remove the latest software; with a hard reset if you didn't save your waypoints they will be lost. Another reset (the one that being showed in the video) is a soft reset; with that one you don't loose anything. A good habit if you need to do a hard reset is to save your settings with the waypoints so once the reset is finish you import your waypoints and settings so you don't need to reset all the features.
  9. I don't understand what you mean by: software updates are trashed? My translator is not sure with that one.
  10. Some tricks to solve some statup display issues
  11. New, never install Simrad GO-5. Touch screen. Wifi; can be link to your phone or tablet Comes with a new never register Navionics+ US-Canada card and a HST-WSBL transducer 83/200/CHIRP transducer (need a adapter cable 000-13313-001 The latest software has been install. This unit can run the Motor-Guide Xi5, le Lowrance TM Ghost., Lowrance or Simrad hydraulic autopilot and more Price is: $450. The Navionics card value is +$190. buyer pay shipping from Montreal (should be around $30)
  12. Just be sure that you’re kicker steering tension adjustment is at no friction position.
  13. Never install on a boat. Price depends on the transducer you choose. I got 2 transducers that I can sale with it: HST-WSBL 83/200/CHIRP(new) and a Airmar TM-150 brand new still in the box I'm installing the latest update tomorrow morning V.20 Compatible with Simrad and Lowrance autopilot, also compatible with the MotorGuide elec. motor using a Gateway, compatible with radar etc...since today with the latest update it can be use with the Lowrance Ghost motor. I can sold it with a choice of 2 transducers: HST-WSBL or the super Airmar TM-150 (new) Price to be discuss depends on the choice of the transducer. Price start at $600 w/o ducer. + 3% for Paypal
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