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  1. Thank you!
  2. For now the answer is no for the Gen-2 but I saw a excellent deal on a 7" Gen-3: $695 shipping included
  3. The Lowrance Gen-2 is not wifi. To get wifi and being able to view it and control it with a tablet you need a Gen-3 or the excellent Elite Ti that comes in 5-7-9 and soon in 12''. Touch screen, wifi, bluetooth, 2D, Chirp, downscan and structure scan with the Totalscan transducer. Can't be beat for the price & quality. With the latest update you can also create you're own map live on the screen if you are running a Navionics card with a recent subscription.
  4. On that link you got a lot of infos for you're specific unit:
  5. Look at this video; it shows how to update you're Elite:
  6. For my part I use my Xi5 a lot and really like it whan I fish shallower for walleyes and it is so easy to use pair with a Lowrance Touch.
  7. How to use a Lowrance and a Navionics card One thing that I do with my Navionics and my Gen-3 link to my Xi5; this is something related to when I fish for landlock salmon and the fish are related to a specific depht.Let's say that the salmon are in 70-80 ft. of water, I adjust the depth highlighting range 70-80ft. then I create a route on that shading and use the S pattern to troll inside that 10ft of water. You can do the exact same thing with a Lowrance or a Simrad autopilot.
  8. It does what it's suppose to do
  9. New update from Lowrance now available Some very nice features: http://www.lowrance.com/PageFiles/148223/HDS GEN3 4.5 RELEASE NOTES.pdf http://www.lowrance.com/en-US/Software-Updates/HDS-Gen3-Software-Upgrade-v-45/
  10. Option then View and enable FishN Chip. When FishNchip is enable you loose the buoyes
  11. That is from my App but it's exactly the same:
  12. So it seems it's not the Simrad that is responsible but more likely you're boat electrical system.
  13. Take a look at this short video it may help you to scroll faster in the menu; if that video doesn't help take a look on the Lowrance yotube for some more tips:
  14. Excuse for the direction that you're post went. The Structure Scan 1st generation is something that the bass fisherman are always looking for.
  15. Did you update it with the latest update? http://www.lowrance.com/en-US/Software-Updates/Elite-60/ What kind of problem do you encounter?