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  1. Yes it works with a hds. I have another guy inline so I will let you kmow if you are still interested
  2. Brand new never register a Navionics+ that cover Canada and USA Price: $150. To youre door.
  3. If they are save they will show on the card with this extension: .usr
  4. Perfect set-up 31 size battery are a must and 2 are better then 1 your kit is complete , coed with the isolator
  5. I post the answer on another website but I am posting here also, maybe it can help somebody else: As stated, using a kicker when your main engine use an electric power steering pump will discharge your main battery because everytime that the kicker turn the pump is activated and it draw a lot of amp. This is a major problem specially if you want to use an autopilot. To start you need two batteries a kicker kit from Mercury and a isolator. The part# for the kit is: 8M0149838 which I understand does NOT include an isolator. For Verado models, an isolator that can handle the FULL OUTPUT of the alternator is recommended, so the recommend part# for the isolator is: 8M6006077 (140 Amp Isolator). The kit and isolator enables the Verado to charge both batteries ...as needed . Done correctly, it charges the start battery first then the house as needed. One is the start battery and one is what we call the "house" battery. The "house" battery is needed for a boat with Verado power steering and a kicker. The kicker doesn't put out enough charge to keep up with the amount being used by the power steering pump when the Verado is not running but you are using the Verado power steering on the kicker. A kit installed (sold by Mercury) enables the Verado to charge which ever battery needs it Tournament style boats with huge electronics and lots of them, also incorporate the "house" battery .
  6. I ask a question but you are not giving me a clear answer. What size of Verado are tou running? Verado’s can use 2 kind of steering: hydraulic and electric hydraulic; they are 2 differents animals
  7. It’s not an electronic power steering it’s a electric pump habitually on Verado 200 and more. I just want to be sure that you are running a electric power steering and yes if it’s the case it takes a lot of battery when you don’t run the right set-up
  8. When you say Verado and power steering do you mean a hydraulic or a electric power steering?
  9. It's compatible with the Gen-2
  10. What Gen is you're HDS?
  11. You probably meant $1300 for the hydraulic and $1600 for the cable
  12. The cable autopilot from Lowrane or Simrad is a bit more then $1000 , probably around $1500 and they use Octopus for the motor drive and you need a Lowrance Gen2 and up or a Simrad GO or EVO. The GO is a very good unit and affordable, it’s the brother of the Lowrance Ti but the Timis not compatible with the autopilot.
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