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  1. With the Navionics East Region you don't need to dowload anything
  2. Yes it cover LO US side
  3. Navionics+ East Region
  4. To know exactly witch transducer you are running, just check at the end of the transducer cable where it connect to youre unit, there is aluminium fold paper with a number. Let me know the #. The Hook run probably a HDI transducer and there is a way to get them compatible by choosing the transducer in the installation menu. As for the power cable they are compatible. The Hook is probably red and the HDS is blue but they can be use on either. As for the Navionics you can't use a laptop to read a Navionics map. If you got a smartphone or a tablet you can; you need to purchase the app for the phone ($15) or for a tablet HD version for I think $40-50).
  5. Fait Haven this w/e? I'm thinking on giving a try in Fair Haven this week-end. Driving from Montreal (4+hrs) I don't want to go if too early. What do you think? Should I wait another week?
  6. Lowrance gps antenna: LGC-16W (new) Like in the title New in the box $40+ shipping Compatible with the ELITE-5
  7. Sold / Closed

    Just add the price $200 Thank you
  8. Lowrance Elite-4 HDI (Sale pending) Brand new in the box sonar-gps Elite-4 HDI with a Navionics+ card (USA-CANADA) Price: $200.
  9. Those are light action I think?
  10. Montreal in the winter and Port Kent nY in the summer
  11. Glad to know! Thanks for the heads-up
  12. Just be sure you're running the latest update. Even if you just did purchase don't assume they are up to date. You can get the latest software update here: http://www.lowrance.com/en-US/Software-Updates/hook-software-20/