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  1. It's compatible with the Gen-2
  2. What Gen is you're HDS?
  3. You probably meant $1300 for the hydraulic and $1600 for the cable
  4. The cable autopilot from Lowrane or Simrad is a bit more then $1000 , probably around $1500 and they use Octopus for the motor drive and you need a Lowrance Gen2 and up or a Simrad GO or EVO. The GO is a very good unit and affordable, it’s the brother of the Lowrance Ti but the Timis not compatible with the autopilot.
  5. The P66 is a good transducer but it can't do CHIRP. The Gen-2 is a 500 watts units and the Gen-3 is 1000 watts unit. What I would do is to use the Gen-3 in split screen using the P66; 1 part of the screen on 50kHz and the other on 200 and I'll be using the Gen-2 for mapping only. If you fish LO I will use Fresh setting, low noise is OK, for color palet I mainly use # 1 and sometimes # 13. For sensitivity : on auto but raise it until you see a little bit of "rain". Also another important thing is to be sure that the right transducer is choose under settings-Sonar-Installation and scroll until you can choose Airmar P66; there is 2 choices , 1 with a 5 and the other with a 10 at the end; there is one that work with the temp and I think it's the 10. Colorline is something useful specially to identify the bottom hardness.
  6. You will need the HOOK Reveal 83/200/455/800 kHz part#: 000-15640-001 but you won't get the 83 kHz/Mid CHIRP frequency but you will get a much better overall results.
  7. I'm checking if you can use the Splitshot transducer of the Reveal w/o using a adapter cable.If so it's going to be the cheaper way to achieve some excellent results.
  8. Theproblem with the HOOK2 is the 40deg. wide cone. The Ti is 20deg. cone
  9. Best thing to improve greatly youre HOOK2 is to get an adapter cable and get a real transducer. The transducer that is coming with is meant to fish in shallow water; it’s a 200khz but with a 40 degr. cone.
  10. Is it a HOOK2 or a HOOK? And what is the problem?
  11. Cable steer autopilot: 000-11749-001 Don’t expect paying $500
  12. Thats why I mentionne: check the alignment Enjoy, now
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