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  1. The computer and the Gen ? That control are the same and the motor on the wheel is a Octopus; Octopus is very well known in the AP world as the best for the cable steer. That being said you can expect the same result as the hydraulic model
  2. If you link the GO with a HDS the only way is by NK2000 so you will be able to share waypoints when both unit are ON and also the ap control. The GO and the Gen can control the NAC-1 Navico AP
  3. Excellent unit that can use the Nac1 autopilot you should add witch transducer comes with it
  4. And you got a better explanation on this video: https://youtu.be/epemiFUK84I
  5. I never seen a Totalscan transducer with a blue end connector and by the way the Lowrance Elite Ti and Ti-2 have only 1 connector for the transducer and it's black. So a Totalscan is a 9 pins Xsonic and if you want to use a HDI (downscan) you can either use a Xsonic with a black connector plug directly in the black connector or if you have a HDI with a blue connecor you then need a adapter cable from 7 to 9 pins. Show me a picture of your Totalscan with a blue connector. I'm showing you mine that comes like all the others with a Xsonic black connector and has mentionne in my previous post if you plug the Totalscan in the blue you will get: 2D, CHIRP and downscan no structurescan. I'm running Simrad EVO-3, Simrad GO-7, HDS Carbon, HDS Live, Structurescan 3D, and more
  6. and black is ch2. With your totalscan connect in the blue won’t give you sidescan only downscan. If you connect the Totalscan in the black it will give you 2D, CHIRP, downscan and sidescan. No need to choose the transducer in the installation menu because the Totalscan is a Xsonic and the unit recognize it.
  7. Big walleyes are being caught and released on lake Hebert ! Here's Squadrito (NY) party with walleyes over 27in ! https://www.tamarac.ca/
  8. I will try to help you out You have 1 unit? If so check under: page-sonar if you have network sonar enable; if so disable Then under nework, data source if you touch the arrow at the right of the screen you will have some choices: choose reset local Then under depth same thing be sure you are under Local and enable HDS7 Then touch the power button and choose: edit overlay then Menu and add,then choose sonar then enable depth and close Then if this didn't work (witch I doubt) go to: Page-System then Restore defaults (you don't loose any waypoints doing this) Let me know
  9. New Way to View Navionics Chart Data Check the video: Embedded in the satellite overlay layer, SonarChart™ Shading provides a detailed rendering of the seafloor, created from the high-definition 1ft/0.5m contour data within SonarChart. Now available for download via our Chart Viewer on Platinum and HotMaps Platinum charts. Get it now: http://bit.ly/2WCQvwL Some ex from the Navionics 648P+: Lake Ontario, Bay of Quinte, Lake Champlain, Lake St-Francis.
  10. Screen capture with the TM 150 on a fix freq over 300ft of water
  11. I use a Airmar TM-150 and I'm very satisfy. As Chirp continues to redefine recreational fishing, AIRMAR has expanded the lineup of broadband transducers to satisfy the growing demand for this game changing technology. New to the market are the B150M and TM150M, economical Chirp transducers designed for offshore fishing and freshwater anglers. Operating at a frequency range of 95-155 kHz, these transducers reveal fish in shallow, murky waters at medium depths (up to 2,500 feet*) along with ultra-clear target resolution. This is a Transom Mount model in the Chirp product line. The TM150 is an excellent choice for freshwater anglers and Chirps across the following bandwidth: 95-155 khz
  12. Video that shows on all 3 major brands:
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