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  1. Some very good eals if your looking to get a new sonar-gps https://www.lowrance.com/lowrance/type/reconditioned/list/
  2. Navionics added new Quebec lakes.

    Lake O'Sullivan has not been chart
  3. Auto Pilot suggestions

    Has Tyee mentionne the Lowrance hydraulic AP is in fact a Simrad and Simrad is consider the best in the AP business. The Lowrance for the cable steer steering is using the Octopus drive otor witch is also consider the top notch for this application so stating that Lowrance is a toy is very far to be true.
  4. The best transducer

    A excellent video from Airmar and a striper charter capt.
  5. I will try to get in touch with my friend and let you know
  6. A friend of mine may have 2 for sale
  7. Lowrance gen 3 or Simrad nss9 evo2

    I saw many Simrad GO install in dash under a top w/o a external puck
  8. Lowrance gen 3 or Simrad nss9 evo2

    Simrad are excellent unit but the thing I’m not crazy about is the control bar on the right side of the screen; it takes valuable space. On the Lowrance you can choose where you positionne the overlay that you want to see. EVO2 doesn’t offer wifi like the Gen3. As for transducer both can use the same transducer. In resume both are excellent choice. Simrad has a nicer look.
  9. Something that a lot of people are not aware of is the fact that you can generate a map live on your screen using the new Lowrance HOOK2 or you can also improve an existing map. You need 2 things: a HOOK2 and a alive Navionics subcription. You can record thousands of hours of recording.
  10. Great news from Simrad

    With the new updates that has shown yesterday it is now possible to control a Hydraulic or a cable autopilot with a GO5 and also to control a Motor Guide Xi5 directly on your screen. The Simrad GO series is the equal of the Lowrance Ti but with the Ti it's impossible to run a hydraulic or cable ap. So you can get a GO that is a excllent unit at a very fair price and run the Lowrance Nac-1 GO7 Software Update Release Date: 21 March 2018 Version: 5.0-59.1.72 We are pleased to announce new software for the Simrad® GO series of multifunction displays. This release incorporates some great new features including: FishReveal™ Blended Target Viewing This all-new view combines crystal clear CHIRP sonar fish targets with superior, high resolution views of bottom detail, structure, and baitfish. MotorGuide® Xi5, Xi3™ Integration Take complete control of your MotorGuide® Xi5 or Xi3™ trolling motor from your Simrad display, via the MotorGuide Pinpoint GPS gateway and your boat’s NMEA 2000® network. With positioning controls and sounder views on a single display, the search for fish has never been easier. Navionics AutoRouting / C-MAP Easy Routing available in the U.S Currently available for all other regions, the Navionics Dock-to-Dock and C-MAP EasyRouting features are now available in the USA.
  11. help with differences in Lowrance MFD

    It should
  12. help with differences in Lowrance MFD

    When I bought mine it came with a blue 7 pins connector You can use the black connector or if you need it for a LSS then you need a adaptor
  13. Lowrance transducer

    The Totalscan will do a better job using the CHIRP function. If I were you I won’t bother using the P66
  14. Lowrance transducer

    Or you can use the P66 in the gen2 and link the gen3 with the Totalscan with it using a ethernet cable
  15. Lowrance transducer

    In the Gen3 you can't run a Totalscan and a 2D; if you want to do this you need to unplug one of the 2 and choose the right transducer in the sonar menu installation. The HDS Carbon can do this because there is 2 processors. If you want downscan and sidescan and 2D (P66) you need a LSS-2 transducer that will be plug in the black connecor and the P66 connect in the bue connector