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  1. wallyandre

    Delte post

    Delete post
  2. I always link my HDS to my app on my iPad to improve or create a new map. Here an example.
  3. I use my Navionics App; no paper for me.
  4. You couldn't add the sonarchart button on the bottom left corner?
  5. wallyandre

    Keuka lake

    For those of you that fish Keuka lake there is some good news from Navionics: https://www.navionics.com/usa/blog/post/updates-to-the-bathymetry-of-keuka-lake/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=navionics&utm_campaign=cartorm&utm_content=post
  6. Nice video that shows how to use it and what you are getting with it:
  7. wallyandre

    Best map chip

    Or to order a 2gig from Navionics or find a new Navionics+ when they hit the market first; they were 2gigs
  8. wallyandre

    Best map chip

    A Navionics Région won’t work they are 4 and 8 gig and the older unit can’t run more then 2 gigs
  9. wallyandre

    Best map chip

    I think the best thing to do is to order directly from Navionics. Send a email to: [email protected] and ask them how to order the 2gig Navionics+ card
  10. wallyandre

    Best map chip

    If you can't find a old Hotmap you can order a Navionics+ small. Small mean a 2gig card. The old unit can't read a card of more then 2gig https://dbe2w38xsulyl.cloudfront.net/wysiwyg/docs/Compatibility_Guides/EMEA_APAC_CompatibilityGuide.pdf
  11. I have a brand new TM-150 transducer for sale. Take a look at the link to find out more about it Price: $250 + sh. http://www.airmar.com/productdescription.html?id=71
  12. wallyandre

    Scott riggers

    The pic doesn’t work
  13. wallyandre

    Colors depht shading available on Navionics app

    You are right; as soon you link your mfd and the app it start recording in the background