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  1. The 9Ti can't run the Lowrance NAC-1 ap but the new Elite FS can and it's a lot cheaper then a HDS and offer excellent performance; the screen is also lot brighter then the Ti and you can use 2 fingers to zoom in or out. Worth looking at
  2. If I can my idea on this. If tou don't want to spent to much money and for the kind of fishing you do, there is a Lowrance or Simrad transducer that can fit youre needs. It's the HST-DFSBL; it's a 50/200 khz that offer 29 deg. at 50 khz good to find fish between the bottom and top and 12geg. At 200 so very good for bottom fishing. With the Simrad or the Lowrance you can use both at the same time splitting your screen in has a example 3 panels: 1 for mapping, 1 for the 200 and the other using 50 Part #: 000-0106-77 Thee is also the same but with the downscan so you can have the function: Fish Reveal Part #: 000-12569-001
  3. The best are the Good Year Endurance
  4. You can mix any generation starting with a Gen3 and up. Legacy Mode is enabled automatically when: • When HDS Gen3, SonarHub or StructureScan 3D are not updated with the latest software • An legacy HDS Gen1, Gen2 or Gen2 Touch unit is on the network To determine if your system is in Legacy mode, refer to the Sonar settings menu.
  5. There is a new function that just out on the Navionics app, it's track your buddy If you want to learn more: https://www.navionics.com/usa/blog/post/boating-app-meet-on-the-water-with-the-connections-feature
  6. If you put a waypoint it's private; if you put a icone from the community esit then it's share
  7. Something to consider is to look at the new Elite FS (Fishing System) close to a HDS but a lot cheaper. You can get 2 units for almost the cost of a HDS Live https://www.lowrance.com/lowrance/type/fishfinders-chartplotters/elite-fs-9-ai-3-in-1-us/
  8. The esiest thing to do is to add a axle on your actual trailer; thats what a friend of mine did
  9. There is some very interesting new things coming from Lowrance, specially a new unit just below the HDS Live at a more affordable price. It's the new Elite FS (fishing system) with some excellent mapping include in the unit, can control autopilot, the new transducer Active Target and more Here a short introduction video: Nice introduction on the new Lowrance Elite FS (fishing system) and on the new Active Target https://youtu.be/zLWWLC49Id8
  10. I'm running 1 Simrad GO 7 , 1 Simrad EVO 7", 1 HDS LIVE 12" and another 9" with a autopilot on 2 AGM 31 and 27 ; at 1st I had only 1 31 and by the end of the day it wasn't enough but adding a 2nd battery cure all the problem
  11. Yes it works with a hds. I have another guy inline so I will let you kmow if you are still interested
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