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  1. As mentionne: trimming and sometimes it could be the prop; some pop do have a lot of "bite"
  2. I also really like the S pattern
  3. The B60 is a 50/200 like the HST-DSFBL w/o Chirp ready and it's a 600 watts instead of the Lowrance that is 300 watts
  4. If you want to stay with a transom mount there is the TM-165HW; 150-250khz with a beamwidth of 30deg and chirp ready. It's a 600 watts transducers and with the large cone it's perfect for those fish that swim in the water column; this is not the best transducer for structure fishing and fish on the bottom. It's affordable There is also the TM-185HW: Chirp-ready power of 1kW, frequency: 85-135 kHz TM mean: transom mount Naturally a 1Kw is much more $$ and it's a huge transducer.
  5. A short video to show you how extremely well the base Lowrance Nac-1 works. It's on a Crestliner Sportfish 1950 SST and a HST Live. I have 2 Live and 1 Carbon and I can control the NAC 1 from all 3. The NAC1 that I order this year is with the Precision 9 Compatible with less expensive units like the new Lowrance Elite FS and the Simrad GO IMG_0694.MOV
  6. Looks to me that tou need more bleeding, I think you are still having air in the system
  7. https://www.ijc.org/en/loslrb/dry-conditions-lead-low-water-levels-board-decrease-outflows?fbclid=IwAR3lABAVpbTfLyefB8dDKFjgkDRvuZR6wRbAdJJ59EUOBUJ4QnLODlK27QM
  8. Price? Are you sure it's a 25" looks more a 20". Habitually the 25 are for the sailboat Comesmwith the remote control?
  9. I just find out about this antenna; it's what the US Coast Guard use. It's only 4ft and it offer better output and input. https://www.ksomvida.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=304033
  10. Thats what I had on a inboard boat that I had many years ago ad at that time I was running a Raymarine ST 6000 (hydraulic) and the main drive link to a 9.9 Yamaha
  11. Power Assist steering = Power steering pump that is operated by the engine power pump which moves the Mercruiser power cylinder (not the Teleflex cylinder) . Cylinder required HC5328 to work with a SeaStar Helm pump and lines. You will have a hydraulic power assist steering, meaning, a hydraulic helm pump (HH5271), two steering lines, that run down to a power assist cylinder (HC5328) which in turn screws into the Mercruiser power assist cylinder (Mercruiser part) that is run from the power pump and this Mercruiser cylinder is connected directly to the drive. Non power assist steering = No power pump and/or power steering cylinder (no Mercruiser cylinder on board, no power pump) requires manual Hydraulic cylinder # HC5332. This means that all that you will have is a helm pump (at the steering wheel), two steering lines, going to a steering cylinder attached directly to the outdrive (HC5332).
  12. The 9Ti can't run the Lowrance NAC-1 ap but the new Elite FS can and it's a lot cheaper then a HDS and offer excellent performance; the screen is also lot brighter then the Ti and you can use 2 fingers to zoom in or out. Worth looking at
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