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  1. I think the Lowrance outboard Pilot Cable-Steer Pack is using the Octopus motor so I can see a Gen-2 or Gen-3 with the cable steer pack for a AP. Helm-1 -1 Cable-steer helm drive unit 000-11771-001 This drive unit replaces your manual helm-drive unit on single cable installations. Compatible with Morse 290, 304411 and Teleflex SSC52 cables. Includes voltage rudder-feedback sensor, and is only compatible with NAC-1.
  2. I'm 99.9% sure that Cisco is compatible with Traxtech; it's a long w-end and Dave is probably out somewhere fishing. He will get back to you on his return; I always had luck communicating with Cisco.
  3. Cisco does have trolling bar: https://www.ciscofishingsystemsltd.com/shop/track-systems-5194
  4. I fully uderstand! Sometimes when I jmp in my friend boat with a older Lowrance with buttons I'm always touching the screen! With the Gen3 and the Carbon you are getting wifi, sonarchart live on screen, bluetooth, you can mirror you're screen on a tablet or a phone, CHIRP , autopilot integration and much more.
  5. Very good deal right now on HDS Gen-3 and Carbon http://www.lowrance.com/en-US/News/New-Low-Prices-2017/
  6. Have you done the commissioning part of the installation?
  7. What year is you're boat? Are you sure you got a Seastar? Maybe a Morse? What motor?
  8. If you can access this link: http://www.thehulltruth.com/boating-forum/819270-bleeding-hydraulic-steering-yourself.html
  9. The trickiest part of it is the hydraulic bleeding; very important that you don't have any air in the system. Look at the link there is a description of the part nclude with the kit. The fittings can be tricky too because seastar change the type of fittings in 2014 I think. I saw a post the other day on how to bleed a hydraulic I will try to find it. Very important that you look at the 2 videos made by Jacob Scott from Navico. Following those you will know where to go.
  10. I also use a S1000 in the past; forget it there is no comparaison at all!
  11. I was trolling yesterday for lakers at 1.8mph using my 9.9 under a 20mph with my Lowrance and he was going straight as an arrow.
  12. Just read what is in the box and there is no ethernet with the Lowrance AP; it's a NMEA 2000 network Be sure also the you got the latest update on you're HDS; it's not because you just purchase it that his got the latest software update http://www.lowrance.com/en-US/Products/Auto-Steering/Outboard-Pilot-Hydraulic-Pack-en-us.aspx For the update just check the video on the bottom of this page: http://www.lowrance.com/en-US/Software-Updates/HDS-Gen3-Software-Upgrade-v-50/
  13. From my Gen3 many fishing pattern available same on the Simrad Go can't post pic
  14. A excellent choice to reduce the cost is to use a Simrad in the Go series; it's in the same cost range of a Elite Ti but the Simrad can be interface with the Lowrance or Simrad Nac-1. The Go serie comes in 5-7 & 9". It's a touch screen, chirp, wifi,bluetooth etc.. and yes the Navico AP Nac1 can run on you're boat .
  15. The Lowrance 83/200 use in CHIRP mode those frequencies: Mid range chirp: 85-145 khz with a 60 degree cone angle.High range chirp: 130-210 kHz with a 20 degree cone angle The Airmar TM-150 CHIRP between: 95-155khz.