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  1. Transducer combo question - networking

    Looking on Airmar websit I found that the P95M is the brother of the TM-150M. I don't see any reason why you woould running 2 ducers with the same specs http://www.airmar.com/productdescription.html?id=202
  2. Transducer combo question - networking

    You can put it side by side
  3. New Lowrance HOOK2 on the water

    To know a little more on those new affordable units:
  4. Navionics+ $50 rebate

    Check it-out: https://www.navionics.com/usa/rebate?utm_source=partner&utm_medium=navionics&utm_campaign=Rebate&utm_content=digital_ad
  5. Map chips, which ones are worth it ?

    You can view what you are getting with the Navionics card by looking here: https://webapp.navionics.com/?lang=en#boating/[email protected]&key=_engG`}ewM Once zoom enough you can activate the sonarchart that gives you 1ft contour.
  6. Walleye fishing in the province of Quebec

    Happy new year and bring more pics!
  7. Deals on Lowrance

    Good prices and knowledgeable
  8. Nice work! Sunbrella and strataglass that’ quality to start with
  9. New affordable sonar-gps

    I'm actually playing with a HOOK2 and I'm really impress with how easy it is to go through the Menu and the thing that bothers with reason was how slow was the zoom in-zoom out function and how slow the gps was on the previous HOOK and before that the Elite. Can't try it on the water, boat is winterize and we receive 6-7in. of snow last night and it's still snowing; I intent to run in the car to analyse how fast is the gps when moving. As for the zoom function it's very fast, no problem. But from waht I see now I think it's going to be perfect for the fisherman that want to have a good unit w/o all the bell and whistles and to have a excellent unit. Screen is very clear and sharp. I will try to do a short video
  10. Walleye fishing in the province of Quebec

    Fishing is a remote area is not only catching but as you said just a different experience and have some fun.
  11. Walleye fishing in the province of Quebec

    Now going to Cloava you through Parent and the road is not what the Clova road was. You drive 50mph on the gravel road but it still 120 miles so it makes 240 miles. Thats why I like Air Mont-Laurier. There is no gravel road from the base in Ste-Veronique.
  12. Walleye fishing in the province of Quebec

    Another excellent lake is the famous Lake Hebert at Air Tamarac. 80% of the customers are US residents and they are returning year after year so I imagine that crossing the border is not a problem.
  13. New affordable sonar-gps

    @pap, this another video that just appear:
  14. Walleye fishing in the province of Quebec

    I think things as improve since you encounter those problems. I cross the border around 60 times per year back and forth and 99.9% of the time I don't have any problem. On all those crossings quite often theire was a US license pplate in front of me and I never seen one pull aside for a second check. As for the walleyes close to home I have the same excellent fishing 15 min. from home on St-Lawrence but I need that remote fishing trip at least once a year, it's in my blood.