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  1. At this moment the Ghost is limited to a 47" shaft; 52" is coming but still to short for my usage. So, standby
  2. @JTM203SOUTH Needs to be connect. Helm-1 feature a variable voltage rudder feedback sensor. Only compatible with NAC-1 autopilot computer. So in the ap set-up you choose rudder feedback instead of virtual rudder feedback
  3. @dbitting: Nice set-up Be sure that both unit are running the same software version (very important) Save wpts not necessary that you save settings because you need to start from the beginning Put everything ON then to a autoconfiguration Then after that go to network and sources and verify if the right sources are enable. Once you got youre system running as it should save the settings so you won't have to start over again. But in the case you still have problem try to do a hard reset (this why you save youre waypoints on a sd card) I can sent you my personnal cell phone # and you call me once you are in the boat. Another very impostant thing: be sure that you have 12.3 volts and more at the units.
  4. Before I forgot there is also a important update for the NAC-1: NAC-1 Software Update Release Date: 3 October 2018 Version: 1.0.03 We are pleased to announce a software update for the NAC-1 autopilot computer. Some customers have reported that the NAC-1 is not memorising external feedback sources like RF25 or analog signal into NAC-1 computer. After repowering the unit could randomly select VRF. The software has been improved to prevent this from happening. Software upgrade can be done from AP44/48 and IS42 using USB, MFD using the SD or microSD card slot, or by using the ST10 and swup tool software. Download NAC-1 Software Update
  5. @dbitting: some explanaton for the Point-1 and Point-1AP: Point-1 and Point-1 AP have different software with different dampening characteristics. Point-1 is optimised for stabilizing the chart display and for radar overlay, Point-1 AP with much less dampening is optimized for autopilot usage. I would like to know exactly a list of all youre Lowrance electronics on youre boat. I will also post some pics of troubleshooting on this post
  6. Yes there is a rudder available for the NAC1; RF40 a medium-duty rudder feedback. Comes with a 50ft cable. Plug & play to a NAC-1 or a NAC-2 Part#: 000-14439-001 Sgg retail price: $419.
  7. In the schematic the no was for a previous question. As written it is compatible with the Gen2, Gen2 Touch, Gen3, Carbon and Live. The NAC1 computer does have a rudder plug because I think they use the same box for the NAC1 and the NAC2. I will try to dig a little more on this and let you know. I'm pretty sure it's only a virtual rudder. I run my boat w/o a rudder and it's straight has a arrow
  8. Boarding for the 2020 flight is announced! Carry only the best memories of 2019 in your luggage ... leave lost moments to bad times. The duration of your trip will be exactly 12 months. Your next stopovers are: Health, Love, Joy, Harmony, Prosperity and Peace. The Captain offers you the following menu, served during the flight: Friendship cocktail Supreme of good health Gratin of prosperity Excellent news set Success salad Happiness log All accompanied by bursts of laughter. Have a good and pleasant trip on flight 2020 but don't forget your friends who are currently fighting a sickness or a disease. Happy New Years everyone!!
  9. On Facebook: It is with a sorrowful heart that I tell you that my father, Jim Stafford is in the last days of his life. This will make me unavailable to customers as I spend these precious final moments with him and family. The store will continue to be open, but I will not be responding to emails or messenger for the immediate future.
  10. I personnaly know the seller; have been fishing in his boat. Nothing wrong with this motor; seller is meticulous with his maintenance. Can be buy w/o any worries.
  11. Same with Lowrance and Simrad; full control through the head unit
  12. short video on a windy day using a Lowrance NAC-1 trolling with a 9.9 link with a 150 Mercury (hydraulic steerong) Lowrance ap.mp4
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