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  1. Copper line is 22’ down per 100 out and wire is about 1/3 of the amount of line out. 150’ out is about 50’ down. Thanks Rick
  2. Fished Saturday with Fishtails and his Son Justin out of the big Salmon, had a great time! If you ever get a chance fish with them, don’t pass it up. Went 3 for 5 in the same 80 fow with the colors everyone is catching them on. Low boat traffic I guess due to the forecast of storms. Great day on the water! Thanks for the great time Rod. You hooked me
  3. I think you should go, but Don't know if I should vote the yes or no. Witch one means go?
  4. That could be I see it often, but not all of the time. Most times it's around 25'
  5. Yes Tom, Just got back and it is not the ball. We watched close and can't figure it out. Trolled a few miles on Saturday and it would come and go. Sometimes it would be at 30 ft down, then stop and shoh up something like 15, then back to 30 then gone for a long time, then back. It would do it at 70 fow and out to 110. It didn't seem to matter. Sometimes it was a blue line and sometimes it was a few colors. I only see it on the lake. I have never seen it out in salt water. But I never fish that deep water in salt. I will watch it next weekend and play with some of the controls to see if it changes. I will post it if I find something. Rick
  6. Found this and thought someone could use this. http://www.weather.gov/pa/recordedforecasts.php
  7. I have a set of two rear mount holders I don't need. $100.00 for the set and I will pay the shipping.
  8. Nice job Rich. Bet it feels good to put dad on fish like that. Thanks for the report.
  9. Fished out of Port Ontairo from 8/27 till 8/30. Trolled 117 miles for 33 hours and three fish to show for it. Thanks to everyone’s help over the winter for the advise on my new dipsey rods. Boated one fish on them. Had the drag too tight and was ripping the swivels apart. By the time Fish Tails told me what I was doing wrong we missed 4 or 5 fish. If anyone gets them let me know how big the fish were. You will know my fish do to it will have a black dipsey, Green, white, mountain dew, or bloody death flasher and a fly in its mouth. Just don’t tell me it was a derby fish. Two small kings and one Brown on a spoon. Guess I will just have to go up again this weekend if Hanna the storm doesn’t go up.
  10. Ray, I like your idea! One problem with it that I see is. Lets say the windmill is on the bow of the boat and the wind is blowing at it to make it turn. Now the shaft to the out drive is turning the prop. You would need a gear box to turn the prop at least twice as fast as the mill to only move the prop. Now with the wind in your face and the current I think you will go backwards. If you change the ratio, that would get the prop going faster, but if you don’t have a gear shifter, you won’t get the boat to start moving. Maybe a solar panel electric motor to get it started moving. Then switch over to wind mill power. Maybe instead of the wind mill, try a stick mounted to the bow of the boat and tie a sheet on it and let the wind move you that way. If you do this you might want to remove the out drive for less weight. Just remember to plug the hole! Good luck with your invention!
  11. Yea Rod, It’s got to be the ball. I try to keep the down speed around 2.0 and that’s why I get it sometimes and sometimes I don’t. I will move the ball next time I see it and that should tell me. Thanks
  12. In the trunk of course. :D That is what I was thinking But can you open the trunk from the seat?
  13. Can anyone tell me what I am looking at on ths screen? I would get this every once in a while for a mile or two and then it goes away. Thanks for the help Rick http://s259.photobucket.com/albums/hh29 ... icture.jpg
  14. I filled up this past weekend in Oswego and about 20 miles later the water in fuel light came on. I had to stop 5 times on the way home to drain the fuel water seperator. If anyone wants to know what station NOT to buy fuel, send me a pm and I will fill you in.
  15. Watch out looks like you can be replaced as captain in a few years. Nice pics Rod
  16. Good luck with your new ride. Looks like everyone is having fun.
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