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  1. A thing here on Lake Mi with lakers is when you get them on the graph throw the boat in nuetral for a few seconds. When you throw it back in gear lakers cant resist the change in speed. I have seen many tourneys here where the top boats do that, BW
  2. Glad the Proctologist works so good for you. I think it is still our #1 fly and it holds up forever. Tom makes great stuff for sure. I think we have some great plans for next year we hope everyone will like also, Thanks again, BW
  3. Hey Rod in that little cartoon pic of yourself your eyes sure look beady Thanks Randy, I hope you finally got your stuff. BW
  4. George, Call me sometime we can work on your idea. 616 233 0618 Shadster, I cant watch video but Karen can at work. Out in the country and internet hook up is so slow. I had a great fly name for Rod the other night now I forgot it, man that sucks. He is so fun to mess with. Again thanks guys and we will be back with new stuff better than ever, BW
  5. Thanks guys for a great year and cant wait until next year. Working on something new that you guys should love. Big thank you to Jon and Terry at Jons little salmon in mexico. They are just awesome people and I really dont think I laugh as much as when I talk with Jon on the phone. He really tries to stock all he can and is as honest as it gets. To some of the guys we got with this year you were awesome, jury is still out on Rod Talk later got work to do, BW Remember when it goes bad, You were Rosenswayed bro!
  6. Rod, Your a numbnuts. Who does that twice in a week. Your wife should get something like little kids used to have for there mittens. I hope a fish finds your phone and calls china, BW
  7. You guys are killing us. Working every night til 10 and up early to finish stuff to send to Jon. He ordered a bunch of stuff again last night but at least I have a bit of the weekend open for tequila and Jack . Shark weeks SHOULD be there today but he only ordered 24 so get there early, Jason killed them on the Yellow Snow they should get there tue.Sending Pole Dancers every day.Yukon had 2 over 30# on meat rigs 2 days ago, nice you guys have all the big fish. Thanks guys, BW
  8. Sold out wed more getting to Jons today. The Shark Week fly that the guys rocked fair haven with should be there friday. Thanks to Landshark and bottom feeder for that one, BW
  9. Way to rock it guys! It always is great knowing in some stupid way our stuff helps catch fish but in the end it is good fisherman that catch fish. Seems you guys were very good. Grifter, We just like being goofy and we will never be PC not going to happen and if it offends someone sorry. Glad your Dad got a laugh and wait until you see the names for next year, BW
  10. Jons little salmon in Mexico will have a new shipment this wednesday. He is taking a list of names, otherwise about 3 pm UPS gets there. Thanks guys, we are busting butt to get more of them, goat peckers, custom blue weenies, balls deep, cornbreads and Dawns nappi monkeys done and shipped first thing in the morning monday. Again we really want to thank everyone and we will do all we can, BW
  11. Hey Rocky, Glad you got it, did it have your name on it in black marker? I asked Jon and he didnt think so. We sent a extra and put your name on the package. If it didnt someone else got a rocky fly I guess Jon should have more nappi monkeys, butter faces and UV crack of Dawns friday. Seems he sells out every other day. Thanks guys, BW
  12. Rocky, Stop and see Jon this weekend and tell him you didnt get a fly and you talked with me. Wait list all ready on Little weiners he will have more friday along with Nappi monkeys, BW
  13. Rocky, Let me talk with Jon and I will get with you. Rod, Jon and me were just kicking around names and that kind of came out. Dawn was so happy about having a fly named after her we might have a whole line next year, BW
  14. Rocky, Ron said they gave out the flies as guys came thru line at the capt meeting. I think he said around 84 were giving out and the extra 16 or so were going to fairhaven maybe? If you dont get one let me know. Are you near Jons little Salmon? Got another load of stuff going there and can send one for you. Dont forget either our new fly Dawns Nappi Monkey will be there this week, HOT http://shop.bigweeniebrand.com/images/100_6207.jpg
  15. Nice job Ron Jacoby, 33+ yesterday on a Jons little weeiner fly. Good news is anyone who fished the Little Salmon River Challenge got one free. He was fishing in Mexico, BW
  16. Capt Cove has put in a order and Michel should have it Friday. Sorry sure I screwed up that spelling. First 10 to buy a BW fly get a free irritated frog. Sent her the butterface that has been rocking mexico and the Frosted Luke that is our new UV fly that has been awesome here on Lake MI. We are both sponsers on the LOU so I hope this post is OK and in the right spot. Thanks so much guys, BW http://shop.bigweeniebrand.com/product. ... egoryId=12
  17. PM a guy on this site goes by Polar bear. Mark is a good guy and fishs it all the time, BW
  18. If this dosent work go to Mlive web page. About a milliion gallons of oil heading toward Lake Mi. Depends on the weather. I dont trust these A holes 1 bit, remember BP said 1000 gallons a day, BW http://www.mlive.com/news/kalamazoo/ind ... _of_k.html
  19. BC2 Just won the Big Manistee tourney, One of the biggest on Lake Mi. IMHO this is going make it even uglier than it has been, BW
  20. I talked with the 2nd place boat monday night. He called to thank us, he bought our flies at a tackle shop and caught most of there fish on them. I told him I was sure they had won because I got a call from a good source monday that BC2 was withdrawing. He said to me" Yea but it sucks not getting to the podium as the first place boat" Thats the bad thing they can never give them that back. This is a boat that fish's just a few tourneys because they are regular working people, not a boat that is always out there. They are not fishing this weekends big tourney because of work. I think its simple, Take the lie det test and either your cleared or banned for life, pretty easy. BW
  21. Ray, From a manufactures point of view, we get asked all the time for sponser stuff etc. We have had great times and not so great times with tourneys etc. There are a couple we will never do anything with again PERIOD. But this looks like it went way personal to me. I dont know what happened, it aint any of my business but when you get companies like Toms to support the fishery your so lucky. There are companies you never see give, buy ad's help the net pens etc. They are just takers, let me make stuff cheap and get a few guys to promote it and stuff the $$$ in my pocket. Let Tom, Big Weenie, Dreamweaver and others worry about the fishery in the future. If you guys just support Tom, he will be just fine. Maybe a new tourney will be born out of this and then you guys can make a statement. Just a thought, BW
  22. Good chance you will get Jons little weiner if you fish it also BW
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