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  1. Pretty much if you want a little less profile in the water use the fine cut or shredded. Its the same material just thinner and works awesome. Try running some with the thread toward the flasher for a thinner look in the water, BW
  2. Gallon of gas, check. ignitor off gas grill, check, mount in large tackle box thief will grab and leave with check. Open lid to see loot, lid presses on grill ignitor, BYE Please dont try this. This is just a little wishful thinking and remembering the good old days of, never mind, BW Rat trap, 2x4, shotgun shell, fishing line. Man I could go on forever.
  3. Mark, Flies from now thru aug just flat out catch fish. Send me your address, I have a new fly looking for a couple guys to try them and no better way than a guy looking to learn, BW www.bigweeniebrand.com
  4. We finally have the first run of our new meat heads in Super UV clear with metal flake, UV MD and black. These roll awesome you can see a video on the LOU of them being tested, squid rigs. Die was made in Penn and the parts are also. These are Tourney tied with Owner hooks, 60# line and they all have tons of action, either Pig rigs or squid rigs. Some with the old and some with the new heads. For new heads look for BWB Ultimate. Check out the awesome flashers to match.Thanks so much, BW Type LOU in the code box when checking out and buy any 3 meat rigs get a fourth one free, limited time but right in time for meat season. http://shop.bigweeniebrand.com/images/U ... %20ICE.jpg http://shop.bigweeniebrand.com/images/U ... 20DARK.jpg http://shop.bigweeniebrand.com/images/u ... 20dark.jpg
  5. This is and was never a attack on the LOC or Dave, period. Its just when people are catching fish on BW products and its not on the board it dont seem fair because someone got there nose out of joint that dont as usual know what they are talking about. Gambler I take great offence at Tom, He has a Crazy B**th fly and we all know a B**th is a female dog and the 4 here right now take exception to being called crazy!!! We aslo just had a die made and product made all in Penn for 1000's of $ so we do help the economy over there. Sorry for any problem we caused but its nice that some people still have a sence of humor, BW
  6. We have the fake stuff that is made over there. Works really well and is soaked in herring oil. Jons little salmon has these also, BW http://shop.bigweeniebrand.com/product. ... egoryId=14
  7. Here is a pic of Jons little weiner, very hot, BW http://shop.bigweeniebrand.com/images/j ... weiner.jpg
  8. Jon at Jons little salmon said send the soccer moms to see him, he just got some new shirts in, BW http://shop.bigweeniebrand.com/images/p ... 20back.jpg
  9. I talked with Dave and he was very cool, he just didnt want all the grief from people who just might have to much time on there hands. No we did not come up with the name for shock value. We work hard and do alot for the fishing, we also spent $30,000.00 of our own money on dogs the last 3 years alone. We try and spread the word on dogs needing rescue, over 300,000 right now on pet finder alone.We are not rich just trying to help out where we can.We pay for a banner on here, as it only seems right if we promote on here. We give to all kinds of tourneys. If anyone is offended by us please dont buy from us and if you fish and get BIG WEENIE stuff for free please give it to someone else.Now the name Rod offends me so I will see about getting that off any posts. Thanks guys, try and have more fun, we will all be dead soon enough, Big Weenie
  10. You can order Herring from fish on bait I think. Jons little salmon tackle shop in Mexico has herring. Smelt work great. We have bait heads in 2 sizes, small ones fit 3 or 4 " bait large will roll 4 to 7" bait. Big Weenie www.bigweeniebrand.com
  11. Almost forgot, Jon's little salmon tackle shop in Mexico has stuff also. Couldnt deal with a nicer guy either, BW
  12. Hey Yukon, If you need some help feel free to give me a call 616 233 0618, I will be more than happy to help you out. As far as where to buy check all the places mentioned above. Not everyone has the same stuff and some might have some of the stuff but not others. Even if you dont buy from us, we are still happy to help, the weeniedogs are sick of me talking to them, Big Weenie
  13. For the big paddles try 42" for the big fish shaped flashers try about 50" like Paul says. A big thing on Lake Mi is a small 8" paddle or dodger with a 30 to 36" leader, works very good. Hope this helps, BW
  14. Ray had it on! I have to start wondering about you Lake O guys. Seems like you are having way to much fun over there, BW PS did hear Rod had it on backwards for a bit.
  15. I heard if its over 80 degrees Rod wears his Big Weenie thong, any thruth to that? BW
  16. It comes up all jumbled when I open it. Didnt you have big fish in the AM on a Proctologist fly Rod? Good thing Dale taught you and Paul how to fish, BW
  17. Nice job Justin. Please dont look for the Whoopi Goldberg fly on our site it is the ugliest fly ever made. Rod wanted those colors so I made 30 of them. They were so bad I sent them all to him. Catchs alot of big fish though, LOL. BW
  18. Good job guys! Hills valley and streams keeps loading up with the Weenie stuff so check them out, Good guys to deal with and they know whats hot. Mark just called he is 45 min from hooking up with Jason so the fish gots some problems, LOL BW
  19. Rod the pink thong you wanted is on the way along with the homosezwhat flies, You sure small will fit OK? Looks like Ray wants to fish with you now, LOL, BW
  20. Rod, Please come clean. Everyone knows those are your shoes. Do I see a new fly name out of this? Lets hear some guys, BW
  21. Here's a video of our Meat Rigs in action (first video down on the homepage). http://www.bigweeniebrand.com Feel free to call anytime (even Sundays) if you have more questions on running meat. Our rigs are tournament tied with Owner hooks, silicone skirts for more action and instructions on each package how to rig your bait. We are a site sponsor with a clickable link at the top of the LOU page as well. Thanks, BW
  22. Good Job Melissa! he Bi flies should be on the site today. We are going to call them Bush Light and Rollin rock, beer flies.They look like beer cans, either green and silver or blue and silver holographic. Not to many people want to fish with Bi flies, LOL Thanks guys, BW
  23. Nice job guys! The new Bi flies ( not sure on that name yet ) are either green or blue with the other side silver. They are multi color green, dark, light, chartruse green looking but if you reverse them they are silver. Same with the blue, dark, light baby blue. Really nice fine cut stuff. Not sure you want to say my favorite fly is a bi sexual and talk about all the action you guys were getting on the water though Nice job again, BW Rod, you have that name yet for Paul C ?
  24. Whats your best spin doctors?
  25. Jason, The new Holographic flies and 2 - 3 headed vibrators in custom yellow killers are heading your way today. Wait til you see the 3 headed Vibs in action, looks like 3 bait fish chasing each other with NO flasher needed. Worked great for us last year but I just like the name Thanks again guys, BW
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