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  1. Come on Joe just click on it, thats all ya gotta do lol. I just clicked on it and it went right to it and opened up hmm. Has anyone else tried to view the documents. might be a pw thing I dont know.
  2. UPDATE UPDATE: Ok I have had a chance to throw some numbers and scenarios together for you to look at. You can go to our website and review what I have to this point. I'm sure there will be some ajustments needed here and there but it's a start. the website is http://soduspointbaittackle.shutterfly.com/ww I dont know if that worked or not but the link to our site is included with my signature at the bottom of this message. Then just click on the photo tab, that will take you to shutterfly and then just click on tournament. there are three documents there one with a Pro / Am / Calcutta information, one with the 1 day shootout information and one with everything combined for the Ultimate Challenge weekend. The Million dollar question is do we want to combine these multiple events together or break them up. Take a moment and think about this. We are going to run a multi divisional tournament and a 1 day shootout which will hopefully be tied into a challenge series with the east and west invitationals. If we break it into two seperate weekends you double your expenses at some point. Your alreaday here why double your fuel, lodging, food, etc. etc. Not to mention what week end is available!!!!! I am working on the rules and information package and should hopefully get that out maybe this weekend or shortly there after. So the documents on the website pretty much explain the format and some different scenarios. we will be running a topnotch two day multi divisional tournament hopefully with a 1 day shootout style tournament built in there for the ULTIMATE CHALLENGE WEEKEND. There will be a Pro division / AM division / Calcutta. speaking of Calcutta you will see some mention of (winner take all) in those documents. That is for the Calcuta only, could be interesting that way. That will be a question on a (YES) another poll to answer a couple questions. The two day multi divisional tournament will be a mixed species (with a twist) not your traditional mixed species box. The shootout will be salmon only. This is somewhat clearly explained in detail in the rules and information package. This format will challenge your team skill and knowledge on targeting multiple species. I'm sure there will be some discusion on this part of this tournament. so the Pro division will be a 12 fish box that will consist of Salmon, Brown trout, Steelhead, and Lake trout, The Am team will be a 9 fish box that will consist of Salmon, Brown trout, Steelhead, and Lake trout and the shootout will be 6 salmon. Again there will be details explaining the breakdown. I know it's difficult to commit until you see all the details but it is safe to say that this tournament will follow the format of the Pro / Am / Calcutta document at a minimum. If you know you are going to participate or even if you are considering, please send me an email identifying which division you will be fishing and if you will be fishing the calcutta or not. Rules and general information wll be coming soon!!!!!! Thanks PS: I typed all this once and lost it so if it post twice I would suspect that is why. And it takes awhile when ya type with one finger
  3. We will be having several meetings this weekend to finalize some of our plans to this point. My goal is to have some detailed information out by mid week next week. I would say it is probably safe to say at this time that the main event / events will take place on Saturday July 20th and Sunday July 21st. That is the only questionable part of this particular poll that is not overloaded one way. However after putting a lot of thought and listening to some ideas It seems this will be a better option for everyone. The reason for this is from some of the feedback that I have received from the working class !!!!! that will be attending and does not have the luxury of taking days off. I understand this seeings that I am one of the working class I Do not have the luxury of fishing (working) everyday YET. There will be sone exciting and rewarding events taking place at least on Friday prior to the main event for those in the area prefishing. So to wrap up for now until after this week end, Main event / events Saturday and Sunday July 20th and 21st with competitive events taking place at least on Friday the 19th with a mandatory captains meeting Friday evening.
  4. Hey Final flight, Any good evening eye or crappie lakes in the wyalusing area???????
  5. I've been called worse Dex, no problem. We'll be laying out our initial plan's here towards the end of the month for everyone to take a look at. Thats when the real name calling and rock throwing begins. It's looking pretty good (I think) We've got pieces built in for everyone that is interested in some serious / relaxing competitive fishing. Would I spend 400.00 for 8000.00 or 900.00 for 20,000.00 or well I better wait until I finish running these numbers before i throw it out here.
  6. WHAT THE MAJORITY WANTS!!!!! That is our goal. The no communication isn't an option it's a must so no need to include that. I'm sure a lot of the fisherman contributing to this poll are probably just hoping for a PRO/AM replacement. However, we are putting this tournament together to do both. what the majority wants (or as close as we can get to that) and make it so that everyone that wants to compete can do so. At this point I think the only way to do that is with two divisions and that can still be done as a one day or a two day event. Or maybe both on the same weekend. All the comments that you guys are making are being looked at and are helping in our decision making. Please keep them coming. Like I said before if you don't voice your opinion, Your not aloud to complain.
  7. It won't be long now, first creek skimmed over, South end skimmed as far as I could see yesterday which wasn't real far with the blowing snow, we had skim from our ramp over to Abes yesterday.
  8. oh we know there will always be mixed feelings on every aspect but that is our goal with polls like this and feed back to help build an enjoyable, competitive, and rewarding tournament that everyone can fish. I am surprised on the Friday, Saturday, Sunday poll. Although for those of us on the water all summer compared to those having to take off work to travel to the lake is going to be the difference on that I guess. Maybe a three day event We'll see, it's all coming together.
  9. hmm well this is going to be debatable. This will be spelled out in more detail when the time comes. I would say anyone could enter the pro division if they choose for several resons. However, a pro (we'll call anyone past or present carrying a captains license) must enter the pro division if they wish to compete. Gray area indeed but already taken into consideration.
  10. Thanks Chad, The new LOU will be great I'm sure as tge existing one is. Yes guys and gals, thats the goal here to see what everyone wants and build this tournament to where everyone will want to fish it and be able to fish it. As many people as there are comment on everything you would think there would be higher numbers on the poll. COME ON TELL US WHAT YOU WANT. If you don't then you have no right complaining later Kind of like voting no no lets not go there.
  11. Ok, I'm going to try this and see how it works. I've combined several poll questions into this one in the poll options. I know the percentage portion will not come out right but I can still gather what I'm looking for if it works at all. Just select one from each of the 5 polls.
  12. We've been working diligently on our Sodus tournament and I'm sure everyone is going to like it Maybe by the first of the year we can unvail our plans and see how it goes. I'm hoping to put some polls out here real soon. I want to try and incorporate them on one topic page for ease of use for all. Details coming soon.
  13. Too late, that is already covered lol. February 23 & 24 Warren's Hardwater Blowout and NY Ice Pro Am. Sodus Bay.
  14. Glad to see everyone is providing their thoughts and comments. A lot of what is being discussed has been taken into consideration as to our planning and we will continue to monitor this sight throughout our planning for ideas, likes, dislikes, etc. In the near future we will be running some polls to see what the interest is on a few of our thoughts. Need to figure out how to run a multi poll page to keep it all together. Stay tuned
  15. Sodus will be a salmon only tournament. As far as the dates go and possible conflicts I think we are good due to previous communications with other tournament committies.
  16. Ok here it is, latest update: At this time there is NO Wayne County Pro Am planned for the year 2013. As previously mentioned and after discussing with appropriate personal, we (Warren's Hook Line & Sinker) WILL BE organizing a tournament for that weekend. July 20 & 21, 2013. Plans are in the early stages. Details will be announced as soon as we get it all put together. Plan on being in Sodus at least Friday July 19, Saturday July 20 and Sunday July 21. We are putting together a first class high dollar (Should I say BIG payout) tournament that is going to be appealing to "EVERYONE" I know that is an impossible task but we will do the best that we can to meet that goal. we have barely scratched the surface on the format but just a taste of what we are planning will be a guranteed $10,000.00 for first place with a field of at least 50 teams. This is Sodus Point, if we can not get 50 teams to come here and battle it it for $10,000.00, well that isn't going to happen so we'll plan on that. We're hoping to make that number larger but we'll deal with that as the planning moves ahead. There will be a lot more incentives thrown in that will be mentioned as they are fine tuned. Stay tuned for updates.
  17. Ice fishing supplies are out and we are giving a 10% discount on not only ice fishing supplies but on everything in the store for the entire month of December!!!! 10% discount does not apply to ice shanty's and hand augers which are already on special and marked down as much as 20%. Bait and License excluded from discount. Big savings on everything. Shanty's, Augers, sleds, jigs, Rods, Reels, Combo's, Flasher, Fly, etc. etc. etc. Stop in and see what you can find.
  18. Vince, As we are all aware there has been some recent activity on this subject and as I mentioned previously there WILL BE and event out of Sodus Point on the traditional weekend of the Sodus Pro Am. Year 2013 will be July 20 and 21. We are waiting for official word to determine if the Sodus Pro Am will or will not take place. For some reason response is coming slow. Should the existing Pro Am continue so be it, Dates are locked in. Should the Sodus pro Am disolve then YES there will be an event in Sodus Point that weekend and we (Warrens Hook line & Sinker) will be a big part of it. We are concentrating on some big tournaments for ice fishing at the moment but will be announcing our plans for our open water tournaments as soon as we can. One thing you can count on there will be a tournament out of Sodus point on the weekend of July 20 and 21, 2013. Plan on coming to Sodus that week end!!!!!!!!!!! It will definately be worth while. We have 32 team names in front of us at this time waiting for announcement. Stay tuned for details!!!!!
  19. Way too early to pull her, The fishing is just gettikng good now. Hey Kyle how did that leadcore work out?????
  20. Absolutely Tom, That will be one of the main things to look at and as this event is being developed I'm sure we will be doing a lot of research and digging for input. Would be nice to try and fit in with the tounaments that are already established in the area as far as date wise goes.
  21. Regardless of the status of the Pro Am, We are entertaining the thoughts of a tournament that would fall maybe between the summer and fall L.O.C. Providing that we can gather the support and the interest, we can develope a first class tournament here in Sodeus Point. There are a lot of things that must be considered when organizing such events. One thing for sure is there will be tounament here.
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