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  1. we boated 9 yesterday and dropped bunches, 6 kings, 2 bows and a brown (I think he was lost) I would suggest filling your tank and going for a ride, Just my opinion. BTW Nick Kenyon never got back with me.
  2. I'll talk to him tomorrow and se if he wants to participate in any way if you would like.
  3. Your not getting off that easy finders keepers!!!!!!!!! I'll paddle around if I have to. I just might leave er tied up until the 4th that way I wont break anything. Hey Nick I should have my stuff together by Saturday. I know where a 32 pounder was caught today and what it was caught on, I'll share that info after Sunday.
  4. Sodus Charters are on 8. Paperwork, there isn't going to be a test is there I might have to follow a certain boat if I dont get my sonar working. those sand bars are every where out there!!!!!!
  5. Ok put us in for 1 medium and 3 XL. How many veterans are we going to have onboard anyhow? We'll have our donations ready this week end.
  6. We will be running over the morning of, Where should we go? What time, I agree on the open communications, as some know I share information willingly that usually works for most boats but I still can't catch em I'll figure it out one day We (Warren's Hook Line & Sinker) will be donating prizes as well. Nick, do you need to know what we are giving away so that u can fit it into your program prior to the event or shall we just bring it along. That date is a long ways off but I would say go deep for the big ones just sayin.
  7. There's a purpose for all this, When you fillet them with the prop it save's time on the clean up later. Does tend to be harder on tackle though.
  8. Nice job Wayne, We saw you out there but we stayed on that deeper line mostly. There were times when we ended up inside due to being heavy in battle. Although we didn't have coppergirl on board we did have a guest that was quick to grab the copper the first three times But seemed to hesitate slightly after that when she would start scremin. Kind of one of those look around quick and hmm no one else wants that . We have a nice video of a 59 minute battle for a 20 + king. Our bite was mixed with spoons and F/F. One particular piece worked real well but it's not going to be out until next year so I can't tell you about that one yet PS: If anyone hooks onto a 600 foot sectrion of copper, a black dipsy, a 12 lb torpedo, and several stinger spoons, please bring them to the shop, I'm interested in them. One of those days
  9. I heard they taste just like chicken if done correctly. and of course a cold to wash em down.
  10. There should be around 500 or so on the shelves at Warren's by mid week I hope.
  11. I knew I had that spot marked I think it's number 017 or 008 or something. Ohhhh BTW we should have a bunch of strips within the next couple of days.
  12. Now thats a good day of fishing, Sodus is the place, Now if i can just remember where that spot was !!!!!!!!!!! I know i marked it.
  13. Seperates the men from the boys, even the girls lol K is evn out there fishing today
  14. If I had your boat I would be out there in whatever the Big O threw at me !!!!!!!
  15. I would of probably broke everything on the boat getting that one in. Nice fish.
  16. ahhhh sorry to hear about the drag, that is a shame. I've had good luck with mine but we just catch little fish told you I will guarantee that knot until it breaks.
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