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  1. In my opinion the fish in our waters are probably safer to eat than some of the meats and vegetables that we buy. Think about what is being shot into them and sprayed on them to yield bigger and faster harvest. Just my opinion. i believe there is a consumption guide in the back of the NY state fishing rules and regulations book.
  2. Hey everyone, Just wanted to let everyone fishing the bay know that Warren's Hook Line & Sinker is holding derby's every weekend of the ice fishing season. We have weekend derby's for pike and perch alternating or for both every weekend depending on the interest. Entry fee is $5.00 and the winner is guranteed $25.00 in tackle from PK Lures plus cash. (Can't loose out) We will also be holding the WARREN'S HARDWATER BLOWOUT on February 12th and 13th. Entry fee is only $10.00 and there will be two first place prizes awarded in the adult division. One for pike and one for perch. There will also be two first place prizes awarded in the youth division. One for pike and one for perch. First place prizes consist of CASH, FREE TROUT AND SALMON CHARTER'S AND LODGING. THOUSANDS of dollars in cash and prizes awarded. Stop by or call for details!!!!!! WARREN'S HOOK LINE & SINKER 8487 GREIG STREET SODUS POINT, NY 14555 315-483-2183 GOOD LUCK, BE SAFE
  3. Already did Monday morning at about 10:30AM 350' out, K's boyfriend fought it all the way to the boat just to get a look at him and let him go lol. I'm guessing 22 maybe 25. Was a nice one. I know I know the big one always gets away lol. I know I can catch 100lb fish on 50 lb line so I surely outa be able to catch 40lb fish on 20lb wire lol (If the knot holds) It is a redneck knot lol
  4. We have them in stock at Sodus Point Bait Shop. AKA - Warren's Hook Line ~N~ Sinker. 315-483-2183
  5. Whats a one day pass $15.00, we spend that much at a fast food joint gettin a burger or two. Or on a couple cocktails. I guess I better shut up, I went out two days without entering lol. Of course I don't know how to fish so no big deal.
  6. That picture is posted in a convenient place for all to see and hear the story. lol If I do recall there was a large brown that came in at about 15lb 10oz that was not in the LOC either. That picture hasn't been posted as of yet lol. Good job guys and gals.
  7. I fished Sunday evening and Monday morning and the fleas were terrible on everything. Flea flicker, wire, 30lb. Copper did pretty good keeping them off. Fleas are bad but it's worth it with the amount of fish out front. Good luck!!!!!
  8. Sodus is good and I can hook u up with the fishing and the lodging. Shot me an email if you want. Troy
  9. Hookedup, We are at 8487 Greig Street in Sodus Point. The first building on the left when you come down the hill beside the ballpark. Look forward to meeting you.
  10. Boats going out of Sodus Bay did really good this past Saturday on stick baits, Had to work a little harder Sunday but they still brought in some nice fish.
  11. Maisie, I have a 2601 and have had her in the great lakes, The Chesapeake bay and as far as 75 miles offshore tuna fishing. Great boats. I've had the opportunity to test her in some pretty rough seas and she performed well. good luck
  12. As the new owners of the Sodus point Bait Shop and Marina we just wanted to say hello to everyone and welcome you to stop in. We along with the help from others have been working very hard to give the shop a new look and have made a lot of progress. Of course it is going to take us awhile to make all the changes that we have in mind. We will be officially opening on April 1, 2010, stop in and say hey. We look forwrd to meeting you. Have a great and safe year on the water. Troy, Dawn, Kayci and Hunter Warren
  13. Thanks Skyn60, Look forward to seeing you again soon. Would of been a bit bumpy out there this week end!!!!!!!
  14. Thanks splitshot, I'm going to make a more formal announcement when I get a minute here. Still getting all the paperwork and stuff together.
  15. Yes Skyn60, Tackle buster is Troy lol. more vice versa on that but yes that is me
  16. Rodbuster, Are you the ones that came out of mansfield. If so I talked to you over at the Sodus Poinht Bait Shop. I would of liked to talk longer but we got a little busy at that time with the weigh In. Glad you did good and look forward to seeing you guys back soon. Can't wait to get out. Almost pulled the cover off the money pit this evening. Well good job on the early browns.
  17. Hey splitshot, Wish I had time but then I would have to move the boat out of the yard wouldn't I. Hopefully it will be getting wet in the big O by then.
  18. pretty amazing, but that rack looks more like a tumour than a deer rack. I can't help but ask if there are any nuclear stations upwind from that area.
  19. Hey Skeiner, is there a board where I can't find you...haha. Seeing that there's only a few of us on here, care to give up any of your GPS spots?
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