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  1. You should always have 3 of everything so that when you lose on you have another to replace it and the third is the back up for when you lose the second
  2. it apparently was useful, You responded. If I couldn't of used the gear I would not of wasted my time responding via this site and through voice messages. have a great day sir, didnt intend on getting your blood pressure up.
  3. so next question is, what about the clipping?????????? Are we all going to agree it is a stock fish
  4. not so efficient calling and leaving messages either
  5. Now I'm going to have to read it again, i forgot what the first ten notes were Very good post, I'm saying it's a wall hanger
  6. Bob, I'll call you tomorrow, I have a lot of saltwater stuff I used for tuna fishing, all in mint comndition.
  7. What type lure, swivels etc. Do you have any pics? I have a fair amount of saltwater gear (mostly used for yellow and bluefin tuna) that I don't relly use anymore. I think they could handle some cod fishing.
  8. Very nice Ed, Was hoping to talk to you before ya snuck out. I did sneak over and take a peek I'll have to admit. very nice!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Not exactly sure of the weight yet but I will let ya know when I weigh it, Oh out of Sodus for sure PS: 6 for 12 by 10:00AM Jst saying
  10. Been pretty good out of Sodus for us, we have a bad case of the dropsies lately but we did 8 for somewhere around 20 yesterday and 2 for 9 this morning. I just set the rods, point the boat and net.. and yell sometimes
  11. did 2 for 2 from 6:00 to 7:20. Should pick up here in the next day or so. Had 74 degree at 100 feet yesterday
  12. 7 foot light 1 piece for riggers, can't beat em.
  13. You really don't have to check those leaders and wires very often, Thats all just a myth . Yes it does appear that the patrols have stepped up considerably in the bay and on the lake. Good reminder to check your safety gear once in awhile.
  14. Well I would suggest at least several trips a year and then you can make Sodus Point your second home away from home or just add a few more days, weeks, or months to your trip. Either way, let us know when your coming back and we can set you up in a nice reasonable lodge for a night or two and you can fish outa the best port on the lake!!!!!!!! See ya next time. Some folks cant get that spoon to fire, I think they must be draggin it backerds
  15. Nice report, and I'm glad that some of my information helped you out or maybe just coincidental but anyhow I'm glad ya'll got into em. And some nice fish I might add. Congrats on your personal best also. It's nice to be able to give information that actually works. It was a tad bumpy Sunday, we did some teens, a 27 lb 6 oz, a 28 lb 4 oz king and a nice 7 lb steelie. There are some big fish out there. Stop back and se us the next time you get over trhis way.
  16. Thank you MRS Ruff Rider, Let me know. Are you going to be posting as much as the Mr.
  17. Hey Nick or anyone that may have, I thought I gave someone my camera to take pics at weigh in but I guess I didn't. If anyone has any pics of our team at weigh in could you send them to me. We would like to get some 8.5 x 11 and have them framed in a salmon slam frame and send one to each vet. Thanks
  18. Great event, Great day of fishing and hopefully an annual event. It takes a lot to put these events together, Thanks to everbody involved. Nothing better than the big smiles from someone hanging on to a screaming king bigger than anything they have ever caught. As mentioned the catching was just a bonus. Both of our vets one army and one navy said (you can really find the peace out here) as they watched the rods. Of course they were aboard the Tackle Buster so there were some interesting moments!!!!! Well Done evryone!!!!!!!!!
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