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  1. I want to buy a 152, the newer ones are way too complicated for an old guy like me. So if any of you have updated to a new one and want to get rid of a 152 unit external or internal antenna unit contact me.
  2. I bought some at their store in Greece, the will be having spring sale soon I am sure they will be available there. Just call them for the dates
  3. I am looking for a rod butt for one of the original GLS 8'6" downrigger rods the ones with the dark blue guide wraps. I know someone out there must have one.
  4. Whoever sent me a PM about this post please reply again here the Pm did not come through correctly
  5. These have a bolt sticking out of the bottom where they connectected to the downrigger base so they have no base but it would be simple to make one to fit the track from a piece of aluminum stock
  6. A number 28 rubber band, very few false relaeses, very high percentage of hookups, also can see small fish who cannot break/cut rubberband, just keep them out of the sun, can be bought at any office supply store for about 2 bucks a pound
  7. They are off of 1991 big john silver captains pack
  8. I have 2 Big Jon motors they are in perfect working condition. I want 75.00 for the Pair plus shipping.
  9. I am looking for a good wireline reel I like Penn 310 s or daiwa sglcs but would consider any reel with a good drag, no 47 lcs please
  10. I have a couple of these mounted on a downrigger plate would you be interested in those ( downrigger plate not included).
  11. Is the okuma blue diamond a roller guide rod ?
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