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  1. We have a nice selection of new Moonshines and are just getting ready to re-order more. I would be happy to ship (you'd pay only the shipping - no handling). Please let us know if we can help. ~ Michele and Claude Captain's Cove 585-682-3316 [email protected]
  2. Steve, I believe we still have some "older" parts available. Do you want me to check and let you know? ~ Michele Captain's Cove 585-682-3316
  3. When I'm not in the tackle shop, I love to cook! I have not tried this recipe yet since it just came to my attention from a cooking site I monitor. It's probably been around for a while but because you can now buy lots of different flavors of potato flakes, it might be fun to try it. Rather than copy the recipe, I've included a link. If you have trouble accessing the link, let me know and I will send the recipe to you: http://www.tasteofhome.com/Recipes/Crunchy-Coated-Walleye?pmcode=INBDV04T&_mid=2411199&_rid=2411199.558202.457069 ~ Michele Captain's Cove 585-682-3316
  4. Congratulations to Dennis Johnson of Aurora, NY. He was the lucky winner of Dreamweaver's (DW) February Pro-Pack that Captain's Cove gave away at LOTSA 2013. We also donated the January Pro-Pack (along with a small trout net) to LOTSA for a door prize. ttp://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/index.php/topic/33823-captains-cove-dreamweaver-pro-pack-giveway-at-2013-lotsa/ ~ Michele Captain's Cove 585-682-3316
  5. Captain's Cove trys to keep the popular Lake Ontario spoons in stock and we will ship spoons. We have NK's, Dreamweavers, Moonshines, Yeck's, Silver Streaks and for 2013 we will be stocking Bobby Fuller's King of Sting and others. We no longer stock Michigan Stinger spoons but DW and NK also make NBKs. If we can help you, please let us know. ~ Michele Captain's Cove 585-682-3316
  6. Captain's Cove stocks many Daiwa reel parts. We also have the Dragmaster carbon fiber washer sets for not only Diawa, but also for Shimano and Okuma reels. (We order them from Tuna's). Although the shop does not open until late March, we can open by appointment or I can mail parts/washers to you. Let us know if we can help. ~ Michele Captain's Cove 585-682-3316
  7. Hello Everyone! Dreamweaver Lure Company Inc. has created The Dreamweaver Team Pro Pack, a monthly subscription service that introduces both beginner and expert anglers to Dreamweaver gear and apparel. Products will include appparel, spoons, spindoctors, cut bait heads and rigs, paddles, plugs and terminal tackle. In addition to receiving fishing lures, the Pro Pack will also contain a "bait card" that will explain a little more about each bait in the Pro Pack. Captain's Cove has subscribed to the Dreamweaver Team Pro-Pack and we will be giving away the first Pro Pack at LOTSA on February 24, 2013. After that, just stop in our tackle shop once we open in late March, purchase any Dreamweaver product and enter for a chance to win the monthly Pro Pack. This is just one small way Captain's Cove can say "Thank You" to our loyal customers. Happy Holidays. See you next year! ~ Michele and Claude Captain's Cove http://www.fishcaptainscove.com 585-682-3316
  8. We're not too far from Rochester and we also provide excellent reel repair service. We can also put new carbon filter drag washers in your Tekota. Captain's Cove 585-682-3316 www.fishcaptainscove.com
  9. By signing the Lake Ontario Riparian Alliance (LORA) petition to the NYS governor and The International Joint Commission (IJC), you can add your concerns to those of others - perhaps helping to avoid a significant change to managing Lake Ontario water levels. The IJC'c current plan, known as Bv7, seeks to restore/improve the quality of wetlands. "IJC has stated that the damages and benefits for the proposed BV7 are based upon the results of a study completed in 2006. However, the IJC has not addressed the significant and serious deficiencies in the analyses and conclusions of that Study. Estimates of shoreline damage are substantially underestimated, nor are there any provisions for reparations. Economic impacts to businesses and homes in bay communities, are not taken into consideration. Impacts on public infrastructure, sewers and septic systems in particular, are not taken into consideration. During high water levels (247’ and above), sewer systems from the Niagara River to Greece, through Sodus Point and up to Watertown will be flooded and cease functioning - - a health and environmental issue of major proportions." Signing the petition is easy. For more information, go to: http://www.loranet.org To electronically sign the petition, go to: http://www.stopplanbv7.com Thank you. Michele Captain's Cove Resort, Inc. 585-682-3316 [email protected]
  10. Hello Everybody, We just got our invitation to the 2013 LOTSA Show on February 24. We are already planning to bring the new King of Sting spoon (and a few other new spoon colors) made by Finger Lakes Tackle Co. We may also bring Dragmaster High Performance Tournament Carbon Fiber Drag Washer kits. In addition, we welcome suggestions from you about what you would like to see us bring to LOTSA. We can't promise to fulfill everyone's wishes but we'll do the best we can. Also, if there is anything you'd like to pre-order for pickup at LOTSA, please let us know that too. We can look for specials at the tackle shows we will be attending over the winter. Hope to hear from you! Thanks. ~ Michele Captain's Cove Resort, Inc. http://www.fishcaptainscove.com/ [email protected] 585-682-3316
  11. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC), Division of Fish, Wildlife and Marine Resources, Bureau of Fisheries has released its 2011-2012 Annual Report. This latest annual report summarizes significant activities completed throughout the state during fiscal year 2011-2012, including fish disease investigations, rare fish population enhancements, habitat improvements, new fishing access installments, invasive species control and much more. http://www.dec.ny.gov/docs/fish_marine_ ... nrpt12.pdf ~ Michele Captain's Cove Resort, Inc. http://www.fishcaptainscove.com
  12. The Lake Ontario counties of Niagara, Orleans, Monroe, Wayne, Cayuga and Oswego, the town of Greece and the city of Oswego are jointly undertaking an update and expansion of the Regional Harbor Dredging Management Plan completed in 2000. Two public meetings will be held to review preliminary findings and receive public feedback. October 18 7:00pm Newfane Town Hall (Niagara County) 2737 Main Street Newfane, NY 14108 Use the north entrance October 25 7:00pm Sodus Point Village Hall (Wayne County) 8356 Bay Street Sodus Point, NY 14555 Members of the Project Advisory Committee and its consultant will present economic impacts of business activity generated at 20 federal and non-federal harbors, review their existing conditions and need for dredging, and outline future steps and tasks for project completion in 2013. A Question & Answer Session will follow. Safe navigation through the recreational harbor channels provides access to public property, fishing resources and many other water dependent recreational opportunities. These channels also provide safe harbors for regional and international tourists. Unfortunately, federal funding for maintenance dredging of shallow draft recreational channels has been severely limited through 2013, leaving some channels with restricted access. This Regional Plan will serve as a blueprint for efficient and sustainable maintenance of the harbors that are the lifeblood of our coastal communities and businesses. This project is funded in part by an Environmental Protection Fund grant from the New York State Department of State
  13. Hermit asked, "How about it Captain's Cove? Real or fake?" I honestly don't know. As I said in my original post, it was sent to me by a nice couple who stays in our motel every year and fishes the Lake for a few days while they're here. They don't seem like the type to make it up but again, I honestly don't know. Next season (2013) I will ask them.
  14. Thanks to everyone who called or came by to look at the cottage. It has been sold. ~ Michele 585-682-3316
  15. We are now carrying Blood Run Tackle's 7 Strand Super Copper Fishing Wire. Blood Run's copper wire offers a smaller diameter wire with the same weight per foot, meaning more copper can be spooled on your reels! Currently in stock, we have a couple 1000' spools of 45# Copper Wire, which we can spool on your reel or sell to you at custom lengths. You can find out more about Blood Run Tackle and their products by clicking the following link, http://www.coppertrollingwire.com/Fishi ... ling-wire/ ~ Michele Captain's Cove Resort, Inc. 585-682-3316
  16. Hello everyone. A very nice couple from Kerhonkson NY stays with us here at Captain's Cove every year. This year they were out on the Lake salmon fishing and they "caught" this. Any idea what it is? ~ Michele Captain's Cove Resort, Inc. http://www.fishcaptainscove.com/ [email protected] 585-682-3316
  17. We just received today, July 6, 2012, a nice selection of ITO's 6 inch rigged flies. We have the following colors available: Casper's Mom NBK MardiGras Modified KJ Special Moldy Alewife Super Green Horde Nuclear Green Ghost Nuclear Pickled Sleeze (UV) Pretty Go Irish Nuclear Aqua (UV) Here is a link to ITO's website if you want to see the colors: http://itoflies.com/?page_id=778 ~ Michele Captain's Cove Resort, Inc. 585-682-3316
  18. Captain's Cove has the following Northern King 2D, 3D and C5 trolling spoons. I believe these spoons have all been discontinued and may be hard to find elsewhere. We are selling them for $2.50 each: 2D S - Genuine Silver - 3 2D BKS - Black and Silver - 8 2D CS - Copper and Silver - 4 2D BS - Brass and Silver - 2 3D YOO - Orange Monkey Puke - 3 3D BKS - Black and Silver - 10 C5 BW - Black and White - 6 Will hold them for you for pick up or we can provide an estimate for shipping. Thanks for looking. ~ Michele Captain's Cove Resort, Inc. http://www.fishcaptainscove.com/ [email protected] 585-682-3316
  19. We have 12 and 15 pound homemade downrigger weights available at Captain's Cove. They are shaped like the Danielson weights. Here is a photo: ~ Michele Captain's Cove Resort, Inc. http://www.fishcaptainscove.com/ [email protected] 585-682-3316
  20. Hi Jason, Are you looking for new or used? If new, I don't have any in stock but I can order them for you from my local supplier. They carry the Classic Vibrax #'s 3, 4, 5 UV Brights in 1/4 oz, 3/8 oz, 7/16 oz in about 5 different colors. They also carry several colors with glow treble hooks that are in plated, painted and bleeding colors. ~ Michele Captain's Cove Resort, Inc. http://www.fishcaptainscove.com/ [email protected] 585-682-3316
  21. Thanks to a tip from Yankee Troller who has asked Dreamweaver to paint up some sea sick waddlers, I have an order in with Dreamweaver for over 4 dozen (regs and mags) If you want me to hold some for you, send me a PM.
  22. Sorry, but none of them have the single fixed hooks; they all have split rings with treble hooks. I do believe these were made before they lost the plater but they are just a different style. Thanks for asking.
  23. I can sell the Amish Outfitter bags for less than you can buy them on the site. They normally take about 3 days to arrive. ~ Michele Captain's Cove Resort, Inc. http://www.fishcaptainscove.com/ [email protected] 585-682-3316
  24. I have 9 of the above spoons for sale. I will sell all 9 for $35 plus tax. Will hold in the shop for you or mail (shipping extra but it won't be much more than a few bucks). ~ Michele Captain's Cove Resort, Inc. http://www.fishcaptainscove.com/ [email protected] 585-682-3316
  25. We carry these reel parts at Captain's Cove. We are located in Waterport, NY, near Point Breeze. Call us at 585-682-3316. ~ Michele Captain's Cove Resort, Inc. http://www.fishcaptainscove.com/ [email protected] 585-682-3316
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