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  1. Reese, come back to Wrights, the net busters have showed up :shock: :shock:
  2. Nice report Brian, I'm willing to bet that if more boats concentrated on salmon this past weekend instead of browns the report would be much better looking as far as kings are concerned. I for one stayed inshore for trout as many boats did, but the boats ventured out deep off Oswego did well considering how things were going. Then on Sun morning it seemed the salmon were coming closer as a south/southeast wind was pulling in colder water. I heard the 37# king out of Wrights came in 180' of water as did a few other 30 pounders on sunday am. Hopefully the motherload will show soon and reward us after a frustrating salmon season. Be back fri, i'll give you a call.
  3. Thanks. You missed it by that much. I'm in PA about 300 yards from the Delaware River/New Jersey border. I can still smell NJ with an East wind. Did I say that? I meant to use my internal voice :shock: I meant the flowers and all \Hey you know how it is, if you ever lived in NJ, you drive like an #%&hole, where you live smells like an &$%hole, when you in a bar in NY state they look at you like an *$%hole, but our women are HOT and we know how to catch fish LOL
  4. Nice catch, sorry about the ticket issue. good luck on the next leg. Pete
  5. don't be shy! Offers Offers Offers
  6. 1985 Sea Ray Amberjack 255 26 9 6 Â
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