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  1. Took my son out this week to Silver. Fish were biting everywhere. Fished worms on bobbers under docks/boats resulting in Perch, Crappie, Rock Bass, LARGE Bluegills, and my son caught a 3-4LB Bass. Outside the weed lines with a worm and split shot resulted in much of the same. Weeds are up so casting for Pike/Bass was tough inside the weedline.
  2. Bullhead Bite at Conesus Inlet? Anyone hitting them down there yet or see people down there fishing them?
  3. scramp

    Bullhead Bite

    Anyone hitting them at Conesus yet?
  4. Anyone ever hit that marsh up in a canoe or kayak? Man it's beautiful to look out there. When there last week to see the Walleye spawning in the inlet, noticed anywhere from 40-50 dead carp floating or near the shore. Any other fish make it over the dam area or maybe dropped by birds? Looks like a BASS paradise, but probably too shallow.......
  5. scramp


    Nailed them Friday during the day. Caught between 40-50 in just 2-3 hours with my boy. Went Saturday Night and they were not really biting until complete dark, when they instantly turned on. Conesus Lake Inlet is where fished both times. Saturday Night it was PACKED there. I'm talking like 20-25 cars up in the lot and shoulder to shoulder fishing up/down the inlet. But YES, they are in full swing.
  6. scramp


    Wondering same thing myself. I think I'm going to try this weekend. I know Conesus gets hot, once you get a day or two of 70 plus weather.....
  7. Understand the pike are up the inlet now, and shouldn't be long until the Walleye make the trip. Here is a video from a coule years ago, when I took my boy up there, and we were lucky enought to been there at the same time the DEC was shocking the walleye for research. Enjoy:
  8. I know it's early, but figured would get the string started, so we can get some updates when they start hitting down there. I have seen photo's that the pike are up the inlet spawning, which means the Walleye shouldn't be too far behind, and then with a couple 60-70 degree days, the Bullhead Bite should start. Any updates, greatly appreciated.
  9. Gents, we are heading back to the ADK in August and want to try 1st-4th lake. The problem is last time I was there could not find out how to get to those lakes? Can you get shore access to them and if so, what roads are they off? When coming through Old Forge, is that "pond" looking thing actually 4th lake? We go up to stay at the DEC campground at 8th lake. GREATLY appreciate any input. Taking the kids this year.....
  10. North End???? Over the seaweed down there? When you say buzzbait you talking spinnerbait over top of water?
  11. Hate fishing the Fulton Chain. Funny story was last time up there asked guy: "So, where to go for the best bite?" His reply: "You need to head to the finger lakes......REALLY, that's where I just came from."
  12. RWhite, in general terms what ends you casting? South? East?
  13. You ever run into anything else, casting for the BASS? What you throwing in the bay? Never fished it before really.
  14. Muskie, was down at Vitale casting last night......TONS of Bass, but nothing else.. Casting Rapala jerk bait type.
  15. Went down to Vitale Park around 8PM and casted a ShadRap Yellow Color Rapala. Caught like 5 Bass from 8PM-9:15PM, but no Pike/Walleye. Something BIG was jumping,think very large BASS. Saw one other guy wading out off the point, but didn't see him yanking any in either. The BASS were extremely fiesty, when stopping the lure and letting it float back up a little. For what it's worth........... Hoping to catch some Pike/Walleye over the next couple days, if can get a boat from Mark's.
  16. Any advice on areas, and presentation? Going to head to Conesus this weekened and want to catch some Pike, and/or Walleye or Bass..... what lures ya throwing? Fast/Slow?
  17. So North end is where to be? I think going to try to find some areas to drive around the lake, stop and cast at night one of these nights......Thanks RWHITE. AWESOME JOB...
  18. Any place to rent a boat out there????
  19. Very nice pike for Silver.....Where ya fishing there? I usually fish the East side by Macks or across over by the Silver Lake Marina.
  20. Marcstevens, thank you! I coach baseball down there 3x/weekly and never knew it ran back there. I might try that. As far as fishing the actual river, I'm DONE! I've thrown crankbaits, worms on bottom, worms with split shots and everything else. Only thing I've caught are rocks and lost some of my best baits. FORGET the river. Heading for the canal to try next.
  21. That is AWESOME.....I've never had luck on Conesus casting (have caught a couple trolling at night). You mind general direction? South, East, West?? Any preference to color and assume at NIGHT. THAT IS ONE HELL OF a catch there.
  22. I'm going to start trying some of the access sites between Scottsville and maybe Avon.....that stretch. Any advice at all? I have NO EXPERIENCE river fishing. Don't evern know how to properly present a minnow bait if threw it.....
  23. Anyone seen if they are still yanking em out of there? Thinking they would have slowed with the cold spell, but ready to come alive again. Want to fish Pike down at Conesus, but after leaving two voicemails and sending 3 emails to Mark's Leisure Time Marine, not a single call or email back on a boat rental... REALLY?
  24. Looking to rent a boat for a day to do some Pike/Walleye. Anyone doing anything out there? Thinking Pike with shiners down by inlet....
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