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  1. There isn't a fish worth losing your life over. He should be thankful you were there and were smart enough to access and react as quickly as you did! Thanks for your courage, you were a hero.
  2. i run 12 shark weights and i have to tighten the clutch fully to bring them up. I do't think you'll strip the gears but I'm pretty sure the clutch will slip with that much weight. and retrieving them will cause some problems.
  4. The new soft top is nice because you don't have to tear it down to trailer the boat. You just hit on the reason I like my boat over the Tracker and Lund , much better fish ability for big water fishing. Not to mention they are very easy to work on. Have fun making your decisions. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. I went to Cook's Inlet Alaska to look at them. My boat is a 1999 but is still solid in every way. I added Raymarine MFD's and autopilot. It tracks perfectly. I didn't choose to fish 7 footers but went out in 3-5 that swelled. Point is I didn't have any difficulty getting home safely. I had a Tracker and Lund boat previously. They don't compare. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. I have the soft top. I'm the second owner. My boat was used in the Florida keys and Lake O only. I have fished in 7 footers with it and never have had any issues with it is handling rough water. All my friend including two charter captains want to buy it, if I ever sell it. Customer service at Hewes is second to nobody! You always get a person not an answering machine or deal direct through emails. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. I have. 220 Searunner. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. Welcome aboard! You picked a good place to start looking for information.
  9. will you take $1350.00? Call my cell 815-228-5837
  10. Where are you located? I'll be up at Mexico Pt. this weekend?
  11. Have you registered the unit with Raymarine? if so, does it affect the warranty?
  12. Thank you guys. I'm heading up the week of july 10th, and I wasn't able to find any new data on the ramps. I see mexico is still closed. Thank again for your help!
  13. open boat launches around Eastern end of Lake O Which boat launches are open from Oswego to Henderson Harbor?
  14. Salmon Country is open but the launch docks are under water. You'll need hip boots to launch.
  15. Is the boat still available? Where is it located?
  16. Another world class fisherman who respects our Great Lakes fishery!!
  17. Hello Jim, Welcome aboard. I live in Slatington, PA and have my boat on the Little Salmon River at Mexico Point on Lake Ontario. Give me a call at 815-228-5837 and we can compare notes and ideas.
  18. Awesome! There is the future of fishing and it looks really good!!!!
  19. I own a Hewescraft 22ft Searunner and would not own any other aluminum boat. The customer service at Hewescraft is second to none. You get a real person who will answer your questions or how to install a part. I been to Alaska and looked at the DuckWorth and Woodbridge boat too. If you want something 26 ft and over they get the nod. Under 26 foot get a Hewescraft. I have my boat on the Little Salmon River near Mexico Point.
  20. Check out T H Marine. They make a CMC PT-35 for kicker motors. I installed one four years ago and it work great. Power tilt & trim. It uses the same hydraulics system that is used for motors up to 150 hp. I installed a 9.9 HP Yamaha High Thrust on my PT-35. Cabelas sells it for around $550. I checked out the internet and bought mine for less than $300. Easy to install too.
  21. I installed a Raymarine autopilot two years ago and had the same issues. Send an e-mail to their customer help division or call and ask to speak to a technician. They were extremely helpful for me. They include a parts list in their e-mail for my exact system.
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