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  1. coup

    Sodus Perch 10/14

    7am to 1pm. We caught about 30 keepers. We fished around the white buoys near the coast guard station. The bite was super slow and the water temp was 62.9. Coup
  2. Your best bet is the Bay Bridge Sport Shop on the south end of the bay. Bait, and launch all right there. No word on action but I would start right off at the point in 25 to 35 fow on the drop off. The point is on the west side of the bay at the north end. You will be able to see the Coast guard station from there when looking north north west. You might be a little early but it will be fun regardless. Mid Oct. is when I notice the numbers to pick up. Coup
  3. Usually there are good numbers mid October in Sodus and Port bay. Not sure on Sandy but would think it would be the about the same.
  4. Any place these can be purchased or does anyone have some they would part with? Thanks, Coup
  5. coup

    Port Bay Perch

    Jim, Good to hear from ya. Slow right now but another 2weeks I figure it will be good. Just in time for 2wks vacation.. Coup
  6. coup

    Port Bay Perch

    Fished all day today with only 3 perch to show. Not the big boys from the lake either. Water temp 58.4 surface. After 2hrs of nothing I switched gears for crappies. Got 21 big ones 10-13inches and 6lb large mouth bonus fish. Felt good to be on the water but the perch are not in yet. Coup
  7. From what I read the net size is no larger than 10'. Going to call to be safe and I will let ya know the response. Lots of the bait stores are closed by the time I drive hour and a half to get there to fish the evening and meet my brother from Albany which drives the same. I can see me taking a swim trying to use this thing. Better practice once I find it's legal. Coup
  8. Looking at the baitfish regs. on the DEC site I am wondering if it is legal to net Gizzard shad on Oneida Lake and use them for bait only there on that body of water fishing shallows at night with a lighted float. Never transporting them from the lake of course. Is this legal? Am I missing something? Thanks in advance, Coup
  9. coup

    Oneida 7/6-7/7

    7/6 Fished from bouy 115 and east using bottom bouncers and worm harnesses in 35-40ft. of water and did some very quality fish. We also caught 2 west of Lewis point on 30ft. of water later in the evening jigging 1/40z. jigs with green 3" mister twisters on the bottom. 7/7 We enjoyed catching them on the UL tackle so much that we started the next morning west of Lewis point again on the same line as the prior evening and we had our 6 by 624am so not to shabby.
  10. Nick, Sent ya a pm the other day about taking two guys. Contacted Chowder and he will be joining me to get these guys hooked up in some fish and have a great morning on the lake. Looking forward to it. Coup
  11. coup

    Sodus Perch

    Guys, the bite on Sodus is crazy right now. One every cast crazy. So load up the kids and get down there. Lot of sorting through the little ones but the action is non stop. 6ft of water is where we did the damage this afternoon. Coup
  12. 16' custom built canoe with transom for small motor. The seats are wicker weaved. Price is $750.
  13. 60" booms. Circuit boards replaced in both of these 4 yrs ago and the power cords were up graded from the originals that cracked. Single rod holder in the back. $350 for the pair. pm me if interested.
  14. 24 " booms. The auto up on one of them doesn't work so I just hold the toggle switch up and it works fine. Dual rod holders. Nice pair of riggers that work well. $350. pm me if interested. No mounts or bases included.
  15. Michigan wheel prop. 14x19 Model # 031025. This prop is brand new. Price is $50 picked up. Located in Town of Marion.
  16. You'll care when something happens and you need something to hold onto or crawl up on for sometime before help arrives. Put the foam in and play it safe.
  17. coup

    Port Bay 12/11

    Sweet day on Port bay again. Jim (1fish2fish) and I soaked up the sun and caught some real nice fish today. No real hot spot. Catch them till the bite dies if it ever starts in some spots then on to the next. Listened to a beagle run a rabbit between the bay and the lake in the thick brush. That was pretty cool. Just a great day to be on the water. Back on the water tomorrow.
  18. coup

    Port Bay 12/11

    Thanks chowder, had a good time with you guys. Wish the bite was better. We should of got Hank to bring the sub over so we could find the fish. Fish or not, always fun hanging out with the LOU boys and enjoying the venison snacks. Jim and I will be back at them tomorrow.
  19. Looking for a 10 or preferably 12 lb anchor. Pm if ya have one collecting dust ya want to part with.
  20. Big bucks are great but other things follow big bucks. Money. Mr. Johnsons farm you've hunted all your life just got an offer for 2 grand for entire hunting rights. So there goes your big bucks unless you own the land. Alot of the big buck mid west farms are leased up privately or by hunting clubs that pay big money. Just another view point looking at the big picture.
  21. coup

    Oneida 8/15

    Good to hear all the successful trips and I will keep ya posted if we head back and try it again. Hopefully soon but the little ones keep us hopping. Coup
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