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  1. Interested how do we get in touch ? Sent you a message.
  2. Pretty sure they have open mic. as one show had the Capt. on cell to a boat South of him. As Capt. Vince can attest I'm a no-comm guy but I may at least be willing to listen.
  3. Looks like Niagara to have 2 events to mark their 30th Anniversary. 1st event 5/24-5/25 and second event 5/31-6/1---thats the talk today--
  4. The King is King-long live the King! This fishery was built on the glamour that surronds the mighty King. Lets cut Dave and the LOC Derby some slack and try out the new format this fall. Yes, other species are important and fun to target, but get 100 miles from Lake Ontario and you will find out that the King is indeed King. To keep our fishery we need fishermen to travel to Lake Ontario- I think highlighting the King during the fall derby will help promote our lake and surrounding communities. Our boat will be on Lake O. for all 3 LOC events--see you on the water.
  5. Hello Shade- Am well aware that Capt. Vince was not on committee(was just making a point but I should have said Giants not Rangers)-- Not trying to start anything here, I am 100% behind WHI and Pro-Am(fished in most of them the 1st 10 years)--just would like to see the results(even unofficial) because of my interest in the events-- See you in Olcott as soon as fishing picks back up- Dolly
  6. Click on Instant Reports on left side of page--scroll down to Richs tweet and he has pic. of top 25--
  7. Would like to thank Capt. Rich Hajecki for posting WHI results. Don't know how long it takes to take a picture of results board and post it--IMO the WHI and pro-am think it takes to long as they have never done it--hey Vince how would you like the Rangers to play on Sat. and you get results Monday----Again thanks Rich
  8. try olcottfishing.com--an absolute perfect day here in western lake ontario--most boats boxed out--the trick was to avoid the skippers--
  9. Capt. Vince-- Great reply-everyone that reads it needs to "go slow" and let the message sink in. Have to agree with you that "open comm" is NOT the way to go-no matter what problems enforcement causes. To all other LOU members,please, comments for or aganist the Pro-Am need to come to an end ! Don't know the right or wrong of whats been posted and at this point feel that future "thoughts" should be sent privately. Our fishery faces many challenges, lets focus on them to protect the " one love" we all share. Take care, hope the rest of the season goes well for all, Dick C.
  10. Paul-Fishinman and Iceman-- Iceman, with all due respect you need to keep your thoughts focused on the LOC as that seems to be what you participate in. Paul-- not all criticism is made to put something down. If you didn't keep score and have results you wouldn't have a reason to have a Pro-Am ! Many people are interested in "who did what" even if the early postings are un-official. Every posting on LOU that was availabe Sunday morning of the Niagara event had 100's of hits because-you guessed it--people were interested in Pro-Am results. I hope you and the Pro-Am board will take a look at posting un-official results as soon as possible after the weigh ins. Keep up the good work, I feel you guys are heading in the right direction. Fishinman-- I think you spoke for the, "silent majority". Have a good summer. Dick C.
  11. Tom - While I don't agree that this forun is the place to air your grievances I can say that compromise may still be an option. In the Pro Division if a Pro has a major sponsor I don't see a problem. If your an Am. you shouldn't have a sponsor. If I showed up at a amateur golf event with a sponsors name next to mine that would make me a Pro and I would not be allowed to compete. You have done alot for the fishing community-- please keep your options with the Pro-Am open. Good luck to all-- Dick C.
  12. Vince-- Not only should we be opposed to windmills in Lake Ontario, we should also be opposed to landbased windmills blocking access-views and our overall enjoyment of any of the great lakes. Once the novelty wears off, reality sets in and it will be an ugly one. The thought of any windmills on the great lakes should sicken everyone (that includes you Canada-please re-think). Know you'll do a good job Tuesday--please keep up your good work on this and other matters. Dick C.
  13. Welcome Vince !! Another voice for the long term welfare of our fishery is always needed. Also, I'm sure your going to give us all a few tips
  14. Ray- You totally missed my point !! We have fished derby's since the early 80's and would not miss one. Our group appreciates all that they do. Was just wondering if summer derby would be more fun with a 1/2 way prize structure. Nothing more nothing less.
  15. We have fished derby's since ESLO/1000 a day/LOC were started. Our crew enjoys them and encourage all to participate. However (isn't there always an however or but) we noticed that in last years and this years summer derby you have almost a complete rollover in leaders once you hit summer(june 21) ! For instance the grand prize leader of 24.03 lbs. on June 21 is now in 20th place !! The Rainbow Division only had 4 fish entered. Is it just us or are there other's out there that would like to see some sort of prize structure that awarded prizes up to the first day of summer and then at the end of the derby? Maybe some of you have ideas on this subject or we are alone on this issue. As for our crew we would go out more in June if we had a chance of cashing with an early June fish. Thanks for any input and good fishing to all !
  16. Every year is different ! Sometimes a box of 5-7 lbs. average would have got you a nice check. I'm sure those folks running the events will take a look at this problem but again there is no easy answer or an answer that will work each and every year. Good luck to all the rest of the season.
  17. Our boat is looking forward to this event !! See everyone Friday.
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