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  1. I had a strapped boat seat cushion without a rope. The only thing checked on both occasions when I was boarded was if the straps were securely attached and there were no tears in the cushion. They really yanked hard on those straps! No mention of any rope needed.

  2. What a difference two days make :( Just have to wait 'till it settles down again. That is not really Steve in those pictures. That is a look alike Alien from a different water planet that has perch.

  3. I was at the Lewiston Docks last night. Grand total of 52 smelt from 8:30-11:30. Everyone left at 10:30. I heard the same thing, but it wasn't happening. Water is dirt brown and too cold. They did get some last Thursday, just before the river clouded up.

  4. Interesting, I was asked for my throwable and my boat is 14'. Might again be a local ordinance or just simply a courtesy check.

  5. Please be advised that the Coast Guard is inspecting boats in I-Bay. Yesterday was the second time in the Bay for them and I was checked and passed. Since the requirements vary for the size of the boat, you must look up your vessels' requirements on the CC website. And don't forget that you must wear a life jacket if the boat (I believe less than 21')  is not anchored. In other words, even if you are drifting and fishing, you better have it on.

  6. Either my Seneca jinx continues or the bright orange suit my partner wears spooked them :rofl:

    You know it's a bad day when you return home with almost the same number of minnows you went fishing with. Oh well, I guess that's why it's called "fishing and not catching" :rofl:

  7. Kind of a strange comment apb. I hope you just didn't think it through before you posted. And Steve, I sent your picture on to another site and bragged about how I knew the guy who caught that - again -nice job!

  8. Nice fish Steve. I guess I'll be there soon.  In the meantime, IBay might have a two lb perch in it, but the smaller ones are too thick there to find one and I have caught quite a few 14" plus perch in Sodus, but nothing that fat. I did see a 17" perch caught out of my boat in Lake Erie. That fish weighed 1/1/2 lbs. ( August)  Lot's of big perch there, but again, not as fat. 

  9. We searched the lake also right after I saw a real good catch another boat made out there. Did not see anything worth fishing for. Looked between 40 and 50 ft.

    Fished the bay yesterday, all I can say is I have seen way more deer while hunting than perch in the bay.

  10. Hopefully, more came in during the night. Where are you getting the water temps Gambler? That's a good indication of what should happen. Noaa has a site that somehow predicts water temps. They have it at 62 deg through Friday and then it drops 10 deg starting Sat through the end of their forcast. If that's true, next week should be good.

  11. I got lucky yesterday and came home with a few but the school that came in last week has dispersed and we will have to wait for another school to come in. Usually a good storm brings them in or a good upwelling in the lake. Nothing like that happening this week though. One of the other things I watch for is if they are showing at the piers. Thanks Kappy. It tells me that they are staging a little closer to shore.

  12. Here's an update on calling Canada customs. We fished yesterday again and called customs. The phone was answered on the 4th ring and since they had all our info. from the previous trip, we were finished in less than a minute. Even wasted time on a discussion of how the fishing was. And - bye the way - the bass fishing was great.

  13. Had a great day last week drifting crabs on Waverly shoal in Erie. We ran through 3 doz in two hrs. and had bass to 19" The most interesting part of the trip was dealing with Canada Customs. We actually called their reporting number and after a good 10 min wait got a hold of someone. Took another 5 min to go through the questions. In case you decide to fish in Canada, the process was not too painful and a lot better than having your boat confiscated or paying a $1000 fine! It also helps your peace of mind not having to worry. Here's the phone #: 1-888-226-7277

  14. What has helped me in the lake was to use a drop shot rig with a minnow at least 1-2' off the bottom. It kept the gobies off and I still caught plenty of perch. I usually fish for them in the lake off Sodus. Kind of disturbing that you haven't found them yet. They should be there any time now. Good Luck.

  15. Take exit 58 off the thruway in Irving. Make a left down 5/20 for 3/4 mile. Rt. at Alleghany rd. You will see Jeromes bait shop at the corner. Stop in if you need bait and info. The launch is the first rt. past the rr tracks. Nice launch and fish cleaning station. I do not know of any other launches other than the ones you mentioned in Buffallo except for one on Ontario St. just north of the Peace bridge. Never been there though.

  16. Good luck. There should be a few boats out there Sat. showing the way. I fish the area a lot and I usually do well staying away from the other boats. If Seneca is too crowded, try Meyers reef, or, get a Canada license and fish just across the line near the roundhouse. The tubes and gulp gobies work dropshotting but live crayfish will slaughter them if you feel like useing bait.

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