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  1. We stayed out of the pack yesterday and hammered them again.  Very close to a three man limit.  55' of water . Temp was around 60 deg.  Looks like they will be around for a while.

  2. Ditto that report.  We could not get them in the pack in front of the harbor though. Moved a little west in the same depth and had about the same numbers of perch.  Great day out there.

  3. I would like to transplant all of them :)   Yesterday, while getting bait at Sodus, I ran into a couple guys getting ready to go out. We started talking about Seneca and the one guy tells me he got a 3 lb perch! Yeah right, I thought he was full of it. So he showed me the pictures. Believe it. The beast was 16" and had a belly like a codfish. If it wasn't three, it was dam close. He also had a two pounder in another pict. next to it. You could easily see the difference. 

  4. Yes I did and they were good. Placed them side by side next to some walleye filets and my wife and son could not tell the difference.  Your best bet at catching them would be the western end of shackleton shoal and towards the islands.

  5. If you don't have room in your vehicle for an additional conduit carrier, you can simply find some old skis and attach them to the bottom of the eskimo. I used 1" pvc pipe cut about 2" long to use as a spacer between the sled and the skis. Use some flat washers, and don't forget to countersink the screw holes in the skis.  Net result - only raises the sled 2" and does not require any more space in your vehicle. Works pretty good too.  If all else fails, do what I do, con someone like Gator to drag it out for you :)

  6. Try reading the posts on Ice shanty. A lot closer walk to deep water from East of Cleveland on the north shore and east ofChapman Park on the south side. Just bring jigging raps and tip with emerald heads and you should be good to go.

  7. I am missing Erie allready. The reports did put me on the perch this year but I always managed more fish away from the fleets and used the fish finder to locate them. It is a real trick to see them when they are hugging the bottom, but if you know your machine's quirks, you can figure it out. I have caught them in the summer and the fall now but I have not made a spring trip yet. Hope I get some help with that when March arrives. Also, the last trip out, a few guys picked up some steelhead off the breakwall heading out of the Cat. One guy told me ,he caught a few on a glow/blue cleo as I passed by.

  8. I have a 1976 Johnson 9.9 short shaft engine for sale.  This engine starts right up and runs smooth. The lower unit seals, water pump, plugs, and impeller are all new and maintained by me. If you want a sweet little engine, this is it. I have a video of it running from last month at Sandy if you are interested. $450 or BO.


  9. Well, I for one commend you JD. Nice job. And that is exactly how I do it.  Two reasons why, one is called arthritis and the other, my wife still can't figure out how to remove the bones while eating a fish after 35 yrs.

     Isn't the internet lovely :) Where else can I guy get so much positive feedback.

  10. Have not heard of anything west but I did get two good reports Thursday from the Pultneyville area and the Port Bay area. Both reports were the same 35' depth.  If you really want to get into them, take a ride to the small boat harbor in Buffalo and head towards the Canada line or better yet, if you have an Ontario license, cross over to Waverly shoal. We had another great day there yesterday with 4-5 lb smallies in 18-30' of water.

  11. Tried Conesus today after reading the "dead sticking" report.  I normally do this all the time but with a shorter hesitation between twitches.  I tried waiting and counting to ten a number of times today.  The Pike I caught though hit after short stops and then a twitch. No hits on the long wait and twitch today, but I have been around a long enough time to know that every day is different.  Had a lot of fun out there today and now I am wondering why I don't Pike fish more often!

  12. I have been fishing Lake Erie a lot and have noticed a change in the catch the first year after the DEC opened the "trophy" season. I agree that pulling bass off the beds for a few minutes opens up the bed for predation. Just check out the guide boats hitting the walls out of the SBH starting Wed. Let me think now, a dozen boats every day, 2-3 clients, and a conservative 20+ bass per half day trip. 

  13. Where would be the closest launch to the perch grounds for me. I have a 14' deep V grumman and the marine forcast looks good this week. I have been on Seneca shoal with this boat out of the SBH but I would rather find some place closer. I have even been out of the Cat. but that is a long drive. Any suggestions. Thanks.

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