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  1. Warmer water, plenty of food, both help. I doubt that they were introduced though. Something has kept the population in check. There does not seem to be much in the way of year classes. A few big ones and not to many smaller ones. The only way to tell is to have the dec or some college do a population study and net the lake. 

       Oh well, only guessing here. Forget what I said and let's go back to Gambler's Jed Clampett theory.  :)

  2. I started out with Gambler and Gator but moved about a 100 yds north of them in the same shallow gill water on the west side. The ice was noticeably thinner where I was. Only about 3" at one point in time , a guy walked over right next to me and his spud web

    Not through on the first whack. Probably the guy that you talked to Les. Fishing sucked for me. Just some dink gills and a bass. As I mentioned on an earlier thread, my ice 55 humminbird is horrible in shallow weedy water. You just can't get any target separation. The guys next to me were using vex' s and they were much better. I could easily read fish weeds and jigs on there units.

  3. I was there checking yesterday about 10:00 Less. Trident had nothing but north of Trident it was covered. Most of the lake had a thin slushy covering over it, that will certainly go away today and tonight. The south end was covered up pretty good from the launch all the way across but only as far north as the first points.  I tried spudding my way out and made it about 10' before the spud went through on the second hit. My opinion, forget it until the middle of next week. 

  4. I have owned a humminbird ice 55 for the past 7 seasons and I agree with everything said above with one additional comment. I do not like its shallow water ability. In lakes like Honeoye when fishing gills it is very difficult to get it to mark fish or your jigs through weeds in 12' or less. I fish next to Gator a lot and his Markum is much better in those conditions when comparing the two. From about 15' to 120' it excels in marking your jigs and fish. Up to you. Are you mostly a shallow water gill fisherman or deeper water perch and walleye.

  5. Thought I would throw this out there if anyone needs a good boat to chase perch in throughout the winter. It is all set to go and with the winter that is predicted, you might not be ice fishing. Comes with a 1981 15 hp Johnson electric start ( completely rebuilt by me) and 1990 yachtclub trailer.Registrations for boat and trailer are ready to go. Additional info and picts. are on craigslist.



  6. I owned and chartered out of 2000 Luhrs open in the western part of Lake Ontario for a while. Loved the tuna tower on calm days. I did mount three riggers off the back along with two sides without a problem. Also had nice outriggers with spreader bars,  When it came time to sell, I decided that the market in upstate NY was too small and not too many people had the cash so  I transported the boat back to Va. beach for a while and chartered there for another year. When I finally listed the boat, I had a much bigger market. Sold the boat in less than a month and had plenty of calls. I believe the new owner ditched the crusaders and repowered with diesel. 

  7. I have gone a slightly different route because of the space in my Subaru Outback instead of a wood or conduit frame I attached four 6" , 1 1/2 " diameter pipes to the sled directly with u bolts. Then I screwed caps on one end of the pipes. I then used downhill skis and attached two 1" diameter 12" long pipes for each ski and found a piece of plastic tubing at Home Depot that fit around the pipes tight. The set of skis just slide into the pipes on the sled and slide out quickly for transport. The only extra weight is from the pipes and the skis. I have 6" of clearance which I prefer since I either use a sled or Atv to transport and I like the additional height when sitting in the shanty plus the canvas curtain can still touch the surface keeping out the wind.

  8. My brother doesn't believe weathermen either. He just retired as a chief meteorologist in San Diego county. Tells me accuweather guys are the worse and probably couldn't find jobs anywhere else. Basically, don't look beyond 5-6 days because it is 50/50 after that.

  9. I have practiced a lot keeping emeralds alive during warmer weather. A couple of things, First, temp. is the key but -  do not throw ice in there and do not cool them down rapidly. If the temp of the water you got them in is 50 deg try to match that and slowly raise the temp. They will die immediately if you thermal shock them. Second, Use a cooler with a couple airaters. They need the room. A bucket is too small. Transfer them to an airated bucket for transport too. Third, change the water at least once a day and remove any dead ones immediately. Make sure the water has no chlorine in it. I just keep a bucket full of water out a day in advance. The chlorine disintegrates in 24 hrs. And fourth, if you are really serious, there are some commercial products out that bass fishermen put in their live wells to keep the bass healthy for weigh ins. That works too.

    I know, pain in the *** but I can keep them alive for a week like this in a 60-70 deg garage. Hopefully, you can feed them to the fish before that.

  10. My best advice for Seneca is expect to fish next to the most territorial perch fisherman in the world. God forgive you if you get within a hundred yds of someone. Something about that lake that brings out the crazies.

  11. I see a lot of potential here. I hope it grows a little but not so much that it becomes a pain like so many of the big fishing contests. The guys that fished it were there for fun, and on that respect, we all came in 1st. Thanks to the father and son that towed us in. Stupid engine!  Thank you Seager, nice job.

  12. My friends limited at the Cat yesterday. Millers did not have bait so they went home and got some fatheads and salted niagaras. They really turned on at 2:00  They said the graph was thick with bait. I guess the reason for the slow start was the lack of bait until just recently.

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