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  1. Before you get rid of those reels, check this out. Think the basic principles would be the same for most brands. I've replaced the springs myself, and I'm no great repair expert. Also note that he said sometimes you can just tune up the reel a bit without even changing the spring.
  2. When I first fished Cross a few years ago I hooked what I thought was about a 30" Pike. Turned out to be a 14" Catfish.
  3. Well, since an 8" one would be big for me, I'd be delighted to AVERAGE 10"! Do you get them on the bigger lures? I usually use a #3 Spinner for panfish, and maybe that's too small. I'd love to catch some bigger ones, because unlike some, I think those silvers are excellent eating. And you sure don't have to feel guilty about keeping a bunch because they could use some thinning out in Cross.
  4. Johnny, how big were the silver bass? I catch tons, but most run small. Some say they catch them up to 12". Maybe I have to use bigger lures.
  5. If you don't mind eating fish from the Niagara River or Lake Erie, once a couple of the most polluted places around but now cleaner, I wouldn't worry about fish from the canal. But you can get the whole story from http://www.health.ny.gov/environmental/outdoors/fish/fish.htm
  6. I have a camp out there in the Jack's Reef area. Last time I was there was before the water came up, and it was high even then. My floating dock got pushed out of place. This was going to be the year than I was going to be able to fish more for early season bullheads and crappies, and now I can't put my boat in or even fish off my dock
  7. Sounds like you got your priorities straight then
  8. If you're going to get the minnows for yourself anyway and are willing to spend the money for tanks and other equipment just for yourself I suppose it can't hurt to sell to others too. But if you are doing it to make a profit, you have to consider whether you will sell enough to make it worthwhile and whether you are willing to spend time at home selling bait when you could be out fishing yourself. Remember, most people would be coming to your house for the bait at the times you might want to be out on a lake or river using the bait!Also, if you want a lot of customers, don't forget advertising costs.
  9. When I was a kid my father and uncles would swear by silver Red Eye Wigglers and red and white Dardevles. But I came to believe than spinners would outcatch spoons anyday because they move slower and more regularly and are easier for the pike to chase down. Just my opinion.
  10. Did you by any chance read about "pickerel" in some Canadian cook book? Usually when Canadians say pickerel,they mean what we call walleye No rolmops, I'm talking about Chain Pickerel. There are so many in Oneida Lake that you don't have to worry about keeping your limit- lots of people say there are way too many. I may try the technique you suggested, but I'm still interested in a grinder or processor to do the job. I have been softening the bones in a pressure cooker, but it's time-consuming and smells up the house!
  11. I am interested in finding a specific Make and Model Grinder or Food Processor that someone KNOWS will grind up the small pinbones in Pickerel so the meat can be used for fish patties. I've read on other forums that people have done this sucessfully but I've never seen a specfic one referenced. Has anyone here been using a grinder or processor for this, and if so exactly what do you use?
  12. I actually have a ton of fun with those pickerel on Oneida. Use an inline spinner with 6 lb test line reeled just under the surface. Many in the mid 20" range and many jump, which I've rarely had happen with pike. Of course they run smaller than tigers and many pike, but they still probably average as big as the pike I used to catch on the bays of Lake Ontario.
  13. I've never heard of a deliberate stocking of Oneida, though a few apparently escape from the hatchery and are caught on rare occasions. Definitely not worth targeting, as Nitro said.
  14. Cross Lake is like any body of water in summer- quite busy on weekends and much less busy on weekdays. It sounds as if you want to stay in the summer place all week long, so you should be OK. I know you are primarily interested in pike, but you can catch a wide variety of fish there- smallmouth and largemouth bass, white perch, bluegills, and tons of channel catfish. Some people say they catch crappie. I like the fact that aside from the bigger gamefish that are there, you can always catch lots of panfish if you're in the mood for a fish fry. I rented a camp there several years ago and caught more fish over Labor Day Weekend than I had fishing everywhere else in the previous 10 years. It's big enough for some good variety, but not so big that it gets rough frequently like larger lakes do.
  15. Seems its always all about the dollar, Tony b-whether it be Canadian or American.
  16. Just out of curiousity- why is PBS blocking Canadian viewers?
  17. In spring it was so easy to catch fish on Oneida- Largemouth, Smallmouth, Pickerel. Now that it's fall and fishing should be even better- I went out a couple days ago and didn't get one hit. Yesterday I went out about 3 hours and had one hit- a 17'' Smallmouth. But others are having success- the walleye night bite(I don't really care for night fishing) and some say they are catching tons of perch.
  18. Be Careful!! 730 Pm is almost dark. Regulations says night fishing for salmon is prohibited. Check NYSDEC Salmon Fishing Regualations
  19. There are public boat launches where you should be able to shore fish at Howland Island and Mosquito Point on the Seneca River. My friend has a camp near these and says his neighbors catch pike from their docks, so shore fishing at those 2 launches might be worth a try. You might try posting this question as a separate Topic too.
  20. Those lures look so good I don't think you really need hooks- Fish will just grab em and won't let go till they're in the boat!!
  21. You don't have to eat your fishing lures for lead to build up in the environment and be a problem for your children and grandchildren. Gator is right on this. And I've been buying lead free sinkers for many years and don't see any problem with them.
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