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  1. Waneta next door to Lamoka is supposed to be the Musky lake. Heard Lamoka was more for Largemouth.
  2. Hoddie, this Forum has a North Shore Section that mentions some of those areas. You might have better luck there than on this South Shore Section.
  3. Johnny, was this in the Seneca River?
  4. Certainly report this to that "salesman's" (or should that be "salesmorons's") manager! There are plenty of good hard working people out there that would love to have his job. Even if he didn't want to share his "secrets" he had no right to respond in that way!
  5. Try Smithwicks- just as good but much lower in price.
  6. There is another place on the east side called Sunset Park. Not too many places on Cross Lake.
  7. Hi Panfisher, we are fishing in the Rideau system in Canada I'm moving there!! I'll blend right in- I speak fluent Canadian!!!
  8. Well, now I know I haven't been fishing right- that stretch of the river going into the reef is right where my camp is!!! Thanks for the info- I'm going to try harder.
  9. i don't know if it's to far for you but cross lake is pretty good. snupytcb, where and how do you get them on Cross Lake? I've had a camp on the Seneca River coming out of Cross for 7 years, but never caught a legal Crappie on Cross. I know I must not be fishing right, but what suggestions do you have for lures and areas on Cross? And are the Crappies you catch the Black or White? I've heard both are in there.
  10. I really like the Engine Mount Trolling Motors. Don't have to remove it all the time to prevent it being stolen. BUT- never buy a brand called "Navigator". I had constant trouble with Navigator and gave up and bought a MinnKota. Haven't used it yet-just bought it-but I'm confident the MinnKota will be better from what I've heard. By the way, I used a 55 lb thrust on a 19 foot boat and was happy. How big a boat do you have that needs 165?
  11. Speaking of used motors, I'm still using a 1968 Johnson and it works great.
  12. Absolutely right!. Tracfone is about $100 per YEAR!
  13. Anyone have luck with these 2 species in the Lake near the Salmon River?
  14. Anyone have any comments about fishing for these near the Salmon River?
  15. The Seneca River seems to be full of Channel Cats. I know the area from around Port Byron to past Cross Lake is very good, but I wouldn't be surprised if the action goes far east and west of that area. I fish the Cross Lake area and catch so many Catfish that they become annoying (because everytime I think I've got a huge Bass or Pike it's just a medium sized Catfish!) This is when I'm fishing Sonars and Stickbaits so you can imagine how many Catfish could be caught if you were really targeting them.
  16. They probably are saying to use mono for backing because it's cheaper to fillup the spool with cheap mono and have the more effective(and more expensive) line on the outside for casting. So you don't have to do it, but it would save some money.
  17. I'm starting to hate Catfish. Everytime I think I've got a Pike or 6 pound Bass, out pops a 16" Catfish!
  18. Does anyone have any comments on good places to fish for walleyes if you are based in the Salmon River? I know the Oswego area is good as well as Henderson Harbor, so you would think there might be good places in between. Any comments?
  19. Depends on what you mean by "custom blades". Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops sell a wide variety of spinner blades that you can make your own spinners from. I bought a bunch of different varieties and sizes from Cabela's a few years ago. If you mean you have some special idea for a blade style that nobody makes I think you'll have a hard time- manufacturers are set up to make thousands of an item at a time, and I don't think you'll want that many unless you're starting your own tackle company.
  20. I bought a camp on the river near Cross Lake partly because it was supposed to be a great spot for large pike, one of my favorites. In about 5 years I've caught one "legal" pike- about 23 inches,plus a few babies. I've done pretty well with both largemouth and smallmouth in both the lake and river, but those pike Cross Lake was supposed to be famous for are a mystery. I've fished mainly in shallower water as I used to do in the bays of Lake Ontario, where I used to get 5 or 6 in a few hours. Maybe I have to change my tactics for Cross and fish a lot deeper.
  21. Has anyone had any luck on Cross Lake or the Seneca River lately? -Any type of fish.
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