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  1. https://www.weny.com/story/41491627/romulus-man-charged-with-defrauding-us-coast-guard
  2. fishbear

    Air Fryer

    I twice researched air fryers and came to the conclusion that oven frying was just as good without having to buy and store a separate appliance.
  3. Looks like Rochester is in DEC Region 8. Here is a link to their page including Law Enforcement contacts- http://www.dec.ny.gov/about/773.html
  4. Justin what are your favorite rivers when you're not on Otisco?
  5. Iharold, I'm not an expert on fishing near Rochester but near Syracuse there seems to be a lot of panfish in the Canal near the banks. I've caught mostly Bluegill and Sunfish which keep kids interested because when you find them, the bite can be steady. There is a Canal Park in Greece. From the map it looks like it might be worth checking out. http://www2.monroecounty.gov/parks-greececanal.php
  6. I've made a lot of my own basic unweighted spinners with Colorado, Indiana, and Willowleaf Blades. The big thing is to find heavy enough wire for the shafts, especially for Pike spinners. In some of my earlier versions I used a wire that bent too easily so every time I caught a fish the lure would get mangled. It definitely is cost-effective if you buy the parts right.
  7. fishbear


    The Seneca River is full of Catfish. Here is some information including shore access: http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/66680.html
  8. fishbear

    Cross Lake

    I'm impressed! I have a camp on the Seneca River near Cross Lake and have caught lots of White Perch but most are 6 to 8" and I have to throw back tons of smaller ones. I'd love to get some 12-14". Most have been caught in 17-20 feet of water. Guess I'll have to go deeper and use bigger lures. Sandwick, when you vertical jig do you use walleye jigs or something else?
  9. keri let us know how you do on Cross Lake too- that's kind of an "under-reported" body of water !
  10. Open Bow-Good for Fishing. Trailer Included. Has MinnKota Engine Mounted Trolling Motor. New Tilt/Trim Motor Installed Recently. $1800/ Best Offer. Call 315-447-3852 and leave a message.
  11. Includes MinnKota Engine Mounted Trolling Motor and Trailer. New Tilt/Trim Motor Installed Last Year. $1800/Best Offer. e-mail [email protected] or call (315)447-3852
  12. Trailer, MinnKota Engine Mounted Trolling Motor. New Tilt/Trim Motor Installed Last Year. $1800/ Best Offer. e-mail [email protected] or call 315-447-3852
  13. MinnKota Engine Mounted Trolling Motor. Trailer. New Tilt/Trim Motor Installed last year. $1800/Best Offer. [email protected] or call 315-447-3852
  14. Fishing, Swimming. Can boat for many miles on the canal too, without having to go through a lock. Could include boat and motor. Contact [email protected] See more details at lakehouse.com. http://lakehouse.com/page-256187.html
  15. Mostlymuskies, I've never heard of anything but Tiger Muskies being stocked in the Cross Lake/Seneca River area. Where did you hear about purebred Muskies? http://www.dec.ny.gov/docs/fish_marine_pdf/r7tigmstmap.pdf http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/23243.html
  16. http://lakehouse.com/page-256187.html By State Ditch in Jack's Reef. See all details on Lakehouse.com
  17. Cross Lake and most anywhere in the Seneca River.
  18. Latest reports on another forum not encouraging http://www.myfishfinder.com/fishing_for ... ic=50165.0
  19. I really loved the Sanders Fishing Guides and a few years ago was corresponding directly with John Sander. I had heard he was coming out with a new edition, and I was urging him to do so, telling him his Guides were the ABSOLUTE BEST references I had ever come across for New York State fishing. At that time I believe he really intended to pursue a new edition, and he even told me that a lot of information had been sent to the DEC so they could review it for accuracy- a good move considering a lot of information I have read in other NYS Fishing Books has been a total fantasy, claiming there were lots of fish species in lakes where I knew they did not exist or were extremely rare. I heard John had some health problems. Maybe this was the reason the new editions never came out. I had also heard that he had sold or turned over the information to someone else so they could pursue publishing updated Sanders Guides. But this turned out to be false. Too bad for everyone.
  20. OK, here's a question. Oneida Lake is famous for the near-shore Walleye bite, as is being discussed on the "Cross Lake 9/25" thread. Cross Lake and the Seneca River have Walleyes, though not as many as Oneida. Has anyone ever heard of Walleyes coming near shore at dusk like they do on Oneida? If not, I wonder why they don't.
  21. Not a Finger Lake, but very close by- Cross Lake and the nearby Seneca River is full of them. I catch them when I'm not trying- they hit your Bass and Panfish lures. It's impossible to keep them off the hook.
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