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  1. nice work snagger, I finally got my boat out on the hoist sunday- out of south shore it looked like a perfect day for a shakedown run and my first attempt at putting it on a hoist. Well once I got out to the middle we hit the 3 foot plus rollers and was glad to have 2 friends help walk (hold back against breakers) the boat into the hoist. Kind of shallow and after lunch we took it back out and abused my poor boat. Wasn't plannin on fishin but had to get out some tackle from a friends house, we anchor drifted for an hour jiggin until the anchor line snapped with the rollers. LOL didn't know there were any other boats out that day on the main part just east of lakeport. No bites as I didn't have my tackle and we couldnt maintain bottom contact.
  2. syracuse.com/outdoors has the results. Maybe you should have kept those browns, 1 lb 12 ounce I think was the winner
  3. pete, while cruising through the 'ville the other day I noticed your logging sign. I do some business with farms out that way. As far as the rowing trolling, I had an old timer tell me last night that trolling that way was much more effective than with outboards constant speeds. It just makes sense, the varied action it gives the lure will trigger more strikes, I may have to go old school sometime.
  4. muskybob- when are we going fishing with your daughter lol
  5. the boat hoists got moved on a 45 degree angle towards sylvan without the boats in sunday.... yikes
  6. I haven't been able to make the derby in a few years, but if anyone of you made the boards in the last 30 years- my grandfather has been the MC and gives away the money, he's quite a guy, hope he handed some of you some money and jokes!
  7. boarderline- thanks, L&M- PM sent The boat is in tully, and the hoist is in oneida. Was planing on putting it in there, mabey I should try and sell it and look for new(used)?
  8. Bear with me - I am not super mechanically inclined, and thanks ahead. I have a 1977 120 horse I/O. at the end of each season (3 so far) I have noticed some water in the lower unit, and it apears to be some JB weld on the sides of the bottom of the unit. I noticed that there is a circular unthreaded cap (under the mercruiser sticker) that popped off my last trip out( noticed it loose before i went out but popped it in) . This cap is below the overfill plug therefore when water goes in I assumed it would go right into the lower unit resevior, but a friend said it is a different resivior. I think it was red fluid when i noticed it was loose (ATF or power steering fluid to raise and lower the prop I think.) I took out the drain plug and the gear oil is already watery grey after one time out (and this mysterious plug missing). Do any of you have any insight? should i drain the unit and refil with gear oil after i get a new cap? or put some more JB weld on after I drain the unit? how much oil and of what kind should I put in -from the bottom I know this much I have a pump. anyone know any mercuiser experts I could call? Any insight is aprecieated. Thanks, Reed
  9. oh wow, I didn't even know there were musky in keuka. Is it a tiger or pure bred?
  10. I do it all the time, Put the tail gait down strap in good and you should be fine. I keep it right side up to store all of the gear, I wouldn't be to concerned with wind drag, I am sure there is still a lot when its upside down
  11. next week during the week I am going to try in the rowboat if anyone wants to join me
  12. I too was wondering. Also a 5 dollar DMP charge isn't going to help the deer population problem we have. I just need the bow and muzzy to be free of future sportsmans fee increases. Except for that DMP charge? I wonder if lifetime sportsmans will get grandfathered into not having to pay for that each year or not.
  13. http://blog.syracuse.com/outdoors/2009/ ... eleas.html
  14. Roys marina just south of geneva can also put you in the region on rt 14 as well.
  15. I saw two guys out there yesterday. Wont be long for open water season
  16. new ice fishing world record- congrats Tom
  17. a friend of a friend caught a nice 12 lb walleye on 4 lb test a week ago, nice fish to see
  18. yes and yes, I would like to get a fishing buddy for this lake, if interested PM me
  19. the govenor wants a ten dollar stamp to fish for trout and salmon in NY http://blog.syracuse.com/outdoors/2008/ ... n_pro.html Just bend over guys, here it comes again
  20. anyone been out for the fall bite? I have yet to get anything from shore, had one (wally) following the other night though
  21. i pass through town a lot and was wondering when the lakers start getting close to shore, or the pier. My grandfather and great-uncle who i never knew one time back in the early 50's caught several 20 lbers from the north shore 'sea wall' back around christmas time (just one year it was hot). I guess for a few days they caught thier limitof monsters, before word spread and the whole town was there catching them.. when do they close in on the pier?
  22. walt- no idea, It was fairly warm going over my hip waders at first, then it seemed to get colder LOL, thought the wave action would help things out, next time.. Might try otisco or onieda this weekend
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