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  1. Ray Was a pleasure to talk to you. I think I sent you a pm. I am the guy who wants the flatfish Thank you! Kevin
  2. I would be a little leery of the 6 HP. The only reason is the single cylinder design which supposed to be a bit noisy and vibrates a lot. A quick google search yielded this http://www.scottcarle.com/wordpress/?p=330 keep digging you will find more of the same. If it was me i would purchase the 8 Hp that is where the twins start. RED
  3. Sean If you sell one of those Terrovas at a reasonable price to a member of record here I will give you the box that mine came in. Much better chance getting top dollar on e-bag with the box. RED
  4. I plan on adding a kicker to the above boat and have some concerns. The main engine is a 1971 Evinrude 85 V4. I know it is old but the more hours I put on it the better it runs. I will be adding a CMC (craigslist for $100 in 2008) tilt and trim to the 85 so the main engine will be off the transom. May/should I cheat the main outboard starboard to take into account the weight of the kicker. Doing this may also give me more clearance for the kicker possibly eliminating the need to use a auxiliary bracket. Please let me know. Thank you! RED
  5. Your welcome. I did not realize there was a rebate until after I initially posted. Took another $100 of the Terrova. BTW the wifey would have preferred I purchased the motor you did. RED
  6. The Gander Mt in Rochester/Henrietta is running the above special currently. All Minnkota ending in .97 are 50% off. It appeared to be the majority of their stock. I picked up a Terrova, 80#, Universal Sonar with Autopilot for $650.00. It was new in the box. Hopefully someone else will take advantage of those deals. Enjoy! RED
  7. You will not have any problems at any other port that weekend. Braddock Bay Marina is running a special for any displaced captains that weekend. RED
  8. From what I understand all fuel in NY contains ethanol. I hope I am wrong! RED
  9. Talked about at length see the following. viewtopic.php?f=3&t=9743 I have been running them as received from the factory but plan on fine tuning my presentation over the next couple of months. They work for me but Yankee's success speak for itself. RED
  10. I am very new to trolling the O and I fish out of Braddock. Where exactly is ship builders? I always assumed it was the channel into Round Pond. The few smallies I caught jigging last year were 4-6 pounds. The scary thing was the size of the Gobys. RED
  11. I will be looking at a mid 70's 24' Penn Yan hardtop. What are the trouble areas I should be looking at? I am very mechanical but new to fiberglass boats. Should I leave the evaluation to a professional? Thank you! Red
  12. I have owned both Humminbird and Eagle/Lowrance fish finders and now own a Lowrance 527 Igps. That being said the Humminbird unit was a lot more user friendly. If there are settings you like to change on the fly with the Humminbird you did not need to page through a complete list of settings to get to it. The unit I use is about 15 years old but seemed to recall the last setting you tweaked and gives you instant access to that parameter. Providing they have not taken steps backwards the Hummibird is probably more user friendly. You might ask why I purchased he Lowrance? It was on sale for $300 and I could not pass on the 5" combo ff/gps at that price. That HDS looks like the cats ass though you probably want to make sure you do not experience the VHF interference issues people are having with the Lowrance external broadband setup. RED
  13. I have often contemplated the same. What hard tops have 6'3" or better of clearance! How much clearance do I need to insure I am not banging my head? Though sometimes I enjoy it. RED
  14. Brand new in the box Berts 8' rigger board, includes riser's, QTY (2) 6" tracks and end caps. Just purchased and may be to much for my 18' Starcraft. The extrusion is some heavy sh*t so shipping may be difficult. I am in Rochester so PM me if you have interest. Prefer to trade for Berts or Traxstech track and accessories. Link to this item is below http://www.shopatron.com/product/part_n ... 2962/646.0 Thank you! RED
  15. The south end of the lake at the inlet is the place to be. I have seen the eyes stacked in there like cord wood with Pike and Tigers in lesser numbers. Makes you wonder where they are during the season. RED
  16. I stopped by the show this AM and remembered why it has been 10 years since my last visit. Does the internet account for the lack of the Canadian Outfitters? We visited Syracuse last year and there were quite a few outfitters. My thinking would be to attend Harrisburg next year and am curious if anyone has been to that show recently? Thank you! RED
  17. http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templ ... ISO-8859-1 They appear to carry your flashers as well. RED
  18. Welcome Mika I am rather new at fishing the great lakes but use spoons, flashers, flys and dypsy divers. Some of us use cut bait but that is a little more difficult due to a VHS virus (viral hemorrhagic septicemia) found in some fish from certain waters. In most lakes we may fish with bait fish live and dead. One exception I know of is Quebec, Canada where I believe live bait is not permitted. My understanding is we may not use sport fish or their parts as bait. By the way I spent a summer in Helsinki, Marjaniemi and some of those weeks in a place up north called Viitasaari. Your English is easy to understand, what are the other 4 languages you studied in school? Nassa setä on kovin kovin vihainen! Welcome again! RED from Rochester, NY
  19. "Maybe at nite like you said and be vewy vewy quiet. They gotta be out there some where" I spent many an evening and into the night long lining out there last summer and fall and could not track them down. I know a guy who lives out there and fished for many many years who has never caught one. Another gentlemen told me he has caught them trolling early in the spring for Browns. I will find the big eyes this year. RED
  20. I am looking to mount four Mag 10s on my 18' Starcraft SS. My thought is to use a 36" track on each corner. Do any of the manufacturers track mounted accessories interchange? Who makes the better accessories? I am sure this could turn into a Chevy Vs. Ford type of debate but would welcome comments on what you gentlemen might be using. RED
  21. Dang I now understand why a lot of you think we are being nickled, dimed and dollared to death by taxes. You learn something new everyday. Thank you! RED
  22. Where do you live? Sales tax @ 18.25% ? I thought we had it bad @ 8%. RED
  23. Duane Not sure why you thought I was attacking you and others for coming from out of state. My point is that you come here to fish and spend more to do it here in NY. Please continue fishing NY waters. RED
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