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  1. Considering buying a Raymarine a68 or a78 to communicate with my Smart Pilot X-5R. Would either of these units allow the AP to follow depth contour lines or multiple waypoints? As is the AP holds course well and makes trolling much easier. Any recommendations? The boat is a 2001 Islander 191V.
  2. I put the Raymarine Sport Pilot on my Islander 191V and it works well. Not sure if they still make it.
  3. Great report! Awesome photo's. Can't wait to get out there. Sent from my XT1254 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. That picture was a reminder to take a look around for it while scouting. I have yet to find any but I know it is in the area. I'm still on the prowl! I hope you find the Mother Lode!
  5. Thanks for the feedback guys. Caught in Fairhaven. Rigged flasher/fly back up and caught more fish with it!
  6. Can anyone name that fly? This whole rig was a gift from the lake attached to a 27 lb King last week! It had broken someones wire off and we caught the rig with our dipsey. A first for me, normally I'm the one paying tribute to the lake! LOL
  7. Thanks Steve, It's always a crap shoot for sure. Sure hope she settles down. Eric
  8. Just wondering what everyone thinks about a South wind this time of year? I know it is not good in the Spring for Browns.
  9. That is a Dandy! Way to go. Can't wait to get back on the "Pond".
  10. Thanks for the link Jim. Lots of good stuff on that site.
  11. Pro Troll and/or Spin Doctor glow paddle double crush green dots both sides. Any idea where I can pick some of these up. Any help greatly appreciated.
  12. Way to go Buckboardjr! Venturing further West this year I see. I have often thought about trying that area also.
  13. You will both remember that trip for a long time. Good stuff.
  14. Ray, Can't thank you enough for the insight. Replaced my speedometer with the autopilot display and did not plug the tube. Thanks again, Eric
  15. When under power (15-20 MPH) I get a steady flow of water under the right gunwale running off the steering and shifter cables but I can't tell where it is coming from. No water at trolling speeds. Filled the bilge with water, no sign of leaks. Any help is greatly appreciated. Tight lines, Eric
  16. Looking for best price on a new probe. Made another hefty deposit to Lake Ontario last weekend, Lost my probe, chamberlain release and downrigger weight! It was my shakedown cruise and I forgot to put the sacrificial leader between the probe and weight!
  17. I did not notice any difference in the steering. It takes very little time time to set up and be on your way. My first autopilot and I just can't believe how well it works.
  18. Tested mine out in Fairhaven this weekend and it worked great. Held course at trolling speed and at 20 MPH. What a tool!
  19. That fish was eating well! Nice. Thanks for sharing that.
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