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  1. Hit Seneca Lake a few weeks back for some Pike and Pickerel during the last week of the 2012 season. Weather was only nice a couple of days compared to last year. This photo was the largest pike we caught (33") it was quickly released. Experienced many follows and misses along with some very nice Pike and Pickerel. Lots of fun especially on light tackle.
  2. This is a green sunfish. Yours looks more like a lighter pumpinseed. Where did you get the grass carp?
  3. I have 2 fish shaped rubber coated downrigger weights each 8 lbs. $35 firm Pick up prefered or you pay shipping costs. I live in Canandaigua. Send PM if interested. Sincerely, Georged
  4. Has the date been set yet for the annual Finger lakes Trollers Flea Market? Are ther any others coming up in the finger lakes area. Georged
  5. I purchased one at German bros marine on west lake rd. Canandaigua a few years back.
  6. I am looking for a cheap used Cannon low profile mounting base for a Unitroll HP downrigger. I have the hardware I only need the base. Sincerely. George
  7. Includes a 1983 Yacht Club Trailer. I have papers for both. The boat was a project I was working on. Both are freshly painted. The trailer has good tires, jack, chains, new hubs, lights work, new bunk wood and carpet. The boat has a partial soft top and new transom wood otherwise all other items work and are in good shape. Its really in good shape for its age. Hull is solid. Duratec boats were sold with a 15 year puncture proof garantee. All it needs is a motor $750 or best offer. Georged
  8. If you or a friend recently lost a downrigger let me know. Georged
  9. I keep a diary on the trout I catch on Canandaigua lake. I also see about 95% native trout. I actually thought it was odd and that maybe I was missing something. I was working on the boat today hoping to get on the water soon. Georged
  10. I spent the afternoon fishing the northend. It was calm and sunny. Surface temp was 49. I caught 4 average size lake trout also lost 2 and missed 2 hook sets pulling copper. Most were caught 60-80 ft of water. Georged
  11. corysbrutal I also have read that using a 3way swivel 6lb line and 2 or 3 oz sinker is a great way to bounce the bottom for lakers. The lighter line will track deeper due to the thinner diameter. You would need alot of line to do this though. Wire line will also get you down deep. You can also jig for lakers but you need nonstretch line and a stout rod and decent reel. Good luck. georged
  12. Mike: It looks like you guys had a great day. Thanks for the info. George
  13. Bluegrod http://www.whimsie.com/copper%20craft%20wire.html How do you fish your copper? Do you use a roller tip rod and a large reel or a victrola? Good Luck George
  14. I catch lake trout on the bottom pulling copper from April to December on canandaigua Lake. The trout due setup on the thermocline after the water warms. I do not think the numbers of fish on the bottom are as high during the summer though. You can pull copper above the bottom also by keeping track of how much line you have out. Most of the local stores seem to be out of solid copper line since the begining of last season. They blamed it on the person placing the order at the spooler late. You can look on the internet and order some from any wire supplier thats what I have done to keep my supply. I enjoy pulling copper. I believe that my catch ratios are higher and ( quicker ) with that method and I do have downriggers and a sethgreen rig. I would make a seth green box out of wood if I were you. Thats what I did. Good Luck. George
  15. The last photo in your post shows 2 rod holders. I do not see a price listed. How much for both? George
  16. I was at the Northend weight station around noon I saw a nice rainbow and a 7 plus laker weighed. The top fish were all browns at that time, They said they all were caught on sawbelles in 20 -30 fT of water. They also said the largest laker at that point was 8 plus. Georged
  17. I am sorry you didn't have much luck today. Hope tomorrow is better. Mike I would try to troll the areas where the depth changes from deep to shallow. Stick on the shallow side of the break. Thats where I was having luck the last few weeks. I would also run wire just off the bottom on the shallow side of the break. I am not in the derby this year, but I will check the weight station on the northend tomorrow. Good Luck. What exactly is a shaker laker? georged
  18. Cdga-Art: I fish Canandaigua lake at least 3 times a week for trout. I thought last year was one of the best I have had fishing it. I also signed up with the fish dairy program this year. The key for me is finding fish and staying on them. If I skip a week and loose the pattern I usually struggle to find them again. I just installed a new fish finder and was also questioning its capabilities due to the lack of fish on the screen. Tonight I did mark a few fish so I know its working. Good luck. George
  19. I fished the north end from 5:45pm to 7:45pm. I went 3 for 4 pulling copper. Standard lakers 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 lbs. The one I lost was a bigger fish. I had him 90 percent in, but a few head shakes and he was gone. Once again I did not mark many fish. Sincerely, Georged
  20. What did you catch them on fly or spoon?
  21. Fished the northend from 9:30- 11:45 this morning only caught one 4lb laker pulling copper. I fished deeper with my seth green rig but had no action. I did not mark many fish today. Did anyone else have any luck on the northend this weekend? Georged
  22. Zach:I use to fish Black Lake alot for pike and bass. I never saw a muskie, but they always had either photos or mounted fish in the nearby bait shops. I believe that the largest muskie in the NYS DEC "catch and release awards" for 2009 I think was a 54 incher from Black Lake. Sincerely, Georged
  23. Gar are great fighters I landed one back in the 1990 that went 10 lbs little did I know that the state record at that time was 7 lbs. Black lake is full of these fish also. I have had many on while pike fishing but the boney mouth is not easy to get a good hook set and they usually get away. Georged
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