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  1. Unfortunately Gander only has the Daiwa 47 as their biggest size. I thought that it would accomodate everything (backing,leadcore,leader). I bought a GM reel a day earlier only to return it today to swap out for the Daiwa. I'll be up Lake O next Thursday and may have to make the buy at Fat Nancy's ,Woody's, or Jon's LSR shop. I just wanted to take care of it before I headed north next week. I just want to get out and fish. I was only out one day this year and want to start catching some nice fish. I will be at Selkirk shores from Thursday until Sunday morning with my son and a few buddies if anyone one wants to stop by camp. We'll have some blue lights on ice and you"re more than welcome. Thanks for the feed back.
  2. Irish, I was thinking about that. The small diameter of braid would be a nightmare during the flea season. I will most likely go with wire. My question is for I hook the wire to a snap swivel so I can easily remove the lead weight when not in use?
  3. I posted a question about a thumper rod earlier in the week. I went to Gander with all intentions of buying one, but could not find the right combo in stock. Either the rods were too long or the LC reels were to small. The would not let me swap out to make the right combo. Long story short I bought the Daiwa LC47 thinking I would use it for a lead core reel. I used 125 yds of 30lb braid for backing and 15lb lead core line and I could barely fit it all on the reel. I still have yet to put 50yds or flourocarbon for a leader. If I let it all out while trolling on the water and reel it back in should it tighten up or should I look at a different reel to handle this? I still need a thumper to complete my fishing arsenal so I am planning on buying one more rod and reel before the year is out.
  4. I was checking them out on the DW website and it seems that these spoons are excellent for Steelies. I am looking forward to using them with my lead core set up this upcoming weekend.
  5. Rich, Sounds good. I ended up getting a lead core set up today instead, at Gander. I may still and try to pick up a thumper before I head up next week. That should do it for me. Hopefully you'll be out on the water next weekend as well. I talked to Jon at his shop when I was up a few weeks ago and he said you were on the western part of the lake. I am looking forward to trying those FB spoons out. I have gotten a few positive responses about them. Take care.
  6. I went out with a charter about 4 years ago and he explained the purpose of the thumper rod. It must have worked because we caught our limit quick and he was watching the action of that rod. I remember he had a round ball weight tied onto a three way swivel. I already have those just need the rod and reel combo. So I guess a med to heavy DR rod would work then? I am leaning toward 20lb to 25lb braided line. I plan on picking one up before I head up next Thursday. This way I will have it rigged and ready to go.
  7. Good one! But I think I'll give them a try first. I could not beat the price, I just noticed they were an odd shape compared to my NK, Mi. Stingers etc.
  8. I won a nice selection of 15 trolling spoons on ebay and they arrived the other day. They were an assortment of Dreamweaver, NK's and Fuzzy bear's made by DW. These FB spoons were different in color as well as shape from the DW, MK and Stingers that I normally use. The FB's were bright colored or what I would consider spoons for steelies. Has anyone used these before with much success n Lake O. I have never seen them in stores up there. If so what is your most productive FB spoon that you have used.
  9. I know that they make a line counter that you attach to your pole and the line runs through it and it will count the line as it feed through the hole. I am not sure how accurate they arebut I saw one the other day and though that it may be a good investment for my non LC combos. Thanks for the advise.
  10. Will do! It sounds like I did not have enough line out. I was improvising by using my old pike set up which is a 6" MH ugly stik with a bait cast reel, so I was not able to accurately count how much line was out there.
  11. Brown Trout primarily but a nice walleye would not have been refused.
  12. I have one and my issue is that it loses bottom at high speeds, but so did my old Eagle. I would check the bolt and nut on your transducer. If it's not loose then call hummingbird Customer service. You might have a tansducer that's a defect. They should take care of you.
  13. I picked up an off shore planer board a few weeks ago when I was at the lake. It was my first planer experience. I was not sure if I was using it correctly, but I had 20# mono at Tied on with a 6' leader of 10# flouro on a barrel swivel. I would let about 60' of line run through before clipping the tension release to it. Long story short. I caught nothing on it after using small spoons, rapalas and rogues. This fishing was not great that weekend for most people I talked to, but I want to know if I was doing something wrong with that much line behing the board. It did not really call it out in the directions. I appreciate any feed back on this. Thanks.
  14. I was considering running a thumper rod set up this season. I have an old spin cast 8'6" for down rigging spooled with 20lb mono. Can I run that out the back of the boat or should I look at a flatline LC reel spooled with braid or it doesn"t matter? I hardly use the DR spinning rod and figured I'd get some use out of it.
  15. I fished this past Saturday for the first time this season. I Fished from the stack and then North past the salmon river in various depths. I got one rod to fire around 8:30 a.m. and no one was home. But we got a late start that morning so that may have been one of the reasons. Went back out around 5:30 and fished until dark and scored a Big fat Zero for the day. By the sounds of the radio chatter and lack of, it seemed alot of people had the same results. I hope to get back up in two weeks.
  16. Congrats on the christening of your new boat. At least you weren't skunked.
  17. Last year I used my 1 million candle power cordless spot light which may have been a bit over kill but it lit them up pretty good. Is there anything these Power flasher (camera flashers) offer over my old spot light? Not to mention you can buy a cordless spot light for $9.99 vs. $24.00 for a power flasher.
  18. What do you guys typically run with good success flasher or no flasher? I have had luck without flahsers in the past just using a SS or Stinger spoons. Would I increase my success if I was to add a pro troll or spin doctor to the mix?
  19. I am considering purhcasing a slide diver this week for my first trip up for the season. I heard alot of chatter over the radio during last season about fish being taken on these. I was condering using one of my medium weight down rigger rods set up with 20lb berkley big game. Would this work with the slide diver? I have two conventional wire set up for my dipseys but wanted to add this slide diver to the mix. Also what setting have you found worked for you in the summer. I appreciate the feed back. Thanks Guys.
  20. I was in your shoes last year. I was torn between those two and chose the Depth Raider. I am very happy with it and no problems at all to speak of. I am looking forward to getting back on the water for the first time, this season, next week. Good Luck with your purchase.
  21. I have not been up yet this year, but in the past Monkey Puke and the chicken wing have been a staple for me and catching browns from Mexico to Sandy Pond. The mayfly was another one that produced a few also.
  22. Do you have to go to your store or can I order the spoons online? Another website was selling your NK28's for $2.99 a piece. I placed an order for almost a dozen spoons and they had only 2 in stock. The shipping cost more than the 2 spoons, I was bummed out. Let me know about the sale. Thanks.
  23. I definitely like it better than the old site. I like the fact that you can connect with alot of the LAKE O fishing websites by clicking on the links. Will they be selling things mail order on the website? I usually just pick up what I need when I get into town but just in case needed something before I arrive will I have the option of ordering it on line? Just wondering. You did a great job on it.
  24. Congrats on the nice fish. Can't wait to get up there and fish.
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