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  1. Yes what Rich D said. The mini discs also work good for high riding kings off the boards down 15 to 25.
  2. Set up in 70ft and trolled north in search of steelies. Ended up with 8 ranging from 4 to 6 pounds and a ten pound laker. The laker hit 10 down over 260 on a stinger fire frog. Half the fish were skinny post spawn fish out deep. 250ft to 350ft was the best with a 2.4 gps speed working. Temps were in the upper 40's with 46.7 getting us a fish every time we circled through the narrow band. A no name orange/silver white back spoon took 6 fish and stingers with orange in them took the rest. Leadcore 4 colors took half the fish plus boards and riggers. Skies got ugly so trolled back into 70ft and had a dipsy hit on blk/silver green glow spoon with nobody home. Had a friend catch some fish in that 70 to 90 foot zone, dont know the details. Too bad the weather didnt hold for Sunday but I want to say thanks to the guys I fished with from Sodus to the bar this derby.
  3. Im thinking going deeper for the silvers is going to be the plan for Friday. Fished east of Sodus on Saturday and got two small fish. Dont think I want to beat around in that clear stuff. In the past we have done well out in that 180 to 230 range with less then ideal temps. Good luck to everyone fishing the derby.
  4. The Big Jon Wille boards work nice I love em
  5. Yes, love fishing in that boat. I will be fishing in it one or two days at the bar for the derby again. Did you fish on " The Candy" up there last year, think we were in contact with you.
  6. Jax, if you dont troll with the main it might be worth it to keep it alive. I bought a motor off ebay and ended up having it rebuilt anyway. Its better to spend hundreds than thousands is what im trying to say. If the VRO is an issue, bypass it and mix the oil yourself. This way you dont have to worry and you save cash. The motor I bought WAS rebuilt half assed, then Pugsley's built it right good luck.
  7. Nice fish, did you use to own a red and white imperial?
  8. Tried the bay for browns a couple times and did ok. Boards and flatlines on the east side, north of the 104 bridge.
  9. Cheers


    Those ponds are hit hard daily, I think the water needs to clear up a bit. There is only a small window for the jumbos to run the shore line,good luck. I hope the slobs clean up after themselves, doubt it.
  10. Cheers


    Was out yesterday and it was pretty slow for perch. Didn't move around to much as it was windy and cold in the morning. We did get a half dozen hammer handle pike on large shiners. Should be some larger fish lurking soon.
  11. Always wanted to ice fish that pond. I know it's really shallow and has limited access. I talked to some guys who caught some small pike out of there last year. Probably the same guys Rebel saw (they have access).
  12. Great fish Steve, too bad they don't bite on the weekends
  13. Cheers

    pike leaders

    Don't horse the fishy
  14. That pic looks alot better than the cell phone pic, call me this weekend.
  15. Throw in some pickled pike caught on golden shiners
  16. Green peppers would be the best combo.
  17. I have also seen a muskrat come thru the ice over at long pond. It nearly froze to death trying to get back to shore 50 yards away.
  18. What, can't afford onions?
  19. Tried this a couple of days ago and it worked great. Put some dried red onion skins in with your bass or pike minnows overnight or longer. This will give them a golden hue like a golden shiner. I only used skins from 2 onions and will use a little more next time. Caught a couple nice bass on them, good luck.
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