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  1. I am selling two Big Jon Captain's packs. They are about 5 years old and have had limited use. I have attached Cannon Retro Ease Wieght Retrievers to both of them. These riggers are in great shape and the motors are still strong. Unfortunately I do not have the mounting plates($20each from Big Jon)I will post pics later in the week, asking $550 for the pair. Local pick up only.
  2. Thank you Fish Junkie you beat me to it!
  3. I think they pull him up to someones pile of perch and he puts them in the sled!
  4. BP Swing, if you are in Hilton take a ride over to Mitchel's bait on Lake Ave. They have some deadbait that is legal that you might be interested in.
  5. The mitchel derby is this Saturday the 22nd $10 to enter. There is usually 100 plus guys so grab your sacs and lets fish(zero to a high of 14 degrees)
  6. Cheers

    buck pond

    I still try Buck at the end of the ice season when the channel is open. Its a long shot but there is still some hogs that come to spawn!
  7. Cheers


    Where did you fish Bob? I was in the back till 1130, sure was nasty. Managed 1 small pike and had a couple flags. My buddies did 2 or 3 pike on Saturday during the snow!
  8. Ronix 51, where do you see this take place?
  9. Cheers

    being stupid

    Cranberry! plenty thick enough 5+ inches not by the cat tails though(Bob)
  10. Cheers

    being stupid

    Did u guys catch any more? I had to leave at 1130
  11. Scott, how was Long Pond looking?
  12. Tom, that line is indestructable! Strongest stuff going in my opinion, I use the 15# for pike leaders when ice fishing(going to 25# for trophy waters) The 8# and#10lb CXX can take serious punishment and is very manageable. It would be interesting to know how other lines would hold up, cool test!
  13. I think that is awsome Billy! Our coppers were on fire at the Niagara and to think that you can bring them in that fast is great! I dont mind bringing a fish in from a country mile back but changing out baits on long coppers just plain sucks. Maybe they are over priced but alot of things are, I like em
  14. Somebody will be happy when they buy this boat! All around solid boat and ready to fish! Too bad you didnt have my kind of money, then you could keep them both
  15. Rochester has lots of kings stacked in front of the river out to 70 feet as of Laber day. The water was warm and the bite was slow! The fish are there but so are the boats. A bunch of Sodus boats are parked at the river for the rest of the season. If you dont like the combat stuff, you can always work the deeper fish.
  16. There are a few around well after midnight from what I hear, but I would wait a week or two with this hot weather coming this week.
  17. That boat rides nice and can take a beating from lake O! The sides are a little low but I fished in the hardtop for the last few years and cant complain.
  18. There are some nice salmon swiming around Sodus right now, it would be nice if they hang for a couple weeks.
  19. A friend of mine who lives on Sodus bay believes the pike fishing has gone down hill over the years do to this treatment.
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