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  1. My friend Mike is docked at Shumway,thats who I fish with(red and white Imperial with white cannons) We fish west of the river often,should be doing the j plug thing a couple more times to end the year
  2. I know it was awsome fishing we were there that Sunday. There was fish out to 30 feet is what I ment! Bieng the end of june I rounded it out to July, hope it happens again next year. Once again nice catch
  3. They work best for me 40 to 75 back off the ball and up to 125 back or more when flatlining
  4. Jack,not sure how far a 1oz Dive Bomb would get u down but I would say add it on about half your stretch of line. I have been playing with Torpedo Divers a little this year and love em! Caught fish on them everytime I put one out. In some situations they are just awsome(like high fish)! They come 2,4,8,and 12oz and come with a depth chart.Check out the website,good luck.
  5. That is a beast! is that going on the wall? nice long leader on those bells
  6. 30 fow in july! that was cool some real slobs around that week nice catch
  7. Thanks! 30 to 60 fow should be the depth for some big guys and browns with this wind!
  8. I like long leaders when there down in the mud! Ill run an 11 inch with a mid 40s leader with cut bait. A 4ft leader on a clear diver helps with that set up! Keep up the good reports,should be fishing sodus on Saturday then its back to the Genny for the season. There already talking breezy for the weekend
  9. Its been tuff to get some big guys bieng the one day weekend warrior, trust me but nice job!
  10. Bio Blue is an all purpose biodegradable cleaner that you can mix with water. When used in a spray bottle it drops flys dead and breaks them up when they swarm. Not sure where to get it now but i think we ordered it from Olindos when I worked in a kitchen years ago. Im going to find out. IT will be great for cleaning and killing(not sure about spraying canvas or upholstry) stay tuned!
  11. Just a reminder! Please do not handle these fish, they have very fine scales and human hands will destroy them. Shake them off over the side with a good size pliers. Thanks and happy fishing
  12. Very nice fish! and I know you work hard for those slobs!I Fished out of there for a few years, well done!
  13. I also fished Sodus today on a friends boat. Started west in 60 for a while with nothing, a few boats working the beach Went north hit a 10lb brown on a torpedo diver with ss lazer spook at 100 fow off the board. next fish was a nice steel on the stinger nbk slider on the 35 rigger 170 fow. Worked to 275 and back and picked a bow and a couple lakers on the same set ups! One skippy on a 50 rigger(ss gator) as well. Missed a couple on that slider.Greener water 170 t0 220 with a hook here and there down 140. Never tried any flasher fly stuff today and didnt mark much till we picked up right in front from 60 to 80. Lots of prop and hull busting stuff out there,keep your eyes peeled!
  14. Many fish all over the surface out of Rochester today,I even saw one rocket straight up out of the water on the other side of are planner. We managed to scrape a dozen bites(steel,coho,laker) on a variety of baits. Get some planners and try some small sticks and spoons next time. We did not use the real small stuff for some reason but we should have!
  15. Nice catching Andy! Ive been out several times this year but miss being out on the Pierless. Keep em coming in the boat! Gregg
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