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  1. Some days spawning salmon respond well to F-10 sized stick baits with shot added off boards and theres a good chance of getting a bow or some browns in 30 feet or less! It may not be on fire but work an area and you can pick some fish. Keep SOG 2.5 or less
  2. You can catch lakers still or fish offshore like BC said. You can also fish shallow like a spring set up and catch trout and stray salmon around creek and river mouths on smaller baits!
  3. Cheers

    Lake O

    2 of us fished Lewis shoal this morning ! One nice bass on a drop shot with a tube! Thought it would be much better marked fish but its hard to stay on them
  4. Have you done any bass fishing in that area John? Heard its good this time of year along the south shore.Just curious as I might give it a go somewhere out of Rochester this weekend
  5. You either get em or ya dont doing the river mouth thing! One day your hot next day your not! I used the same proven river mouth lures as my buddy on Saturday and had one rip while they went 4 for 5
  6. We saw kings breaking the surface in 100 to 140 on Sunday and have seen this in past years at this time!
  7. A spin doc or echip will work on the bottom plus a king might grab it!
  8. You can double that action if you fish Long Pond by boat
  9. Torpedo's are a great weapon for high fish,good to hear people are trying them well done!
  10. It was steelhead fest today, not to many kings around! Whos working on your boat?
  11. Well done! Didnt make it out there this May but its always a blast!
  12. The sooner the better buddy pugsleys will be backed up a two or three weeks
  13. Any time Man let me know! 3 riggers is all ya need for your summertime salmon with some wires and junk lines. Good luck with your auto pilot!
  14. Heavy debris coming out of the genny rolling east heads up!!
  15. 60 over 350, was a spring derby ten years ago out of the roc on spoons.Last year first week of the spring derby found some by braddx 50/60 down over 90.They were under gangs of lakers.I remember a 140 rigger going off out at the bar a couple years ago too, spinny!
  16. Cheers


    Yup unless im in a derby!
  17. Cheers


    Thanks Icelegend for the catch n release. I do the same in these ponds when I find alligators!
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