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    Looks like your eating good tonight!
  2. If you plan to fish out past the points bring your spud! There was open water yesterday inline with button wood creek which is now glazed and looks just like the good ice. Should be good in a few days,guess a guy walked off the edge yesterday morn in the dark
  3. Cheers

    Silver Lake

    Went today the ice was great put 2 pike on the ice lost a nice one and my buddy caught 3 perch waiting for flags. Windy today and it was hard to keep the dead sticks clean!
  4. I hear ya, Im heading to silver on Friday if shore ice doesn't die tomorrow! Pike is my thing as well
  5. Ok thanks, cant recall how many yards down till you steer left out to the main channel.Like to fish Waters that contain lake gators, catch and release for me. Always wanted to try there, hour and twenty min drive. New scenery ya know!
  6. Very cool! Can you fish all the way down the channel or does it get hairy?
  7. And just in case of any thugs, they have a mini 14 hanging on the wall of the cabin when the video first starts!
  8. I think they are bass fishing! saw them race out from Ibay and head west
  9. Last few minuets before dark is the hottest time and sometimes about an hour in.Never trolled to much past 9 this time of year but guys get them off the piers so why not.Riggers down 6 to 12 usually gets them along with a short core. Moonshines work great but the dull glows seem to work well,good luck!
  10. Well done guys! For a rough estimate, Braddocks is about 7or8 miles east of Sandy.Genny is another 7or8 from there and Ibay/I creek is 4or5 east of Genny.
  11. Nice catch! I am a big fan of the torpedo weights,try the muskie off a deep rigger when they shy away from the cannon balls
  12. Steady action out there for sure before the little front came by. Several lakers in the top 25 then we found the steel in the depths rdebadts mentioned. A bunch of smaller ones with a couple bigger but no 8 or 9s for us. Had a couple hard rigger shots 17 and 30 down but failed to connect. Stinger ckicken wing,mixed veggie, and gold perch were good. Go back and get a derby fish rdebadts!
  13. Black and silver super slim with green and yellow ladder. black and silver or black and white was the spoon colors for are silvers
  14. Fished Sodus today and Friday East of the chute.Friday lots of suspended lakers on wires with a few small steelhead late in the day in the top 20. Today much slower on the lakers for us with a few more steelhead but did catch a 21lb king 25 down over 108 fow. fished 75 to 130 and might try deeper for some steelhead tomorrow if we go out!
  15. I started the morning at Cranberry and had 6 inches of ice 3 white and 3 black. The sun burned it up fast and it got real soft.The black ice had tons of tiny bubbles. After the fire trucks raced by towards braddx we moved are spread into 2 feet of water for the remainder of the day.Found a few yellows in there!
  16. People are going in so please be safe and stay off the ice!
  17. about 4 inches as of Sunday
  18. McCoy is great line! This year was like the 4th year with the same line on the reels,not a problem.
  19. I have heard of ships filling thier ballast tanks! How can we find out more on this?
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