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  1. I have had this happen twice this year with the lakers!
  2. Well done! Where are these steel,Ive only seen 1 in many outings already!
  3. 4 mile creek camp ground if your in to the camp out thing. $25 a night and there is power and a nice heated bathroom with showers. Its 5 min to the launch at the river and its all fisherman that are camping this time of year.
  4. If you are alone then I would rig them to slide down the line to a splitshot about 4 to 5 feet from the lure. Make sure the splitshot is large enough to stop the board. When a fish takes, keep the line tight and reel slow and steady till the board hits the shot.You wont feel much until the board gets to the shot or it is a large fish.Try not to pump the rod much when the board is sliding. This is the best method I have found when rigging them to slide.
  5. Last year or the year before massive schools of coho showed up over night and it was on! We will have to see what this round of wind and rain brings this weekend. Good to hear you tied up with a couple nice ones.
  6. We fished Sat and Sun for about 4 hours each day and did very well! Never left the pier heads and had our bites on the same stuff as Bruce listed with some orange sticks also. Most of our bites were in the brown water and we found 1 7lb king on Saturday. I am now ready for a coho invasion, maybe this wind will bring some more silvers! Good luck out there
  7. Camomanbg my little spit was not aimed at you. With an opening post like that on other websites and only seven posts,people go nuts! Like Bruce said you cant catch em on the couch and that was my point. Rather than argue with you about how much money we spend or why we want to catch fish I will contribute info! As of right now there is good color east and west of the river(mostly wind blown) Some color is only out to 8 fow. Friday looks breezy from the N/NW so it should remain for the weekend. I dont post that much anymore but will try to contribute to the 2012 season,best of luck!
  8. Guys its shoreline fishing time! Get out and fish and have fun,lets not worry about what port is producing 5 more fish then the next. If your not catching fish try something different,you might just be suprised. I know gas is a huge factor but try to keep a sense of adventure.We went out of Rochester Sunday and didnt have a bite for over an hour. Then we found a nice pocket of fish and worked the area,simple as that!
  9. Nice work! I love the look on your kids face while your holding the salmon
  10. Cheers

    Silver lake

    no ice there,normally fish that area
  11. Cheers

    Silver lake

    OK thanks, looking to try some pike in a couple days
  12. Cheers

    Silver lake

    How was the snow and ice?
  13. You could play around with some mini divers stacked on the riggers on the top or the bottom or off the boards. Its good practice and not to hard on the wallet if you mess things up! Just another idea for a boat that size
  14. Thats kinda how he fishes for trout in the streams!
  15. All things come to those who bait! Got my gear out and started to tie new leaders and make sure everything is working properly. Its coming!
  16. Cheers


    That auger looks great Brian, Im looking to go power down the road and like this idea! For now Im happy with my Nihls
  17. Sea Lion how does it run when its warmed up? I had a 1990 90 horse Evy and it was a coldblooded beast! On colder damp mornings it would do what yours is doing. Its normal to use the choke intermittently upon cold starts. Its better to let it cough and sputter versus raising the throttle to smooth it out. I had mine rebuilt and thats how it acted and they told me it was fine. Check the plugs and fuel filter and go from there!
  18. The river bite is tuff right now and will drive u mad! The water is warm so wait a week or two and it could develope again! Also be set up before the sun hits the horizon! NE/E wind today and some rain tuesday might get it going again!
  19. Good tip scott! I lost my best rare northport nailer plug being lazy and attching it to a swivel that broke
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