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  1. The fishing should be good Saturday out of rochester! Heavy fog all week and right now on the shoreline! Good luck
  2. This is a common problem with diawa LC reels. I have 3 or 4 of the previous models that all need new drag washers. I still have a few that work just fine! This usually doesnt happen until hardcore use or many ripping drag runs! Try to return it for another new one.
  3. Will do Tony, good luck!
  4. Despite these conditions right now, we will be trying these trophy waters!
  5. Run spin n glows and peanuts behind the bells. All the colors Gambler said plus monkey puke!
  6. Do you guys have warrents out! Nice fish and sweet T-shirt
  7. Yes they are still for sale and they are 4 foot booms. PM me your phone # if interested.
  8. 2 Big Jon Captains packs with 4ft booms,swival bases,weight retrievers,just need 4X4 mounting plates asking $500 pics are on the selling page Gregg
  9. I am selling a nice pair of downriggers on this site! where are you located?
  10. I never looked at the gps but I believe that is what we were fishing
  11. After responding to a post on the open lake page I was invited to fish with Matt from PA and his buddy. Headed west and the water was clear but found some nice water coming from the first creek mouth that way. We beat that little area to death and landed a couple slob Atlantics, 2 decent browns, and 2 cohos. The atlantic that Matt is holding was just shy of 32 inches and had a set of shoulders. Did not wiegh it but I would say around 17lbs. We trolled medium size rebel sticks and the clear holographic took the Atlantics(niagra looking bait). I put out a small ranowski similiar to our hot bait on a flat line and it got smoked. It wasnt on very long but it was the best hit of the day! Anyway great flat seas and good times with new friends!
  12. Hey rick how long was that brown? On Sunday we caught an atlantic at the oak that was almost 32 inches. Didnt have a scale but it had to be pushing 17lbs based on your brownie. I suggested it go on the wall but it ended up in a zip lock bag!
  13. I am in rochester(Irondequoit) and those are the swivel basis in the pics along with the hold down knobs and swivel base mounting screws. All they need to be complete are the 4x4 mounting plates. There is a pair on Ebay for $20.
  14. I have read that pike do very well on small lakes and ponds when this happens, one of the last fish to survive!
  15. The week before LOC derbies
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