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  1. 150 fow was good today 100 down or deeper and 350 wires mostly spin doctors
  2. A friend of mine has a 25hp short shaft johnson thats been sitting in his garage, Im sure it needs work but it might not be so bad. I think its a mid 80's model so if your interested i can put you in contact.We are in Rochester.
  3. Yes fish them the same way,look for outflows and stained water. Mid to late October thru november,can feel very empty out there! The big males can be tough but the smaller females bite well, be safe!
  4. April can be good in I bay, follow the shoreline and hit the points with small sticks or spoons. Only did it a couple times but had success.Dont know if fall time is worth it but have seen plenty of trout and salmon in there while perch fishing.
  5. Well done Brian,got the pic from steve! We put smack down around 350 fow off the river. Cant wait till they pile up in that 90 to 120 zone.
  6. Hey Gator I have towed a derby brown on a rope over the side and also a steelhead(no cooler those days) Both lived until I pulled them to run them in. Both times they were very close to when I first put them on my scale.In my opinion,soak em!
  7. Thats what it is,I hooked one just like that in the mouth a few years back while trolling sticks for browns. I will try to find the pic, kinda odd that these people hooked one right in the face like we did
  8. Turtle Rock is west between russell station and round pond. I believe it is in about 8 feet of water. Sometimes you can just see the top of it breaking the water.
  9. I think 4c's marina have those little shack's available for like $25 a night.
  10. Nice job on the derby fish! Was out there Sunday as well and enjoyed that bite. Many steelhead and a few 2 year old kings as well! Managed 2 big salmon on the 350 wire in 180 and lost 1 more. Hung a deep deep rigger for those fish but only managed a few fat lakers(up to 14lbs) It was a good day of fishing.
  11. 17 to 30lb big game mono! All size dipsy's can be used in that depth range with the mono, and with the right rods! Deep diving bombers,and j plugs can be flatlined 100 to 200 back. Hope that helps as a start.
  12. Congrates on the derby fish Brian! Im sure you will put up a bigger one
  13. Good fishing man! The third pic down is an atlantic, great fish!
  14. Its tough out there! went straight out and set down 220 trolled to 380 with nothing. Turned and got a low teens king 53 down over 250, worked that area had very few marks some bait 20 down. Trolled into 80 picked a steel on 10 color in 120 and a dink king. Had 9 rods out from top to 100 down
  15. I have fished for browns maybe 10 times and didnt notice many wounds,only on a couple larger fish. We fished Wilson this past weekend and did see a number of small ones on the salmon. I do believe the steel will come to play soon,we were chasing bug filled slicks on mothers day but couldnt turn one!
  16. Thats a nice boat you have there! saw it Friday night when we went out with Jimmy.It was a good couple hours of fishing to top of a great day of fishing.
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