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  1. Excalibur all the way!! shoots straight fast and way less parts to go wrong or break.
  2. I have a question, what is better, single strand wire or braided and why? thank you Guys
  3. See if you can hunt down George and Ginny,they owned Port Ontario Tackle (closed down) In Port Ontario George invented the Twinkies. i bet he has them.
  4. hello guys, we're heading up this weekend, what do you think would be better fishing, out from Salmon river 150/200 fow or out of oswago? going with kids so you know they want action. lol thank you wonderboy
  5. I Have 2, Boom length is only about 16,18" both have Pulley. Wonderboy
  6. Hello Guys, i'm thinking of getting a autopilot for my 22' 150HP outboard Angler. Your Feedback would be helpful. TU wonderboy
  7. Can u please post more pic. have 19' v bottom tracker with 115 johnson motor, could trade. Tom
  8. Let me see what i can part with. what are we talking, rods, reels, stick baits, spoons, terminal tackle, radio, fishfinder. that fox profx3 can it be used for goose hunting? I looked at cabela's on line and didn't find the fox pro fx3.
  9. Gentlemen, Question for you, did they pass the 3 rod per person on lake Ontario ? thank you wonderboy
  10. i have for sale 2 Ugly Stik dipsey rods, with twilly tips, only used a couple times, like new. BWDD 1100 10' Med Heavy 12-30 line. $70.00 for both. I'll split the shipping with you.
  11. Wonderboy: The sale and/or trade of any firearms or ammunition on this website are strictly prohibited. Items listed on this website that do not conform to the Terms of Service guidelines will be removed without notice and the user will be subject to removal of posting privileges. All users agreed to abide by these rules when they first signed up for an account. L&M edit
  12. Looking for a swivel base and mounting block for a Fathom master 620
  13. My good friend has a 22' angler, i'm on it all the time. it's a great boat, on the Lake and in the ocean. Rides and trolls Well. You will love it. Ciao Wonderboy
  14. i troll with my 115 on my 19ft. and have no problems. just have to slip it into neutral and blow it out once in awhile.
  15. that goes to show u how hard it is to float fish, first time doing it.
  16. Thats the only way pinhead can catch fish1 i'll go 1 on 1 with any pinhead with my fly rod and without a strike indicator, thats a joke too.
  17. I use 3/4" plywood 8"x8" for backing plate, never had a problem. i wouldn't worry about putting back the s-foam back. that little bit woun't sink the boat. lol Ciao Wonderboy
  18. Hello Guys, besides the fleas how is the line, don't fish to much in summer. i just bought 2. ??????? what should i do?
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