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  1. Great Question. I would check back at the end of the month or beg. of February. Reg should be open by then. Good to see you're fired up about it! Thanks
  2. 10-4 on not making regular anymore ! I believe you are correct
  3. The 2020 WHI is scheduled for Saturday May 16th, 2020. The format will most likely be similar or same as 2019. Thanks, Captain Pete VQ
  4. Doc, Darn, I gave you a chapter back and that's all you re-butt with Doc? Hey, I think we can all agree on that fishing and fish keep it interesting and if it was the same day in and day out, it would get boring and lose its charm.. (Ie. lake Erie all summer :)) Also, conditions and fish moods are always changing, lots of theories exist, we all have our opinions and if we all thought the same, it would be a pretty darn boring world... And the media would be pretty darn bored without TRUMP in office. Oh yeah, one last item: Doc with Team Yankee this fall??? That was a nice surprise at KOTL. Captain Pete
  5. Doc, Now bringing politics into it? LOL-GO TRUMP 2020 !!!! (You started it) Wanna side bet who wins 2020?? I will cover it... You're not a fish, so one does not know whether a fish can hear a ball/weight/attractor/shark with hum of a cable? Another test needed I guess That was a great "opinion" on cable....BUT what about the Shark guys who use BRAID....... with SHARKS.... Hum factor is OUT! Do you call BS on 8" E Chip flashers? The East end gang may be lookin' for you if you answer that one wrong.. The debate on wire cable VS braid puling weights is another great debate. AND the conclusion is..... Whatever you feel most confident in is how you should roll. I am a 100% wire cable guy and prefer the noise advantage. I know guys who switched to braid then back to wire.... "They" felt wire generated more rigger bites. Again, would need a test but difficult to do and prove. There are days when divers generate more bites also that riggers and thats always a head scratcher.. That was the case this September for us.. My divers were not as effective BUT in talking to other captains fishing same water, they had similar results... AND there seems to be days throughout the year where a lot of guys fishing same water have similar scenarios, like long lines sucked today but riggers hot. Then two days later its opposite.. Its fishing and things are always changing... As mentioned, a controlled experiment would need done to be 100% certain but one cannot deny the simple facts that they create more noise/attraction and fish are attracted to or will shun from that...Fish finders prove that easily. Compare a ball weight VS shark on a FF screen.... Proof... Does a shark or cable do much for you when pulling attractors 15-100 ft back? doubtful since the attractors IMO over ride a Shark/Cable. However, spoons or offerings fished tighter is a different game. As seen 100X on my boat, pulling chrome sharks in the top 60 FOW will draw a lot of spectator fish, often many will not eat but they get pulled in, follow, skirt around these a LOT of time. Its frustrating because I think they are curious fish. Some bite but a lot swim through the set. We feel some of these fish end up biting our divers in close prox. tho if the don't bite the Shark "bait" (Rookie fishermen nailed it!) Can I prover it, NOPE... Summer Brown trout are known as a "skittish line shy fish" LOL but my best rigger is often the one my tightest lead behind a BLACK Shark if fishing deeper than 50 FOW.. Thats on my boat tho.... Captain Pete
  6. It's all good Rick.... Thank You ! Earl28-Regarding the comment "Its like being one on one at the Salmon School" Now that made me smile and laugh... That was a pretty good reply. I think your on the right page with your order. Captain Pete
  7. Earl 28: to answer your Q. One can never go wrong with black! Chrome weights can be used as an added attractant, whether high or deep fishing but some guys believe they may turn fish off (too much light refraction/spook fish etc...) Unproven but its a legit theory/concern. I carry chrome and black and use accordingly and like a 17# chrome shark deep ! and I like chrome sharks in the top 60 when hunting for steelhead and coho running spoons tight but not kings. White is unproven but now available at FishUSA. Will be interesting to try out some day) We tried white downrigger weights for Lakers for a couple years (On Erie) and always benched them cuz we felt they were not productive VS lead balls-Again. my opinion from doing this since the 80's and fishing April into November.... We usually do not use Sharks when pounding bottom for Trout tho. Too expensive and their noses can dig into rocks etc.. Hope all of this helps. Captain Pete
  8. Iceman John- I am Not saying that there are not a few riggers that can pull 20# ers.. I have owned BJs since 1987 from std units to Brutes currently. One cannot run a 20# weight on a longer boom BJ as an example.Unless the boom is short- However, the motors CAN pull them easily. Walkers and older riggers suffer with 20# weights. The avg./rec angler does not use 20# weights. My point was to Rick because he promotes CANNONS because he believes in them and we don't tell others to Laugh when they talk about them. CANNON makes a great product and has vested itself in the Great Lakes market ! They also have a great captain like Rick on their team. Rick, I guess this part of your reply to John was a bit harsh from someone that promotes numerous products and ones that "you" believe in. Esp. since you do not truly know that answer yourself. "If anyone tells you they attract fish please laugh back at them" WTH? The fact that they "may" or may not is a debate-agree. But that's true of MANY things in the fishing world. These are all debatable things and we can go on.. (LOL-we are not gonna even start those debates) Does FC catch more fish than regular mono? Does scented meat out fish regular unscented meat? Does adding post applied scents like Pro Cure of Mikes help induce strikes? Does changing a flasher out pulling meat to a diff color flasher with same meat actually make a fish bite Or was it coincidence? Do Solunar Tables work all the time? Do lighter leaders get more bites when spoon fishing than heavy line? On and on....The beat goes on... "As for your downrigger dig, again another company that came to me, there are many companies who can carry a 20lb weight. Traxstech, Big John, Scotty, and Magnum Metal all can handle 20lb weights. I'd say the only one who can't is Walker". Rick-Try a standard BJ rigger with a 20#er or use a Brute rigger with 50" boom and 20# weight (Ker Plunk). Not gonna happen, so it depends on each situation with each rigger. Not all rigger, not all booms or setups can handle a 20#er. BTW-just wanted to get you riled up a bit because of your laugh comment. Its all good tho... SHARKS: 2/2: You are correct in saying they track great and omit sound signal below and that our sonar units can see that diff from regular weights and SHARKS weights. Whether they attract fish and help you catch fish is most likely a personal choice answer. I say yes along with many others. They do draw fish into spread and their weights get a lot of follows. PLUS and we all know fish are attracted to sound/disturbances, esp in the AM and when their on the feed bag. Captain Pete Vision Quest Sport Fishing
  9. Rick, Ouch Rick.... I guess the same can be said with a dodger or certain flashers?? One can assume Is it the offering behind it really or the snap of does the flasher/type/color really matter after all? Does the wire used with wire divers attract/catch more fish than braid or mono line? Cant prove the wire does per se' but they do make a hum and do catch fish more. that braid typically (Or at least that's the rumor Are u promoting CANNON riggers because a lot of anglers don't have riggers that can pull 20 pound weights without something breaking. I know CANNONS do tho... But not all will or can. Just my 2 cents
  10. Congratulations to : Div I Winner: Team Screamer Runner-up: Team Finders Keepers Div II Winner: Team Cannonball Runner Runner Up: Team Warship Checks and sponsor prizes will be distributed sometime this Fall and per the L.O.C.S. payout outlined on the web page. Final Results can be found here: http://greatlakesspecialevents.com/locsstandings.html Thanks to all who participated in 2019 .
  11. This was a great event and was very well run, so thanks to Steph, Vince the businesses, volunteers, sponsors and County for their participation. Also to the captains and teams who participated, even in the snotty NE winds Friday AM... Myself and Team had a great time and enjoyed year #2 for us. Its easy to see why its growing and why people want to be involved. Good Stuff ! Captain Pete Vision Quest/Team Reel Warriors
  12. http://greatlakesspecialevents.com/locsstandings.html DI and DII updates are available here. Royal Flush leader in DII and Screamer in DI but anything can happen with more events left. Some players may elect to take their second chance before the A-TOM-MIK Invitational. Will Cannonball and Finders Keepers elect to do that? Team VQ has entered their second chance for the Fall KOTL. Its still anyone's game... Thanks and Good Fishing
  13. Rick, This may help? AM division only $250 entry plus any minor admin fees needed. Alternate entry (optional) for an added amt for guys wishing to play for more? (like a side bet or structured calcutta) Same payout structure of 15% List payout structure for main Am event-like 15% of field gets paid Toss in the sponsor prizes in the Ams because most pros have a lot already? Weigh-in 1 hour earlier than Pro-Open div. so not a big jam up. 3 salmon or maybe 5? 3 or 2 trout (only 1 can be laker) Too many trout species can be intimidating for newer guys? But still some skill or luck involved Having a less intimidating structure may get more guys involved then they could work up to the current 5 and 5 format. *LOL-no one can fish east of Devils...or West of 30 mile Captain Pete
  14. Thanks for the PM-I did not see it til after I posted here. Checking... Thanks
  15. Jaybird, Will check it out but need a team name or name to verify accuracy? Thanks
  16. http://www.wilsonharborinvitational.com/whi.html The scores for the WHI, Trout and Salmon Slam and 1K day have been updated on the WHI website. FYI Thanks
  17. Deadline to register for the Don J and Pete D tourney is Thursday by 7am. $100 per boat. See below. Event is open to anyone, not just Pro Am teams Thanks
  18. Just a Reminder for those teams participating in this weeks WHI event. There is a free of charge Division II in which you can enter, if you are planning on doing 3 or more events this year. If not doing 3 or more, this would not apply to you. DI has an entry fee. Teams have until end of day Friday to enter either division, if planning on using the WHI scores. All rules etc.are available on line at: http://www.greatlakesspecialevents.com/about.html Good luck to all this weekend.
  19. Just a reminder that the Wilson Harbor Invitational entry deadline is May 3rd, 2019. 1K a Day and Salmon/Trout Slam deadline is May 16th, 2019 Check out their website for details. Captain Pete WHI Video:
  20. We are excited to bring the Lake Ontario Championship Series back for year #3 NEW for 2019: FREE entry for DII entrants with chance to win $500 cash plus $500 in sponsor products. With the Spring KOTL coming next weekend, teams may want to consider entering before that event if they are participating in it, especially Canadian teams that are competing in both KOTL events and maybe a Tight Lines event. There are 4 Canadian events to choose from, so Canadian teams not competing in any USA events in 2019, can simply enter all 4 Canadian events upfront. DI remains the same as years past. DII was amended to a free entry in order to make this a fun and exciting-see how you do against your peers all season event. We keep the running scoreboard all year for you. You simply pick 5 events prior to participating in your first one. We use your best 3 and we allow 5 picks even though you may not know the events you may do. No harm in picking extra events-we only use best 3. Divisions: Division I is geared more for the charter captain, pro anglers or serious fisher people. Entrants in this division would be those typically qualified to enter the Pro division only in Pro Am style events. Cost: $100 event (same as last 2 years) Awards Overall Winner: 70% Runner Up: 30% Division II is designed more for the recreational angler and part time tournament angler. However, pros or charter captains can participate in DII if they choose those events that are "NOT" listed as AM (only) events. Cost: FREE Awards Overall Winner: $500 cash plus $500 min. in sponsor prizes Runner Up: $200.00 check and $300 min. in sponsor prizes. http://www.greatlakesspecialevents.com/about.html Questions: [email protected] Thank You
  21. Thanks Vince and Steph ! Vision Quest has offered to provide a boat again in 2019. Captain Pete
  22. 2019 Tournament Dates Announced!! 2019 Spring KOTL Event Information Spring KOTL Event: Saturday April 27th & Sunday 28th (no make up day) Entry Fees: $300 CAD, $100 late fee will be added to all registrations received after March 31st @ midnight, NO ENTRIES will be accepted after April 19th at midnight Location: St. Catharine’s Ontario Port: St. Catharine’s Marina; Port Weller Initial Entry Deadline: March 31st, 2019 at midnight Late Entry Deadline: April 19th, 2019 at midnight No entries accepted after April 19th, 2019 http://www.kotl.ca/ https://youtu.be/vy9Lvf5heII Spring King of the Lake - Saturday, April 27th and Sunday, April 28th, 2019 Spring King of Kings - Bluffers - Saturday, June 15th, 2019 Fall King of the Lake - Saturday, August 31st and Sunday, September 1st, 2019 Thank You
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