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  1. Crestliner24

    Lake Champlain

    We have a similar website..... Lake Champlain United at You will find a lot of information about the lake and tips. If you need more information, please send me an email. I will be glad to help you out.
  2. Awesome...... thanks for sharing
  3. Crestliner24

    New Steelhead Vid

    Nice, thanks Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Crestliner24

    great lake planners

    I updated my boat 2 years ago with the rocket launcher w/ lights. My boat is a 24' Crestliner Sabre walkaround and I just love the add on.
  5. Crestliner24


    I like the upgrades..... GREAT JOB
  6. Crestliner24


    We fished them Labor Day weekend..... UV green and green ladderback did the best. Our setup was inside riggers with 50-80 ft back and just above the outside riggers. Good luck.
  7. We were in site 40 from 9/1 to 9/4. We hit them pretty good. Total was 30 fish for 3.5 days (25 kings, 3 cohos, 1 atlantic, and 1 brown. We helped two neighors with what worked in front of the river..... It would be great to know other LOU members at the Selkirk. Best lures were FF combo (white on white) and Jplugs worked pretty good (glow in dark). Thanks for the report. Captain Bob
  8. as of Aug 5th, bill has been deliveried to the governor
  9. Crestliner24

    7 strand trolling wire

    You need to watch Gander Mtn in January clearance sale. I pickup 1000 ft spool of 7 stand for $7.00. The original sticker was $49.00. I bought 2 spools. It is nice to get a good deal once in a while. Captain Bob
  10. WOW... great day of fishing
  11. great report.... I can not wait for my trip
  12. Crestliner24

    Rocket Launcher

    i have a 24' Crestliner walk around and found the great lake planners last year. I installed them in a couple of days. They are just great and look super. Give Tony a call.
  13. I have been running 12 pound weights on my four Big Jons 4' booms for years. I have only had one problem with boom breaking but that was with the temp probe as well... I got everything back and Big Jon fixed the boom.
  14. Crestliner24

    S2462.....3 Rod/Person

    The bill passed the senate and has been deliveried to the Assemble then referred to the Environmental Con.. We are closer but what is the next step?
  15. Crestliner24

    radio idiot

    Yes, I heard the trash on the radio..... For the last 3 years as well. I do not enjoy listing to the language...... It is real sad we have to spend our time off silencing to this. I fished for 4 days and did alright(11 fish with the largest about 22lbs). Was it slow at time, YES.... BUT the radio is a tool..... not to be abused.