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  1. What's the name of the FB page??? Found it.
  2. Cannon slide lock bases I need two if anyone has any they want to part with.
  3. I did think of that but not communicating at all is what bothers me if she (I think she) isn't dead conman courtesy dictates at the very least answer one of the 5 e-mails pms I sent. If it works out that it wasn't the persons fault I'll post it up here.
  4. Don't deal with WOOD29 Made a deal for a planner mast and boards paid through PP (thankfully) that was two weeks ago haven't heard a word since, even after several PM's and E-mails through PP. The matter has now been handed over to them. I hate it when a hard working person get screwed by a fellow board member, just a heads up for the rest of you. Beware of WOOD29!
  5. What year is the motor how many hours and shaft length please?
  6. Load Rite roller trailer 2005 19' load rite roller trailer it's in NH ( you will have to come get it) here's the CL link. PM with questions. https://nh.craigslist.org/bpo/6114386713.html
  7. My .35's are my go foul weather guns for sneak and peek I've had the mod 8 hump back semi the 336c leaver and the pump gun with a peep they're light and quick. And deadly!
  8. No need all's good .35 rem 200gr will take down anything in North America less Grizzly. We're good Pap.
  9. NK lot 48 NK 28s, 10 NK 4-Ds, 5 NK mags $200.00 shipped.
  10. Will let you both know someone is interested in the whole thing.
  11. Sutton lot 1-#35, 2-#22,1-#21,1-#29 copper back,2-#81 brass back flutters the others are heavies. $100 obo pm with offers. Shipped.
  12. Going to break it up into smaller spoon lots, froggy and yellow dipsys are no longer available.Will repost pic of lot later.
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