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  1. i use 15 with a 20 foot floro leader that is 10 lbs. have a nice one on play him out. fshnwmn
  2. you are very lucky...i would give anything to be able to fish with my dad one more time. enjoy every minute. thanks for sharing fshnwmn
  3. call little salmon country (bob and carols) i know they rent grassy spots for people with tents. it is located in mexico. good luck fshnwmn
  4. clients............what is your web site thanks fshnwmn
  5. i will take all the ones with a glass bead.(eye) at 2 dollars each thanks. fshnwmn
  6. C AND F let me knw where to send the money order thanks fshnwmn
  7. i see you had 300 hits no replies if u r interested in an offer let me knw. thanks fshnwmn
  8. i will take lot c and f if no one took them already thanks fshnwmn
  9. let me knw.......if not sold......check will be on the way....... thanks fshnwmn
  10. i will take the e chip flashers is u want to seperate thanks fshnwmn
  11. if the fish hawk transduuser is in working order and is compatable with a fish hawk 800 i will take it. thank you fshnwmn
  12. i see pending payment.if it falls thru let me knw 5708145165 thank you
  13. very very sorry to hear of your loss. i purchased your dad's spoons in the past and he even sent me a cd to watch of him fishing and using the spoons. i spoke with him last year and offered him to fish with me, he told me his fishing days were over. good luck with the buisness. the poonie spoons do catch fish. fshnwmn (carol)
  14. looking for shimano takota line counters 300 or 500,600. also berts ratchet rod holders. thank you fshnwmn
  15. looking for berts trac and ratchet rod holders thanks fshnwmn
  16. how much was that e tec motor thanks fshnwn
  17. hey if u want to call me ..i have some avet reels .i don't know if you knw what they are.check them out on the internet and let me knw......... i will then call u with my phone # thanks fshnwmn
  18. hey poonie have some of your spoons as you well know .you know all your customers. what size are they fshnwmn carol
  19. does anyone knw of a place that will bend and make a frame and canvas top with clear sides??? i have a 18ft walk thru oswego....pulaski area thanks fshnwmn
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