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  1. We caught 8 fishing the north end of Cayuga Friday along with perch & pickeral.
  2. Had riggers down 140 on the counters, Spindoctors & flies. Yep 12lb balls.
  3. We did 4 kings and 1 coho Friday, 120 down 160ft of water, out from salmon river between 10:00 an 2:00 .
  4. Sounds Like a great idea, I could have used so Info 5/3,but the boat ran great.
  5. which rod holders work the best for dipsey rods on the berts tracks THANKS DAVE.
  6. I use Torpedo Roller Guides from Lake Michigan Angler.
  7. Most of the prop should be below due to the rise of the boat bottom. thanks JOHN.
  8. Just received my model 10000 swim step motor bracket. When I put it on my built in swim platform it's 9 inch's higher than my transom. I want to get a Yamaha with a 25 inch lower unit, will it be long enough??? THANKS . DAVE
  9. Sutton's with the fixed hook and Twin minnows.
  10. Sorry, I don't. I keep it at Kidders Landing on Cayuga Lake, call me if you want to see it. Thank,s Dave
  11. Fishin Barge, 60hp merc. 4 stroke BF, 12v trolling motor & trailer, kept under cover. $ 14,000. 570-265-6409.
  12. Marty, I'm still not sure what i want for steering, I also have Sea Star hyd steer. My biggest problem is building a bracket to hold the kicker bracket, my transom has a builtin swim platform. I will contact Troll Master after the holiday's to see if they have them for 2011 & 2012 model's. Let me know about Yamaha's remote control feature. What kicker bracket are you going to use? I will keep in touch Dave
  13. retsey, were both doing the same projects, are you putting your trollmaster on a new Yamaha 9.9ht. I couldn't find the number for the 2012 model , Thank's DAVE
  14. Thank's guys, Now were's the best place to get a Yamaha ht.
  15. Thank's guy's, I also want to set it up with the Controllking and the Panther T4 electro steer. Anybody had any experince with these. THANKS DAVE.
  16. Just bought a 23' Sea Fox WA, I don't know If a 9.9 high thrust is big enough, Thank's for any advice.
  17. Went jigging Sunday morning, 1-10.2# 1-10# 1-8.4# 1-7.6#1-7.3
  18. Trouthunter, was that you trolling by us, you asked us how we were doing jigging ? We had good time, boated 17 had a couple over 10# great morning, quit at 10:30 Dave.
  19. We'll launch from Sheldrake, an head south I think, good luck to all.
  20. John, I'll talk to you sat. morning, I can help in the afternoon. see you then.
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