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  1. I lowered the price. You can PM me for more information or to make any offers. Thanks, Tom
  2. I added some more pictures. I can get more specific pictures if anyone has questions. Thanks for looking.
  3. The boat is located in Macedon, It's about 20 minutes east of Rochester.I generally launch out of Hughes, and fish from Sodus to Bear Creek.
  4. 2009 Lund 1800 Sport Angler Black/Gray - $27,900 Shorelander disc brake bunk trailer with folding tongue 115 HP Honda - EFI, tilt/trim, stabilizer 8 HP Yamaha - tilt/trim, controls, digital throttle, steering linked Motor Guide 24V bow mount, wireless remote Bimini cover, convertible to full cabin Mooring cover w/ vent poles Main Battery (2014) 2 Trolling Batteries (2010) w/onboard charger 4 Captain chairs, 7 pedestal locations 2 Walker Pro downriggers w/spare motor/gearbox Sub-troll 600 temp/speed at depth Lowrance depth/chart plotter with GPS VHF Radio (GPS linked) Compass Multiple rod holders 2 Downrigger rods w/Penn reels 2 Dipsy rods w/Okuma reels and wire 4 Inline Planers Large retractable net Box of attractor/flies (>20) Box of spoons (>40) Box of terminal tackle Box of maintenance items Life vests and safety items Anchor and bumpers More..... Purchased new in 2010. Stored indoors for the first 3 years. This really is a turn-key rig. You could buy it today and fish salmon in the morning. Everything is in good working order. Since there are many items in this package, I can be flexible and negotiable. Please, serious inquires only. I will consider late model Utility ATVs and smaller fishing boats as partial trade toward the purchase price.
  5. Thanks for the report. What depths/temps were you working for this trip? It has been slow for me fishing out of Hughes so far this year. Have you been running east or west at all to look for more fish? Thanks, Tom
  6. Gave my Moor a workout today also I saw lots of current and temp changes around Pultneyville today. It was hard to stay in the thermocline, except for a long scumline over 200'. Some debris, but the water was a little more stable. You had a better day than me. Way to go! Tom
  7. 1 - 0.5# Smallmouth, 16 FOW, Green Thunderstick 1 - 4# Brown, 170 FOW,Green/White SD/Fly @ 275 Dipsey 2 - Releases with nobody home (1 very violent) Fished shallow in the high blue with nothing going on. Lots of boats in 80-120', worked our way out with a few marks, 67 degrees down 100' with nothing doing. Worked in an out of a scum line at 200' with more stable temps and nothing. Found some bait balls and hooks later in the morning back in around 100'. Very weird out there today in calm water and clear sky. Found warm water down to the bottom in 125'. Ran through currents that nearly reversed my cannonballs back into the prop and crossed dipsies. Found pockets of 40 degree water near the surface. Some stained water, some slime, some trees, some garbage, very few biting fish. Good luck everyone. We threw all kinds of stuff at them today. Lots of boats out. I hope folks were doing better than I was. Tom
  8. Thanks for the report, and nice job on those browns. I would have liked to have seen similar action last time I was out. I have seen similar bait balls in the 60-80' range but never hooked up with anything. What are you changing in lure depth and speed to get the browns in that range of water? Is there anything else you change about your presentation when you switch from salmon to trout? I am hoping to go out Friday near Pultneyville, and if there is no king action I want a plan B. Normally this time of year I can only get into some browns at sunrise in the shallow clear water. Lately there has been very little stained water or significant temperature breaks.
  9. I took out a friend from work and his boy. After seeing the less than stellar fishing reports, I wanted to get in early and shallow to find some browns. We doubled up on 2 browns (3-4 pounds) on the first pass east at 6AM. One on a green/silver Jr Thunderstick flatline, and one on an Orange/Yellow Stinger spoon down 5' with the rigger. They were both in about 10-12' of water. We made a few more passes, and had a few bumps but nobody home. I started working my way out and dropping down. Lots of marks from 20-50', but no takers. I put out 2-6 colors of lead core with spoons. Nothing there either. We worked out west to 120' with a mix of spoons and stick baits, and it was a blank screen. Headed to Bear Creek and found bait balls everywhere from 40-80'. Lots of arches too, but again no takers. Between P-ville and Bear Creek we ran into a lot of slime. It was making a mess of the lines. It seemed to be throughout the water column. I was wondering if some of the bait balls I was marking was actually big clumps of slime. I was going to drop the cowbells down and some dipsies, but I could see they were getting bored and tired. So we headed in around 10. Lake was nice, fishing was slow, and flies were getting bad. (No Skunk ) Tom
  10. I don't remember seeing you. If I cut you off it was not intentional and I apologize. The only traffic I was in was right in front of Sodus. I had a few boats there that were a mirror to my every move. Could not get inside or outside of them. Had to speed way up to get around. I had several long lines out as well so I generally try to avoid other boats. Seems there are more than a few boats out there who think they have unlimited right of way. I would just as soon stay away from them. I go out of my way to be courteous, and usually end up getting pinned down by a bigger boat that wants to run his planers right across me. Tom
  11. I assume you mean the crank case. If you Google "outboard making oil" you will find a lot about the topic Ray is referring to. I had a 25HP Honda that did this to me a lot. It was only a sizeable problem in the spring when the water was too cold for the crank case to get hot enough to vaporize the moisture. Especially if you are just trolling. It makes a mess of the oil in pretty short order. I tired to reduce the problem by running it full throttle for a while before heading back to the dock in hopes of heating the oil. This helped some. Since there was no real fix for my motor, I resorted to more frequent oil changes. Once the water got warmer, the problem would nearly go away for me. You may also notice a strong odor of gas in your oil when this happens. The gas vapors are not buring off either. Good luck. Tom
  12. Sounds like a leak is letting air into the system. I have had some similar problems multiple times with motors that have cracked or loose fuel lines in the motor. Particularily, the short hoses that run from the connector to the fuel filter and from the fuel filter to the fuel pump. I think they tend to get brittle from the heat of the power head. The smaller diameter ones on the carb don't seem to have the same issue. Another place to look is at your connections. If the fule line has a fitting with an O-ring. It might be sucking air if it is dmaged or has a gap. The Hondas seem to have a strong pull on the fuel and overcome this, but I have had other motors like Mercury's that have the same problem you describe. Check every possbile fule path for leaks is wear I would start. Don't forget the bulb too. Sometimes just bending the hose at the fitting a little bit will expose a crack that is not easily seen. Hope that helps. Good Luck. Tom
  13. This was my first time out this season. We started out around 7AM on a NE troll from Hughes. Had a good screen at 80' and set-up. I ran 2 flatlined on inline boards with stick baits and split shots. I ran two 2-5 color leadcore down the chute with spoons, and 2 riggers from 20-50 also with spoons.I forgot to run some free sliders on the riggers yesterday. I picked up 1 laker about 11-12# down 25' over 100' on a blue dolphin. That was it. I found a lot of cold (mid 40s) surface water, and my sub-troll broke yesterday. My screen was pretty much blank beyond 120' all the way to Sodus and out to 230'. I ran a mix of blues, greens, purples, oranges, and blacks on everything. I tried some deeper stick baits as well. I ran surface speeds from 2.2 - 3.5 on the GPS. I did not run any flasher/fly or dipsey combos yesterday based on other reports I heard. We did not blank, but I was hoping for a better day. Some of the reports I heard had boats catching fish next to boats that got little or nothing. It was one of those days I guess. Still, it was an easy day on the lake with nice weather and my son (in from college for the week) on board. Hoping to get out again soon now that my sub-troll is fixed, and the inaugural trip is out of the way. Thanks to Apple Boy for replying to me on the radio. It was nice hear guys were catching fish, and I was at least in the right ballpark with my set-up. Tom
  14. Wow, that does sound like a dream day. They don't come around very often for me. One thing is for sure. You can bet I will be running lead cores this weekend! Congrats, and thanks for the details. I can always use some help.
  15. I have been launching there for about 10 years. It is barely recognizable from a few years ago. Norm and the family have really started to turn the place around. My kids used to be scared to go there. Now it's no problem. Hopefully they will continue to add facilities and such. Bigger problem now will be crowds there. By the end of last season you could barely find a spot there, and the traffic around the launches (they have 2) was getting chaotic. One day I waited a half hour to launch at sunrise. Then I had to wait to get out even longer. Time of day probably plays a big part of that. Hoping to get out this Saturday or Sunday.
  16. So I guess March lake trips will be a little tougher this years than the last few years. Looks like I will be waiting till late April to launch ths year.
  17. How deep are you? All the boats are in close but I am not marking anything by Hughes. Tom
  18. Jason, I am heading out at 2PM for the evening bitefrom Hughes. If you are staying out, I will give you a call on the radio. Did you head straight north from Pultneyville? Most of the reports seem to be better deep (>250'). Sounds like you are having a good bite in closer. Keep it up! Tom
  19. That sounds like fun. Are you targeting any specific depths or areas? How heavy a jig are you using?
  20. By the way, they will replace rod parts factory direct as well. I broke an eye on a lifetime rod and they replaced the top section once I sent it back to them.
  21. I contacted Okuma directly when I had a part break on one of my 30s. They were nice enough to send replacements for free. I have the exploded drawings and told the rep which part I needed. Turned out they updated the part so they sent the group update for my vintage 30.
  22. Nice Job! Could this mean that things are starting to turn around? Thanks for the report. I was planning to go out Saturday from Hughes, and fish to Bear Creek. I now I feel a little better about that decision. Tom
  23. Glad to hear somebody was having a better day. I have two questions about cowbell rigs. Do you find any color consistently better than others? Also, what lure have you found the most effective at the end of your bell? Thanks, Tom
  24. I had the kids out for one last time before graduation stuff gets in the way. It was nice to see some color in the water, so we started East in the 10-20' range looking for some browns on stick baits. Screen was blank, and we gave up after about 1.5 hours. Started running NE towards Sodus. Again the screen was blank out to about 80'. Had a few marks but nothing doing. We did have 2 violent releases on the wire/Dipsy rods with nobody home. I set out a mix of spoons, SD/flies and even a cowbell rig. Nothing doing out to 130'. Decided to kep heading out since there were some boats out deeper. More blank screen, and we were running out of time. I decided to set deep, and hoped to pick up a laker on the way in. Thankfully we managed to pick up one 9 pounder to avoid the skunk. We let my daughter reel that one in, and released it. It was getting a little rough, and we had a good run back to the marina in 1-3' pounders. DEC was at Hughes doing a survey. They told me there was very littlle coming in that day. We were in about 1PM, and some of the boats were in. They confirmed what everyone has been saying. It has been very slow compared to last year. Lots of folks targeting and catching lakers to put something in the boat. I ran into the Penned Up boat yesterday at the launch. He said he was fishing the derby. I hope he managed to put some fish on the boat. Cheers, Tom
  25. I am also still trying to figure out the lake and the area west to Sodus. I launch out of Hughes because it is closer to where I live. I usually monitor the radio on various channels. I will start watching channel 9 for more information. Can you offer some advice on what is working for lakers? I know some of the captains use this as there go to fish when they are not getting a lot of bites. I would like to find that action better when things are slow like they have been for me. Thanks, Tom
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